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  1. I do agree with you there. Have a couple of friends who have been hospital domestics and they were treated really badly.
  2. Sounds a tad similar to being a Firefighter, Mr TA is one, apart from points: 1. Not fighting with folk but getting bricks etc thrown at them just for turning up to a non existant fire 5. Not every five years and far less intrusive than upping sticks. He turns up at work and gets told to he's working at Glasgow, Edinburgh etc (He works in the northern part of the Central Area), I don't get why they can't call him before he goes to tell him to me that's just a waste of time travelling (mind you I've probably missed some big reason why this is so ) 7. I can't believe how much time you both have to do paperwork, it's unreal. I'm sure paperwork is needed but that much! Our downstairs neighbour is a policeman in Edinburgh so they've spoken about their jobs a few times, mostly taking the proverbial out each other as I'm sure you can imagine! I don't think I could do either of your jobs just glad there are folk out there that can and do.
  3. Art Teacher in Primary School: "If at first you don't succeed - Cheat!" 8O Not sure who: "There's a light at the tunnel, unfortunatley it's an oncoming train"
  4. I think I had the most bizzare nickname at Primary School - Posey Green Features! After the Anderson I asked a few folk why I got that name and they had no idea and couldn't remember why.
  5. In the lasses toilets at Charles de Gaul airport in 1992, not what your expecting when you're washing your hands.
  6. Hope your having an excellent birthday and are celebrating in the style of your choosing.
  7. Nice start for Aberdeen, following on from Hibs (who we have a pretty decent record against of late) it's another 4 games before we have to play one of the Old Firm or Hearts so it should be a chance to get some points before facing them. We're still waiting to hear a decision from Steven Hammell from Motherwell to see if he wants to move up north, that should hopefully be decided in the next couple of days. We're hoping to get to Easter Road to watch the first match of the season depending on a few things. I'm not holding my breath about Steven Hammell, it feels like years he's taking to make his mind up. The last I heard he was deciding between us and an unnamed English club.
  8. That's brilliant news I've been lurking here all day waiting to hear as I'm at work. May it be the first of lots of good news for Sakchai!
  9. Penny sweeties were and are great. When I worked at Taylors Strewberry Fizzpops were a weakness of mine, they were strawberry lolipops with sherbet. Does anyone remember Secret bars quite a girly one I think. It had a chocolate mouse thing in the middle and chocolate on the outside but it was strands of chocolate on the outside not solid, if that makes sense.
  10. I was at the protest too the day. it was good to see as many folk there and the press that turned up. For the campaign down here I think Scotland for Sakchai is good because it's so similar to Shetland for Sakchai and people can link the two together. Best wishes to everyone for tonight.
  11. Mam used to tell me about how the song originated, I can't mind the whole of it at the moment but I'll give her a call the night and get back to you with the full story. As far I can mind the first munition of the war was dropped here (somewhere in the back of mind it was Bressa but because I come fae Bressa I'm probably getting muddled up - lots of stories not enough brain space) but the only thing it killed was a rabbit. As I say I'm trying to mind this fae about 15 years ago and might have it completely wrong so feel free to correct me if I have it horrendously wrong.
  12. Just a quick thought which I'm sure someone is in the middle of doing but has anyone been in touch with the media? Normally not a big fan of the mainstream media but maybe it might help? Mabye if we bombarded them with emails as well they might bump it up the rankings instead of being third last on the list.
  13. I am bloody stunned and shocked at this, it's disguisting! What the bloody hell does the so called effing "authorities" think they are playing at! Dawn raids wi police fae the mainland, I am shocked beyond belief. I don't know Sakchai personally but I'm going to be sending a few emails later. I'm in West Lothian but if I can do anything else please let me know. Katrina Christie
  14. I think that having the American Notebook in there every week doesn't work but I think it would be a good idea to intersperse it wi folks overseas like Barry Nisbets as an occasional feature.
  15. I mind about about 10-15 years ago we had folk at the door and couldn't get them to take no for an answer, probably the same folk. Never really had problems since them.
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