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  1. Which would be the logical thing to do, just going in with the mindset just to fine folk will never work. That has been proven.
  2. No idea what you are on about. You need to keep up. Anyhow, enough about you. It seems that you do not need to use headlights on roads if lit at night with streetlights. This may upset some lorry drivers and those who have modifies their own lights/ https://www.gov.uk/general-rules-all-drivers-riders-103-to-158/lighting-requirements-113-to-116 I would expect those who have driven for a number of years to really know this. This is why it makes it all the more worrying that they act the way they do. I do, on average about 4,000 miles a year deliberately driving in adverse weather. C
  3. Lights are not just for darkness. They are a valuable and needed asset in heavy rain and foggy conditions. This is why it is important to have working lights on a vehicle.
  4. I hope there is a positive outcome from this Paul, it is sad that young folk can get them selves tangled with these thoughts and cannot see a way out. That goes for other ages as well. It is also very good of you to highlight, what is a personal event, to enable us to continue the debate. I do wish you all well. As mentioned, there is a process that folk, who are terminally ill, can go through to decide, as we have mentioned, this evaluates all aspects of the persons health and well being and if thoughts are there of terminating life earlier than say a cancer will then, the opportunity shoul
  5. I doubt that, with the number of continual whines about the Councillors "Shetland folk" keep electing, mentioned on here, your judgement could be seen as somewhat floored, if Shetland folk know what will or will not work in Shetland because they are there, surely there will be little to compalin about. Where ever you are in the world, generally people will act in a similar fashion to circumstances. There may be peculiarities that relate to an area, but generally folk are the same. If you look at the Drink Drive campaign, simply arresting folk while they are already on the road pissed in cont
  6. Your theory will only affect those who are caught. There has to be a sustained and combined campaign for this to work. Sadly, you are not right, it will not work alone, 2 days of policing. Folly to think it would. Reports were that the Police were short of officers in Shetland (I do not know why officers would not want to transfer to Shetland?), if this is still the case then it would explain why, when you are out, you may not see so many of them.
  7. That never works for long, the real problem roads are the smaller roads where the advantage of having lights on is highest. I doubt gossip would win the day over with regards to this.
  8. Don't believe that, in true fashion, it is a conspiracy, http://www.apswater.com/images/simple-water-cycle.jpg Anyhow, great division tactic.
  9. Drivers are responsible for the condition and roadworthyness of their vehicles and the safety of other road users, sadly, it seems the reason for this is not because drivers care little for others, more that the authorities do not catch them. Sometimes, education may be required, although there are a number of folk who read these posts, it may be worthy of some time to consider others and suggest at local Police meetings via the Community Council meetings, and also, get the Community Council to support this. It may also be prudent to contact the Highways folk as there have been campaigns in
  10. Something to think about... If you follow the link within the text, there is much more about Brittany and the campaign in the United States. Thanks Brittany Maynard. She is 29 years old. And she has only 25 days left to live. On November 1st, Brittany plans to die. She says: “I will die upstairs in my bedroom. I will pass peacefully with some music that I like in the background. “ Brittany is suffering from stage 4 Brain Cancer. She was married late last year. Shortly after that she started having headaches. In January, doctors told her she had stage 2 Brain Cancer. They gave her 3-10 ye
  11. Why do you not send it to them as a link in your email. All their email addresses are in the public forum.
  12. http://www.shetland.gov.uk/waste/commercialcollection.asp Commercial waste is charged to remove. It is only free if the waste is just glass and tins The waste has to be collected by a licensed operator and a Waste Transfer Note is required.
  13. ^ Spot on. I can support this. This is far better than the aggression coupled with a lack of facts we have seen on here at the odd time. Folk now need to work on the numbers (I am sure some have already). Health and Wellbeing is a critical factor the Council (SIC) will need to assess. As there are more reports from the EU about child health and development, it may be worth looking into it. Crowd campaigns may be the way, many folk will have different experiences and this can be pooled. Brilliant post!
  14. There is an interesting document called "Strengthening Community Involvement at theis Time of Change" It mentions some of the issues that councils (Community) have. When you are ripping services, taking away a means that can be redeveloped to include the community would be counter productive. After all, it is not just about the money, councils (SIC & CC) have obligations towards the Wellbeing of residents and a continuous link needs to be maintained. Sending the day to day running of community organisations back to a central feeder would feel just like further cuts. Isolating communities f
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