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  1. Started looking into it but lack of car and needing wheelchair just two slight problems when I've got something sorted out I'll be off and running. There's two in Bressa I'd love to get to.
  2. JPS - My Mam told them that she doesn't have a laptop or computer (she has neither, Dad does all of that) and the cheeky so and so questioned her about it and then asked her if she had a telly? I got that and told them I was an IT Analyst, which really stumped them.
  3. I'd love to go but I've got a prior engagement. If you ever do another one and I'm free will definitely be there sounds lots of fun!
  4. I've got Psoriasis just about everywhere and although it's no exzema they are similar. I'd also add watch skin products that have alcohol in them as that can be even more drying. I also use Lush Dreamcream and Hemp products, good moisturisers and calm the skin down too.
  5. an' oi missed the whole event.... next year me thinks...
  6. Yeah I was a bit puzzled why he came to that decision but will reading the paper this week to see if they print anymore on the subject. I'm another that doesn't know the whole ins and outs of the situation regarding imports and sometimes all it takes is someone adding another "hoop" to jump through for it to be the "straw that broke the camels back"
  7. Hi hope I've put this in the right place. I was in Dunbar this summer and they had a Knitting the Harbour project on the go. Although it was called Knitting the Harbour they had spinning, dyeing, felting, weaving and other things as well. Everyone from the community was involved and there was lots of workshops on as well. Just wondering if anyone wanted or even slightly interested to do something similar up here? http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j97/ChrisKat77/CommunityLoomFinished.jpg Community Loom http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j97/ChrisKat77/KTHDunbar.jpg Finished product If anyone is either leave a message here or PM me. Thanks for reading!
  8. I know there is nothing planned at the moment but that could all change. Last years was brilliant thoroughtly enjoyed it.
  9. Thanks for that. I use the Spoon Theory a hell o a lot. I find it helps other folk understand a bit better (there are others who just won't understand no matter how you explain it). youdontlooksick is a great site.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. It's got a peerie bit better but think a visit to scrapstore will be in order.
  11. Cut out when middle of using it. I'll try updating and see if that helps then will look at power mode. Really cannot afford a new monitor at the moment so hoping I can fix this one myself.
  12. I mind Jackie's. Being in Bressa I mind da one mast and the foghorn (kinda hard to forget) We got the Kjella when the Grima was on refit and arguments over how to pronounce it. We used have a fish and chip van that came over here but canna mind who did it. I used to love going to the Mine on the pier. I'm haen a mind blank what was the name o da DIY store that was where the Shetland Arts Company is noo?
  13. Still owned by the Wishart family.
  14. All hailing and bowing down to the wise people that know about these things. I need help! I've got a LG L194WT: http://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-L194WT-Inch-Widescreen-Monitor/dp/B000IHY98E It's about 5 years old and recently keeps cutting out as if the power has been switched off although the light is still on. I've checked cables and even switched them, same happens. Was thinking that the pins on the monitor could be loose but can't see a way to tighten them up. At the moment I keep having to take out and replug the power cable to monitor. Anyone got any ideas?
  15. One day I will make the trip from Bressa to meet you guys, sounds like a fun. Currently knitting a blanket at moment.
  16. I'm on this: http://www.speedtest.net/result/835755737.png Thought it might be slighter quicker seeing as I can see the exchange fae the hoose.
  17. Thanks for correcting the spelling. I'm afraid no handbooks left, did a lot of decluttering. I think I'll go with the attaching one to the fencepost idea and hope no one complains (in sheltered housing) Thanks for all the ideas
  18. Does any one know of a good one for up here that will withstand the wind? Been looking about for one and the only thing I can think o doing is digging down and burying the feet. [***mod edit - spelling corrected]
  19. 1. Why did I only find out just now that Bill Bailey is coming up here in May? (Ok probably not as observant as I thought I was). 2. Do wolves bark?
  20. I think they should start looking both at the management levels and also office stuff. I ken somebody said about tea/coffee etc and I totally agree. It sounds silly but having worked in a few offices it's amazing how it mounts up. As other folk said things like using 80gsm paper, doing double sided printing on letters that HAVE to go out otherwise email. I'm pretty sure they could do letterheads etc in house, I worked with a company that did that and saved quite a bit of money. Less wastage if someone changes job as you can print off what you need rather than having to buy in reams. Things like switching computers, printers, photocopiers off at wall o a night if they don't already do so.
  21. Me claes got dried afore the rain cam on. Love the smell of clothes that have been oot to dry.
  22. I really enjoyed Aberdeen but had problems finding level access pubs, never mind clubs, there. Prince of Wales was good, anyone got any other suggestions?
  23. I stayed at Traveledge Central a couple of weeks back. I do have to say I'm in a wheelchair. I came off the boat wondering if I could leave my luggage there and they booked me in no problem, there and then to my surprise. I had to change rooms the next day (I had to go a day earlier than I originaly planned so had to get double room 1st night instead of disabled one) and that went very smoothly and got help shifting my things. They were really, really helpful. They had a temp manager in and I think they are getting new full time one this week. They are also in middle of getting refurbished. Yeah noise was a bit of a problem if your facing Union Street of a weekend. Also Brother stayed at Brentwood and he thought it was great.
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