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  1. Click on the Show Instant Messenger bit underneath the envelopes on the left hand side of screen.
  2. Hope you have a wonderful time on your travels although I wasn't going to write that after now having the Fraggle Rock theme tune firmly lodged in brain.
  3. Anyone else want to join and get more of us using it?
  4. But it's not exactly the first time that something like this has happened didn't exactly the same thing happen with the Cross and the street?
  5. You don't need to add essential oil if you don't want to. If you add vinegar it will just smell clean.
  6. Yeah instead of fabric conditioner. Has to be white vinegar though.
  7. If you are being extra eco freindly/ need to save money use white vinegar instead about 5 capfuls will do and you don't smell like a chip shop either. You can also add essential oils to it as well. The plus side is it doesn't decrease the absorbancy of your towels/nappies.
  8. Our next planned holiday is going home for Christmas and New Year.
  9. Eco balls are brilliant I have loads of mates that use them. They very occasionally have to use a bit of Ecover in along with it though it if it's really bad.
  10. Dissapointed as it was really cloudy here so didn't see anything but those pics are great thanks!
  11. Too many. The stunners. I'd just come back fae my mates and met my folks in the pub. I was telling them that one of thier friends had died when the guy next to me asked me if I could repeat the name so I did. It was his Uncle, I was mortified. I was at work one day and my ex came in during lunch. I was really, really busy and not listening 100%, he told me he would have to go sooth as his Grandad had died. I knew that he had been ill for a while. My response "So he didn't get better then?"
  12. Why do folk do this, gets me goat!? Mr TA is firefighter but he knows some of the guys that do the mountain rescue. Some of the folk just don't think at all about their safety. Even if he doesn't have to pay anything he should at least donate something. Grrr
  13. Could we have a similar gathering for the exiles here on the same day maybe? Since I don't have an avatar I'll just turn up in a white sheet
  14. Beards don't really mind them. I don't think folk that have beards are suspect I think maybe the odd one has tarnished the reputation mayhap - what do you all think of Noel Edmonds, Richard Branson for example . Best celebrity beard I think has to go to Brian Blessed. A couple of years ago I headed home for holidays. Mam and Dad picked me up fae Sumburgh, headed to the bank afore getting the ferry home. The guy comes up and starts speaking to Mam while Dad is at the bank. I only realised it was me brother 10 minutes into the conversation as I hadna seen him wi a beard afore
  15. 10 is a lot. It's supposed to be to let younger members of the community stand for election not for getting a sum of money to retire.
  16. I've been for several therapies Acupunture, Reiki, massage etc. My Mam has been for Reiki, Bio Aura, massage and Hopi Ear Candles and also gone done the herbal path. My Dad has even been for a massage when he hurt his knee and calf - couldn't believe it. Good luck with everything.
  17. Happy Birthday hope you're incredibly blootered noo.
  18. I'm waiting for my brother to wake up to get some tales.
  19. Good one. tune very catchy I think I may be singing that all day, grrr.
  20. I think that the Human Rights Act should be scrapped and rewritten. It's getting way beyond a joke now, it's always been that you have your voting right revoked as soon as you step into prison I don't think that should change. Mind you unless Labour thinks that this will help them win the Scottish elections ....
  21. The whole of the BCC is very pro fixed link. When I went to the school the total roll was between 26-29 people. They then built an extension to the school about 10 years after I left as there were a lot more families on the island. Although I'm not living there at the moment I've not heard anything about families specifically leaving because of the ferry and it's schedule. The whole bridge thing has and does divide Bressay greatly, to the extent that some people have fallen out hugely over it, I noticed that Theo did not mention that. Theo has completely missed this point out and to me misrepresented the feeling that is there against the bridge. It sounds like the whole of Bressa is behind it which it isn't. I am glad that someone has at least asked someone that lives there what they think though instead of folk that don't actually bide in Bressay.
  22. Exile at the moment for 8 years, but with plans to return in a couple of years.
  23. Mr TA likes them, Bombay Bad Boys especially I can't stand any of the Pot Noodles bad experience when I was child and ended up spewing lik a fountain. Gadge
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