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  1. I've been watching it this week and I'm gripped. Dowloaded it from iPlayer only have Day 5 to go.
  2. I've not, but ken folk that have used it and have given favourable reports.
  3. Anyone know if this still happens or if it will be on this year?
  4. I don't really understand what you mean, I don't see how a wind farm can possibly be redundant unless there is suddenly no wind or no need for energy. A new and more efficient power source (fusion?) which could be located near the consumption point would make windmills redundant. That was what I was trying to get it in a half ersed way. I feel it's more putting all eggs in one basket instead of using different methods (tidal etc but preferable not nuclear).
  5. I do have this nagging worry that the VE project maybe a "flip" business. Build it, build the rep up, get a lot of people outwith Shetland interested in it and sell it on when things start looking financially dodgy for VE/SSE to someone outwith Shetland. SSE shouldn't do that kind of thing but personally I wouldn't put it past them. This maybe "all the rage" for alternative energy just now but we don't know if something other will come up that we haven't even thought of and suddenly windfarm is very large & redundant and we're left with it. I know a lot of folk will probably think I'm barking for writing this but these are the little things that are nagging in my head.
  6. Welcome everyone I don't live in Mossbank but I have lived in an SIC house for most of my life and never really had any complaints. If something has gone wrong the SIC have usually been pretty quick to come and fix it.
  7. ^ congrats on that!! If you got married the day why you on the net just now Petition
  8. Is this no really a statistics thing? Orkney being one of the smallest Health Boards or do they have more evidence than that?
  9. There is definitely one that I know of but there might be two but not sure.
  10. Credence Clearwater Revival, probably too much!
  11. Just finished Sputnik Caledonia by Andrew Crumey, he also wrote Mobius Dick. I enjoyed the book, was a bit "had to think hard there" in some parts. I'm now reading Franny & Zooey by J.D. Salinger.
  12. I still don't get why she needs to rely on taxis to get everywhere.
  13. Speaking from the point of view of someone that knows FAR too much about fainting. If the lass coulda keep conscious then I'm fairly sure she would have had a virus/bug already in her system. That's what happens to me when I get ill in the words of Elvis Costello "can't stand up for falling down". It's sounded all too familiar to me. I know it's been about 15 years since I was at the Anderson but on Activities week safety was always a priority and at no time did we feel unsafe doing anything. They did the right thing for the situation that they were in and glad she got the proper treatment.
  14. Best of luck on your move Pooks all the best!
  15. Well I was happy that we made it into Europe then not too long after came the offical statement that Messrs Calderwood, Nichol & Clark were off, "by mutual consent" of course. I know I'm not Calderwoods biggest fan but all in all I think he did a good job certainly compared to managers that he had recently suceeeded. So who now for us? Hot contenders seem to be Eric Black and Mark McGhee. Also the rumour mill is that the ex management team maybe off to Hearts and will be in place by end of the week.
  16. I'm not sure about all this at all. I don't trust who is going to be running it for starters I'm still pondering that on the national news not even six months ago they were saying it costs anyone to put power onto the grid if they are not in a certain radius and it will cost us the most apparently. If someone could explain that one to me and who is going to pay for it putting power onto the grid thanks in advance. I went through bits of the docment not had time to go through it all as usual with these type of things lots of padding with jargon in it until you get to the bit that you want to read that only takes less than half of the document up.
  17. I can't really say anything either way just now as he's not even started the job. It's not like an election where we get to hear every single thought from the prospective candidates, ad infinitum and get a good idea of what they are going to do. I think I just wait until he's been in the job a few months and see what transpires.
  18. The following I originally posted on Facebook but have had a lot of folk asking to repost it as they felt they identified with it and it helped them. So I'm reposting it in a few places and hope that it may help others. To the Mystery Reader, Since it's ME/CFS Month and specifcally week, this week it's made me have a think about my situation and including the whole fainting thing. The below is based on my knowledge of things and how I've been treated. I've told quite a lot people about my condition and the people most ignorant of it seems to be the Drs (although I've got a really good one at the moment). Like many things in order to get a diagnosis most people have to fight to get it and when I say fight I meant FIGHT. There are very few people that manage to get a diagnosis without fighting. It took me quite a few years to get mine. What hapens after diagnosis? Mostly nothing. You can get referred to various places, there are a few ME/CFS clinics but I and a lot of others have not been able to access them. As well as the ME/CFS I had the fainting as well so first place I went was to evaluated by a Psychiatrist who told me that I obviously couldn't be that ill as I'd made it to the clinic, doesn't matter that I fainted afterwards or had to spend the rest of the day in bed, I'd made it there so obviously OK. I've lost quite a few folk that I thought of as friends mainly because I didn't go out and party with them as often as I used to. I became a drag because I fainted the whole time so I "ruined" thier night or I cancelled at the last minute because I just didn't have any energy to go. It became easier just to make up an excuse not to go and isolate myself. Conversely there are people that were just aquintances that have become very good friends and there are also true friends that have stuck by me and helped me out innumerable times. What's the point in this rant? Well think about folk that you know that aren't well or you haven't seen for a while. As an aside just because someone looks ok doesn't mean that they are. Do you know how often people with "invisible" illness get "Oh but you don't look ill"? I do have to stop myself from saying "well yeah, but you don't look like an ignorant (insert expletive here)" For many people having to explain their illness and how they live from day to day can be hard but for a lot of people The Spoon Theory cetainly does help. With illness like this how you feel can vary from day to day and even minute to minute. I know I can be haring about like a blue arsed fly for a day or I'm just too ill and need a week in bed. If you do know someone that has an "invisible" illness just a quick phone call can cheer up their day, just five minutes maybe arrange to meet them. Yes there is a chance they may cancel but it's not like they are doing it on purpose just to annoy you. I'm not wanting to start a chain letter thingy but if you want to pass this on to others please feel free especially if you recognise any of the above in relation to your life.
  19. No you are just a weird Dare I ask what kind of weird I am?
  20. We came 5th this year not bad considering we were just about last, last year. Norway won so thinking about going over there if I can get tickets.
  21. Apart from me did anyone watch it tonight? Or am I just a weird individual?
  22. I do agree wi Para Handy about the genie being let out of the bottle. If drugs really are the No1. factor in thefts & burglaries then why isn't more done to tackle the problem at source? Yeah I ken simplistic view but it's what should be being looked at. And again yeah I ken those days are gone but why the hell should we have to lock our doors? A lot of folk on Bressa don't lock their doors, but quite a number have said once the tunnel is up and running they will be locking them as they can't trust whats comes through the tunnel 100%, and I'll probably be doing the same. That's a pretty, damn sad indictment on the state that we're in.
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