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  1. Which would be the logical thing to do, just going in with the mindset just to fine folk will never work. That has been proven.
  2. No idea what you are on about. You need to keep up. Anyhow, enough about you. It seems that you do not need to use headlights on roads if lit at night with streetlights. This may upset some lorry drivers and those who have modifies their own lights/ https://www.gov.uk/general-rules-all-drivers-riders-103-to-158/lighting-requirements-113-to-116 I would expect those who have driven for a number of years to really know this. This is why it makes it all the more worrying that they act the way they do. I do, on average about 4,000 miles a year deliberately driving in adverse weather. Certainly see some worrying sights.
  3. Lights are not just for darkness. They are a valuable and needed asset in heavy rain and foggy conditions. This is why it is important to have working lights on a vehicle.
  4. I hope there is a positive outcome from this Paul, it is sad that young folk can get them selves tangled with these thoughts and cannot see a way out. That goes for other ages as well. It is also very good of you to highlight, what is a personal event, to enable us to continue the debate. I do wish you all well. As mentioned, there is a process that folk, who are terminally ill, can go through to decide, as we have mentioned, this evaluates all aspects of the persons health and well being and if thoughts are there of terminating life earlier than say a cancer will then, the opportunity should be there to do so in a controlled and agreed way. Also, mental health plays a big part of this, that is why Doctors, who are able, can refuse to help. With this refusal, goes the treatment of such issues and the thoughts of before can be looked at again through a clearer window. Thoughts are with you all Paul.
  5. I doubt that, with the number of continual whines about the Councillors "Shetland folk" keep electing, mentioned on here, your judgement could be seen as somewhat floored, if Shetland folk know what will or will not work in Shetland because they are there, surely there will be little to compalin about. Where ever you are in the world, generally people will act in a similar fashion to circumstances. There may be peculiarities that relate to an area, but generally folk are the same. If you look at the Drink Drive campaign, simply arresting folk while they are already on the road pissed in control of their vehicles is counter productive, especially if they have already travelled some distance when in that state, this is why there are campaigns around the offence, TeeVee ads, bill boards, papers, social media outlets and other literature, why, we do not want these folk on the road to start with. Why would you want only to wait until they have committed an offence and put the general road user at risk? The same can be said about faulty lighting on vehicles, while the Police are dealing with one offender giving a FPN to them, how many may drive past? So, the way to highlight this is to have a campaign, if the situation is that serious, that can advertise what can happen in the event of faulty lighting, as well as the penalties and a regular campaign (it has already been mentioned that this happens at a certain time of year) that targets the peak times that these offences are committed. A non-endorsable FPN will be, for some, a risk worth taking. Folk have been willing to take a chance to lose their licence through their actions, it is then reasonable to believe that they will take a chance to drive with a light out at the risk of a £50 fine. Headlight bulbs can start at about £10 but are, around £25 for several cars and with the new HID lamps being about £55, the FPN may be a cheaper option for some, especially if you are also paying for someone to do the work for you. What we need, is to see no body drive on the road with defective vehicle, especially if the consequenses can be quite devastating. This is regardless of where you are in Great Britain. This is the problem that was highlighted in another thread, it is correct, folk are not really caring about others, evident through their actions. It could be seen then as that some "Shetland Folk" have different thoughts than other "Shetland Folk" on what is best for Shetland Folk. Disingenuous to think they are all the same and know what is best.
  6. Your theory will only affect those who are caught. There has to be a sustained and combined campaign for this to work. Sadly, you are not right, it will not work alone, 2 days of policing. Folly to think it would. Reports were that the Police were short of officers in Shetland (I do not know why officers would not want to transfer to Shetland?), if this is still the case then it would explain why, when you are out, you may not see so many of them.
  7. That never works for long, the real problem roads are the smaller roads where the advantage of having lights on is highest. I doubt gossip would win the day over with regards to this.
  8. Don't believe that, in true fashion, it is a conspiracy, http://www.apswater.com/images/simple-water-cycle.jpg Anyhow, great division tactic.
  9. Drivers are responsible for the condition and roadworthyness of their vehicles and the safety of other road users, sadly, it seems the reason for this is not because drivers care little for others, more that the authorities do not catch them. Sometimes, education may be required, although there are a number of folk who read these posts, it may be worthy of some time to consider others and suggest at local Police meetings via the Community Council meetings, and also, get the Community Council to support this. It may also be prudent to contact the Highways folk as there have been campaigns in the past regarding lights and the aptly described "one eyed monster". Video evidence can go along way when supporting a claim and request.
  10. Something to think about... If you follow the link within the text, there is much more about Brittany and the campaign in the United States. Thanks Brittany Maynard. She is 29 years old. And she has only 25 days left to live. On November 1st, Brittany plans to die. She says: “I will die upstairs in my bedroom. I will pass peacefully with some music that I like in the background. “ Brittany is suffering from stage 4 Brain Cancer. She was married late last year. Shortly after that she started having headaches. In January, doctors told her she had stage 2 Brain Cancer. They gave her 3-10 years to live. But then in April, the news got even worse. Her cancer was now stage 4. (The worst it can get) Doctors told her she now only had 6 months to live. “I wish there was a cure for my disease, but there's not." Brittany was living in the Bay Area. But after learning she was going to die soon, she and her family moved to Portland, Oregon. The reason: Oregon has a “Death with Dignity" law. That means Brittany can choose when to end her life, instead of suffering. Brittany says: “I can’t even tell you the relief that provides me. There is not a cell in my body that is suicidal or that wants to die. (But) my Glioblastoma is going to kill me and it's a terrible, terrible way to die. Being able to choose to go with dignity is less terrifying." So Brittany has picked November 1st to die: "I really wanted to celebrate my husband's birthday, which is October 30. I'm getting sicker, dealing with more pain and seizures and difficulties so I just selected it." She will use medication prescribed by her doctor. “I plan to be surrounded by my immediate family, my mother, my step-father, my husband, and my best friend.” During her last days, Brittany has been traveling. She loves the outdoors. She’s gone to Yellowstone Park and Alaska. She hopes to make it to the Grand Canyon, but time is running out. Brittany has made a video about her life and impending death. It's six minutes long. I watched it twice. I broke down both times. It’s heartbreaking. But at the same time there is something so inspiring about her. She’s very matter of fact and very direct. Here’s a link if you’d like to see it. http://www.thebrittanyfund.org/ At the end of the video, Brittany has a message for everyone: “Make sure you’re not missing out. Seize the day. What do you care about? What matters? Pursue that. Forget the rest.” I’m going to write that down and put it on my desk at work. I want to see her words every day.
  11. Why do you not send it to them as a link in your email. All their email addresses are in the public forum.
  12. http://www.shetland.gov.uk/waste/commercialcollection.asp Commercial waste is charged to remove. It is only free if the waste is just glass and tins The waste has to be collected by a licensed operator and a Waste Transfer Note is required.
  13. ^ Spot on. I can support this. This is far better than the aggression coupled with a lack of facts we have seen on here at the odd time. Folk now need to work on the numbers (I am sure some have already). Health and Wellbeing is a critical factor the Council (SIC) will need to assess. As there are more reports from the EU about child health and development, it may be worth looking into it. Crowd campaigns may be the way, many folk will have different experiences and this can be pooled. Brilliant post!
  14. There is an interesting document called "Strengthening Community Involvement at theis Time of Change" It mentions some of the issues that councils (Community) have. When you are ripping services, taking away a means that can be redeveloped to include the community would be counter productive. After all, it is not just about the money, councils (SIC & CC) have obligations towards the Wellbeing of residents and a continuous link needs to be maintained. Sending the day to day running of community organisations back to a central feeder would feel just like further cuts. Isolating communities further than they may be or feel already would not be productive when it comes to community cohesion. The health and wellbeing of a community are paramount, why should Lerwick get the better treatment because it is closer to the home of the administration. Removing community assets such as councils (CC) will not encourage folk to make the trip to Lerwick to make their point on day to day issues, if anything, it will limit options and opportunities. It would also prove expensive. Looking at minutes of CCs (councils) it is evident they are places where you can meet up with your elected representative as a community, meeting in such a way is far more beneficial. Folk will be able to comment and listen to others, they may even have solutions that can be installed without the need of the council (SIC & CC). You know when the meetings are, it is up to you. Just because you do not get your own way should be no reason to give up, and then just condemn. ***************************
  15. It keeps un-adopted roads safe, it is not just about access roads.
  16. If you do not get involved, then as far as you are concerned, there is no community involvement. That could be the problem. There are large number of groups who directly benefit from CCs (community councils) without the need to go through the County Council. These are your deserving. I would disagree that it would be cost effective to scrap them. For one, the involvement of communities will still need to happen, it is the link between the individual or group and the council (SIC). As for being a carer, the term was a loose one but generally directed at those who are facing cuts to their service. Which is far more important, not just to the carer, but the fabric of social care. I cannot see the benefit of isolating communities further, at the moment, those who want to be involved can be, those who don't, still benefit from a service being there when they need it. Adding more to the unemployed status is not helpful either. Oh, good of you to list the money spent on CCs (community councils), sadly, the information is some what lacking. No real indication on how the £70k you say can be saved is there. You would have been far better splitting the costs to projects, clerks and meeting costs as well as off setting this with the benefits of the membership of the association. We may be able to have seen your point. However, folk cannot be bothered to find out about their CC (community council) and then spout about how lacking they are. When the remaining cuts hit, community involvement and cohesion will be important. If you do not get involved, you will of course lose the ability to have a say. There has not been the groundswell of those who want the councils (CCs) scrapped, it is again down to the community. What ever you want from them, there has to be community involvement.
  17. I doubt there would be the opportunity of community involvement as there is now. Where would they have saved the £70k? If they did, there are far more important things to spend it on than rubbish. Ask a carer. Perhaps you could ask the recipients of the grants as well.
  18. It keeps the community mobile, allows for emergency services and helps community inclusion. There is an item on street lights, I know you were a little animated about them, they are to be included in the Gateway 2015 for funding.
  19. There has to be an assessment on Wellbeing, no point forcing folk into work (sometimes with no pay) if it has a detrimental affect on their health. http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/how-many-is-too-many.html
  20. You have waited months for a call back? Wow. Anyhow, the next meeting is on the 27th of October at Dunrossness Primary School, it starts at 7.30, the next meeting after that will be at the same venue, same time but on the 24th November. The Clerk, can be contacted via clerk@dunrossnesscc.shetland.co.uk You will already know the number. Just for your information, the meeting date have been published since January as has the details of membership. Billy Fox is an ex-officio, I thought you would have kept in contact since his rise to council (SIC) Now then, I have found the dates of the meetings, and the minutes of last meetings, the recent meeting of the 29th September has not been published but the August minutes are available (with the date of the next meeting). I am wondering why you do not go to a meeting rather than ring individual representatives up, what you say will be minuted and available for all to see on their web site. Their site is a bit lacking, however, I am sure someone with resonable skills could improve it, however, much of the impotant stuff is there, as it is on the SIC (council) web site. I bet there is an emailing list! http://www.shetland.gov.uk/coins//allCommunityCouncilMeetings.asp?bodyid=234&bodytitle=Dunrossness%20Community%20Council&MeetingYear=2014 http://www.dunrossnesscc.shetland.co.uk/index.html http://www.dunrossnesscc.shetland.co.uk/minutes/2014/aug14min.pdf Perhaps you could mention the community skips I look forward to reading questions from the public in the October Minutes.
  21. They have a public meeting, if you cannot be bothered to go it is your perogitive, but you cannot say that they did not consult. As Colin said, their biggest problem is folk who do nothing. You have had the chance to petition them, join them and meet with them, any correspondance to the clerk goes to meeting. Do you think the grants will be the same if administered by an officer at the council (SIC) without the opportunity of public engagement? At least you have the opportunity. I would suggest you have another go and get involved, you may even be able to do away with the statutory bit if you persist.
  22. I am sure you know of all the work all the CCs do, however, you are entitled to an opinion. So, now we have scrapped them, what mechanisms would you put in place to inseminate information to the smaller communities? The information passed on either via in person at meetings or through the notice boards are for some, the only link they may have to the greater Shetland. Who will administer the grants, how will they be represented? Getting rid of community groups is not the answer, you are in a position to join said council and then get enough support to dissolve it, I doubt you will do that though, I guess you are not like UKIP and hate the EU but think the only way to get rid of it is from within. I would guess with your many friends, you could make it happen. The Delting group seem to be reasonable active, they also facilitate grants though have issues with the ASCC however, if your CC is not doing the following then yes you ave a right to complain, did we mention voluntary? It is what folk do, for free. Community Councils are voluntary bodies established within a statutory framework.There is a lively Community Council scene in Shetland with 18 Community Councils representing the isles. (WAS)Community Councils are a voice for their local community, representing the views of the community to the SIC and other public bodies and acting to further the interests of their communities.Each Community Council (CC) meets as often as is necessary to fulfil their duties, usually every 4-6 weeks.All planning and works licence applications for the area are considered, and then CC views fed to the planning department.The SIC Councillor(s) for the area usually attends CC meetings and people from outside agencies are often invited to discuss current issues.Community Councils have representatives at many SIC forums, and report back from them.Applications for financial assistance are considered by members, e.g. for local groups or for road grants.Members are asked for comments on a wide range of consultation papers from many outside agencies such as the SIC or NHS Shetland, members will consider these items within the context of their community. Issues covered could include transport / roads / local housing.All the above will need addressing still and organising. How would this be done? Paid officers of the council? I do remember though both of you have your own issues with councils (SIC and CC) and I would guess you may not have had dealings with all. Still, while they are there, petition them to put a skip up every now and then.
  23. There are those who do try, I have met some of them, sadly, the GOV are under the impresion that if you have a pulse, you can work unless you can prove otherwise. That could also add to the issue.
  24. Time to change them into something that can work for communities. However, reading some of the achievements and the small grants given to projects, there are too many really to mention. It is saddening that you have a perpetual negative mantra regarding this, and its community benefits. However, hopefully, folk reading this may take a look and decide for themselves.
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