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  1. Been out once in Bressa not for long but Sandwick have had two 20 mins ish cuts today. Still flickering a bit here.
  2. UK No1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcZVRiB9AQk&feature=related US No1
  3. Aaah well I'm not allowed coffee, it has to be decaffinated, so can't comment. Totally agree with the alcohol free alternative though. Does anyone mind Da Dry Dock that used to run at the Havely? Think it was just the weekends in the lates 90's if I mind right. No alcohol but the virgin cocktails were delicious.
  4. There is an alternative to a pub of a night - Flames. I've been in it a few times and they've said they are quite happy for folk to come in and just have coffee and cake no matter what the time (well afore they close I suppose). I think a Farmers Market in Lerwick would be a great idea. I've noticed signs for ones at Staney Hill Hall once or twice but it's usually been too late for me to organise to get there (in Bressa not allowed to drive because of medical condition).
  5. Hope 2012 is a great year for aabody in every way.
  6. I do use the library and it's a brilliant service, although don't have your book DizzyKipper.
  7. I noticed that "the law" was quoted a lot but they never said which particular "law" it was....
  8. thanks for that will let you ken how I get on.
  9. I don't think there is anything like normal anywhere
  10. Would anyone get a good reference? lol Had no luck with other browsers and tried other sites that use imagine verification and they were ok. So sent an email. Now I feel desperate!
  11. Hmm yeah that's the site I've been using will try a different browser then
  12. Hands up. I tried joining up but the image verification isn't working correctly and I can't send them anything to tell them, as the verification is needed when sending feedback. I do the going out thing, and done evening classes etc. I'm going to be a proactive about it see what it's like. If I end up with something out of it great if not I'm sure it'll happen one day.
  13. All clear apart from if your coming fae Bressa wi a car and need to head to Doctors.
  14. Anyone had any luck growing Basil from seed indoors? I've tried a couple of times but never comes to anything.
  15. When I moved back the cat came on the boat with ex a few months later. He was next to a dog and didn't have the greatest night of his life and it sounded a bit traumatic for him. Having said all that he survived fine and is currently sunning himself outside.
  16. There is a lot of help and support for both up here. I am disabled and have had a great deal of help. Disability Shetland is a good place to start.
  17. I'm glad someone else asked this question as I was looking for the same information.
  18. I found that when businesses add fuel costs to things they're very good up putting them up but slightly forgetful when they come down.
  19. The suns been out Have planted tomato and strawberry plants and actually sat out in the sun for a bit knitting and relaxing
  20. Hoping to get a good picture of a puffin this year if I can get someone to drive . Love the photos so far and will be viewing puffin can as eagerly as last year.
  21. the one that I've been least convinced is by the SNP Candidate. Listening to her speaking on Radio Shetland and hearing the same sort of answers at least twice, usually on the lines of "don't know enough yet". I've come away thinking she surely she knew that the she was going to be candidate here or could have been chosen, she should have done more homework. I'm still floating a bit.
  22. I wonder how long it will be afore we do get to hear the true cost of this.
  23. It was alright in Bressa but most folk in Lerrick I ken had terrible trouble wi it last night no sure how they are getting on the day.
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