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  1. Good point, wholeheartedly agree! I feel that did help me but it might not help everyone. Sludgegulper I do agree as well. I've had two "bouts" of depression in my life when I was in Shetland and then three years after I moved down here. For me there were some issues in my life that I believe that contributed to it can't say it whether it caused it or not as at both points I was at good points in my life. I felt when I was in Shetland I wasn't helped how I should have been and it was a bit better when I was down here but I did come through it and hope I don't have to go through it again. Both times I didn't realise I was depressed until I was at the bottom of the well looking up if that makes sense but everyone around saw how much I had changed. I think that there Doctors use two different types of depression there is clinical depression (medical) and life depression (events).
  2. As soon as I heard there was going to be a remake Hollywood style I thought that there would be about a 10% chance that it might be ok. Wish I'd gone to the bookies two years ago and put a bet on although the odds would probably have been short Not going to bother to see it.
  3. I have suffered from depression myself in the past it's terrible, couldn't understand what was happening to me. Hmmm interesting your saying about imbalances in the brain I've had and still have health problems that doctors are thinking are linked to my brain basically being wonky and sending out signals to my body that it's not supposed to - maybe it's everything is linked together. From mine and others experiences I've found Drs are all too ready to give out prescriptions for depression and not even ask if you want to see someone. I know down here that the mental health departments have been overflowing and there is a considerable waiting list for things. I agree that the word depression and being depressed has been bandied about so much that people use it without actually knowing the true meaning of it.
  4. It wasn't that long ago that it was the fashion to be ginger but of course it wasn't called ginger it was things like sunset red, russet, autumnal bronze etc. At that point it my turn to feel for my fashion conscience friends forking out tons of money to turn them into gingers. On a seperate note how many fellow gingers have heard the timeless joke that you got left out in the rain too long and your hair went rusty? or if you wore green - "Red and green should never be seen except upon an Irish Queen"
  5. Hmm yes I've done this but as my name is Katrina you can imagine all the results I got after the hurricane last year, none of them were funny mostly depressing. I tried my username but that didn't really come up with anything. My lot must be a happy one then if I don't need anything.....
  6. We had homemade leek and tattie soup when I was younger made by my Dad. I thought it was a bit crunchier than usual then I found out why - there were forkytails in the leeks 8O Oh well I got a bit more protein that day
  7. Aah the old ginge debate. As a ginger I hated it as a child got severly teased about it but as I've got older it's not been too bad. I think ginger boys definitely have a worse life than ginger girls. As I've found out there are men out there that only go for ginger girls. I don't think it's the same for boys though ask most girls if they would date and ginger guy and most replys would be "eewww no". They get usually get stick from their mates about it too whereas girls don't get that from other girls.
  8. Have you seen Bill Bailey before? I'm trying to decide whether to get tickets or not. I went about 3 years ago and just wondering if it's mostly new stuff or not?
  9. Anyone had a TVR? Tequila, Vodka and Red Bull (or similar drink). I remember drinking that when Red Bull first came out.
  10. Yes I am a sad individual who likes filling in surveys as long as they aren't going to call you up selling stuff after. Started them when I lost my last job because of my health, gave me something to occupy my time. What kind of surveys are you looking to do? Most of the sites that I am with are usually product related e.g. gauging existing products or new ones that will be coming out on the market but they also do ones about politics, health, state of the nation etc. Some sites send you things to test I've had toothpaste and tinned tomatoes not the most exciting but sometimes you can get exciting things like PS2 etc. I also do one for Radio and TV habits. Most of the rewards are points based either to get a gift from thier gift area or vouchers. Some you just get entries into prize draws.
  11. Rolf Harris's foot was for the importance of learning how to swim. Aaaah Prisoner Cell Block H........
  12. They said on the programme at 10pm that the Christmas one would definitely be on this year although they didn't say if it would after this year, so fingers crossed it will be.
  13. I'm finding that Nesquick straw things ad is rapidly getting on my nerves
  14. I'm glad someone else hates that advert, it's driving me nuts and no, not the crunchy cornflakes kind either. I bet that kid in the advert will be cringing about that advert in about 7 years time.
  15. I'm going to rant away from a hugely biased point of view: Personally I'm against a bridge/tunnel and by the time the LPA and the SIC have done arguing about it all the funding will be gone from it anyway so they won't be able to do anything. Another personal point of view living near the Forth Bridges and not too far away from Kincardine I think the maintenance for a bridge/tunnel will be huge financially and just, if not more, expensive than keeping the ferry. I don't see why Bressay is seen as a viable overspill from Lerwick for housing. Would everyone be happy if Bressay was just a huge sprawling estate to foist all the folk that you didn't want living near you? (I may be completely wrong but that's the impression I've got, not from Shetlink but generally) I know live sooth at the moment but will be returning to bide in a couple o years. It's something that my current council are looking at the amount of green space that is available to them and to keep a good balance of green and housing space. As for the bridge/tunnel location it's fine if you have transport but what happens if you don't? I know that there is supposed to be a bus running but there has been no guarantee's of how often it would run. I suspect this may put folk off biding in Bressay, it already does with the ferry being about a mile from the existing council/Hjatland housing. How many of you would actually visit the Maryfield if you had to come up round Heogan rather than the ferry? Would you pay for the taxi for a large round trip? I suspect a great many folk would be put off by this including tourists unless it was included in a bus tour. It would be cheaper biding in Lerwick and having a few more pints there I think the consensus may be and not having the £10ish taxi bill on top of it.
  16. Muslim is not a race, you can be white and a muslim. Its the ideoligy behind it which is the problem. I know if I went out tommorrow on the street and asked folk if they would rather one Shetlander died or 100 iraqis they would pick the iraqis, mabey not right, but thats life. people allways look after there own. Lifes are not equal, even if they should be. Obviously not a Star Trek fan then C.F. The Voyage Home I think... OK Islam is a religion and not a race but can I ask what you actually know about being a Muslim or of Islam in order to say it's the Ideology behind it? I don't know that much about Islam but I have looked a bit more at it before I've tarred everyone of the same religion with the same brush. Sorry if I that wasn't the point of your post.
  17. Just to let you ken how it went in Falkirk today, we got 153 signatures. There were Amnesty International folks there today who signed and sent folk our way. One lass took our clipboard and went round all the folk she knew on the High Street, which was great.
  18. Too many to make my mind up. The top 10 for today: 1. Monty Python & The Holy Grail 2. The Crow 3. The Long Kiss Goodnight 4. Gattica 5. The Rock 6. Underworld 7. Murder by Death 8. Some Like it Hot 9. Blade 10. Singin' in the Rain
  19. Just to let everyone know the outcome of last nights meeting. There will be petitioning in Falkirk tomorrow 1 July from 11:30am onwards. Meeting at Lloyds TSB on High Street corner of Cow Wynd.
  20. As you may be aware there will be petitioning in Edinburgh on Saturday and Glasgow on Sunday. We're also thinking of looking at the Falkirk area. For folks that are interested in helping out with the Falkirk area we are having a meeting tonight. We're meeting outside Pets at Home at the Central Retail Park in Falkirk at 7:30pm or if you can't make it but are interested either PM me or email me at katrina_christie@hotmail.com
  21. Is this in Shetland? I've heard the GBH has a really bad reputation for the way it treats its service staff. No wasna in GBH. Was quite a few back in Dundee, I think, don't know what it like now.
  22. Very, very trivial here but it's always got on me wick. Perforations that don't tear right and it's usually on some important form. You fold it and tear it really carefully and still end up with a big rip in the form.
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