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  1. I think there is no need for mass injections, at the moment, tis folly and will make alot of folk very wealthy.... Even though half the folk in the country MAY get it, it will not be all at the same time.....so, no worse than the flu outbreak in Dec 1999, which I got just b4 new years, but, in bed for 3 days.
  2. I don't think that if 51 % of the population wants to be Kenyan, the Islands would fall under African Rule. With the apethy with voting, there will never be a proper result, unless you force folk to decide, mm civil liberties and freedom of choice will then rear it's heed
  3. found this http://www.nigelgatherer.com/tunes/tab/tab8/btams.html
  4. Yup, here we go... There has been a recent court case in which a general store has been fined 2 grand for storing and offering for sale sub standard food... I do remember the ootadaties you were able to get at a fraction of the price. In them days stuff seemed to survive past any date set for it. Nowadays you cannot tell.... But, a mouldy pie is really bad. There was an explanation that the manager was not due in till 9 ish, and that is when they were inspected. BUT...the manager knew these products would be out of date b4 he started and before he left the shop the day before, he failed in his duties to protect his customers....it was the poor management that was fined. The mouldy pie, well, I ask you....there was a lame excuse, which only showed that there was no cleaning of product shelving, or even inspection, for something to go mouldy in a fridge takes a while. To gamble with folks health and to abuse any trust your customers have in your products is unforgivable.... You are probably more likley to die from food poisoning than Swine Flu.... The message is folks, check what you are buying, yunguns and the elderly can really react badly to poor food hygiene..... I hope this manager makes a public appology and reasure his customers that there will not be a repeat and systems have been put in place to prevent such a problem occuring. Profit before safety is not good practice, and could cause serious illness..
  5. Index fingers were rested, just a general thing not made at anyone in particular, no need to fret..
  6. I did notice that there are a number of meters being fitted at Queens Place.. I hope that folk have taken their own look at the figures and not let Scottish Water tell them it will be cheaper. And your plight, I fully understand.....
  7. The coffin not at a funeral?? Yup, I get what your sayin.... Well, this is all also to recoupe costs,footage of rehersals atre to be sold, there will probably be a dvd of this and so on, corporations need oil (cash) to keep them going, and debts have to be paid so on and so on. But, a songwriter/performer spot on, a person, a sad story of childhood pressures spilling over into adult life, the family have lost a son, a brother and a dad....
  8. I dunno if folk have notice but the program of changing the water system in town includes fitting water meters. I know I looked ito it myself as a means of saving money, but being tight with my water would only save me about 5 pounds. This brings me to think that some poorer households may start to limit their water usage. To cope with the washing etc... Here is the info http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/portal/page/portal/SWE_PGP_HOUSEHOLD/SWE_PGE_HOUSEHOLD/SWE_HH_CHRG/SWE_HH_WTREFFIC_WAT_METER There is a calculator on the right and the charges are on the left.... Where water meters have been fitted south, there has bin cases of folk not flushing the toilets etc. The cost of the water is very small, that is why you can sometimes see leaks going on for weeks before being fixed, it is the infrastructure you pay for.. So, if you get water meters, be careful not to leave a tap running for too long. The upside is that folk may be more careful with their water usage, if everyone cuts down, I am sure charges will go up to pay out the share holders. I remember when I lived in London, living on my own in a 3 bed house, my water bill (not waste water removal) fell by more than half. No chance of that now.. Scottish Water Shetland Page http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/portal/page/portal/SWE_PGP_INVESTMENT/SWE_PGE_INVESTMENT/WHAT_VIS_SHET So, I leave this open for debate.............
  9. So which is it, tech problem or personal choice? Just from the horses mouth so to speak.... Starting again = 0 posts and join as a new member, not one of the originals, I dont think there is a plot of any sort.. Not from the PM's I have received...... I did also get an e-mail explaining what had happened from Admin. So, matter seems to be rested now and thanx for the attention...
  10. I spoke to one of the pilots when I was boarding and he said it is very unusual weather. He said, normally at 10000 feet, the air temp is -10 deg C Recently it has been +4 deg C. Smokin
  11. No, you have not heard then, you need a small inlatable and a long line and for a pound they will tow you all the way to Aberdeen, you could set a world water ski record or summint, but that may cost you 2 pounds. You could aso have foot pegs on the under carriage of the plane....
  12. That can be worrying. Though it does promote a more healthier lifestyle. From what I have read, alot of folk did not know they had it but just had a bad cold. As long as you have given your yunguns the best chance by giving them a healthy start in life, plenty of fruit and veg then you have done all you can do, and you too will benefit with the diet and sitting back knowing that your good.. It will be in waves me thinx, but, dont let it dictate your life as to travel. It does no good to panic..... Again, hygiene is key and a good lifestyle Good luck paet
  13. which makes swine flu slimmer of the year... Media hype has brought around this episode. There is a bloke at work who spits and snorts snot everywhere.. Where he works can sometimes look like a load of beached jellyfish. Mind, he drinks 12 cans of stella a night, smokes about 60 fags , looks like he weighs around 20+ stone and as active as a rock set in cement. He is a prime candidate for spreading any sorta airborne bug, and if he catches any sorta flu, he would suffer, end eventually, us
  14. If it is the old style log book, it needs to be fully completed for transfer, you need to fill out another form and as long as you have correct documentation it should be fine. If you have new style, then you should really only have a part of it, and if the seller has completed it correctly then, same as above. What you do need to check is that it was not SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), this means the seller cannot remove it from the property it is SORNed at, and you should, remove it via trailer, make sure you have a reciept. But, I don't think you should get trouble.... Good luck and I am sure someone could supply a bit more knowledge for you.. http://www.dvla.gov.uk/onlineservices.aspx
  15. I think you need to follow the advice given, which is, common sense and should be learnt by all (cannot stand folk spitting in the street). As long as you are healthy, you should be fine, If in doubt, check with health centre, I am only qualified in common sense... There is no need to let it control your life to such a degree...
  16. There is a DC link to France, which has always been reliable, it first used a Mercury, three phase rectifier, but nowadays Mosfets are more efficient, mind , I did like the magnetron, had a Flash Gordon feel to it.... The power is converted to 260,000 volts DC for the transmission. You will also have to take into consideration the temp, being that the cable will travel under a large volume of water, there will be, for the most a low ambient temp, which can either cut costs or increase capacity. Sub-sea transmission of electricity has bin going on for decades, for instance, there are sub sea cable running from the beach at Sound, there are telegraph cables running from the south coast all around the world. So, even though the costs could vary, VD wont (VD = Volt Drop) really. That is y you transmit at higher voltages, less power. The higher the tension, the lower the loss, so it can be compensated by an increase in voltage..
  17. I think he should carry on, this way it will come to some sort of ending...to say the least, the man is sticking to what he believes is right. I dont think he, himself will do anyone any harm, though, the recent coverage by Clunes has done Shetland for a lost opportunity, but, that is ANOTHER thread.... So we should continue the debate, in a respectable manner and at least be civil.....
  18. Another trip completed Went to Monty's in town. The meal was of a high standard though you do neet to save up a wee bit, the cheapest starter was 4 pounds and the cheapest mains was 12. But as a treat it is well done. Went again to the museum, a huge change from last time, the food was fantastic and you get value for money I think, remember it is not a cafe. for us both, with a bottle of water less than 20 pounds but well worth it, and what a fantastic view...
  19. Fuelled up a car at Grantfields, 116p a litre, cost over 25 pounds to half fill a fiesta. Back in preston now and it is less than 100p per litre
  20. They have started to dig out the holes for the new, thinner poles opp the fort, I have seen the thicker poles wobble in the strong winds last May, without a camera on to act as a pendulum, so the thinner ones may not fare so well.
  21. Hmmm De Ja Vu...... Hi my name is ....... Currently living near Preston.. All may family bar 4 live on the Isles mostly in and around Lerwick (tho there are some odd ones that dont) I visit often, mainly to see my Dad who is not too good in his auld age... Some of you may think or say, Shetlandpeat? I have seen that good fellow before, yep still the same effervesant self, due to a tech problem, I am sure other folk could explain better than myself, I am starting again (ppsst I hope I wasn't naughty )
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