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  1. The South Mainland Up Helly Aa that seems to be good news. That and I've got a sheltered accomodation hoose so it'll be easier for me fae noo on.
  2. Congratulations! MiM - Yeah it wid've been, but the real dilemma if it had happened would have been where to put he was born at. lol MJ - I ken but I'd still like to have it in my plan when the time comes. Reality will unfortunatley be will that I'll likely have to go to Aberdeen.
  3. Ooh thanks for that Mam was a bit lik that wi my brother. She almost had him in the Bressa Sound. Hope it's all going well wi you.
  4. Just wondering if anyone kens if you can hae a water birth up here or not? Nope no pregnant but just wondering.
  5. Kettle always on here. Missed the match as had to go to meeting, such a trial getting me and wheelchair there. Couldn't get to Drs so now got appointment on Monday which for the Lerrick Drs is good. Who is else is for a warm drink and watch telly under blanket?
  6. Given the wadder got Hot Chocolates for everyone. Have Dr's appointment da morn but no sure about going.
  7. I'm at the shaking my head stage of things. I feel he should go due to everything that has happened. To be given the position of CE you'd think he'd have some common sense (applies to a lot o ither folk as well) I've not seen much evidence of that since he was appointed. Not sure about the whole council getting re elected.
  8. I'd like to find out what happened as well. First time I've been single for Vals day for a while so it will be a non event also got Camera Group on as well.
  9. newmobile. Hope you manage to get oot and aboot soon Noodeyn.
  10. Same in Bressa although Woody seems to having the time of his life chasing them.
  11. Keeping this short as haein to use phone. Anyone had problems wi Pipex/Tiscali? We've had no internet service since Wed afternoon. Wed night was telt by them it was a network outage. Dastreen they didna even say anything about it. Spoke to Dad all ok with what they said & we've checked cables, done resets etc. (***Mod Edit - Merged with existing thread***)
  12. No jam on the sandwiches but I do hae a pot o strawberry jam if you want to add that.
  13. Got a couple o tuna ones and some cheese ones.
  14. Was at Golden Coach/Baroc last nigth afore Proclaimers. Food was really good and very prompt service. I decided to try something not on the Chinese menu and had the Nimono special. It was lovely, wasn't sure about strawberries in a curry type sauce but they went brilliantly. For starters I did have my usual Chicken and Sweetcorn soup though which was lovely too.
  15. I'd like to nominate that thread too as well as this thread http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=535&highlight=hollywood
  16. Twister soonds good. Brought some sandwiches in if anyone wants one.
  17. I enjoyed it last night but still not sure overall. It's a good programme to forget about your life for 30 mins.
  18. Glad the meenister's gone noo, breathe easy noo. Ony een for a cuppa or a tin?
  19. My cyncial opinion. I don't think it was ever a decision for Kenny McCaskil to make. I think Westminster already had said he'd be freed behind the scenes and the rest was all string pulling. I'm not 100% that Al Meghrahi did have anything to do with the bombing for me there was not enough evidence and the fact that the CIA had to pay witnesses makes it an even more unsafe conviction.
  20. Sisters wedding in Dunbar so won't be going
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