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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from Frances144 in Supermarkets in Shetland - prices, ethics and experiences   
    Some one is having a giggle!!!!

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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from Elfcottage in SNP - Proposed airgun legislation   
    Crimes involving hand guns are still quite high. Even with the current licensing of air powered guns, crimes using them still happen. There are laws already in place that could be used. There could be a point to regestering ownership, especially as they now look more like guns that use powder. It will not identify them straight away, selling or buying could require registration. It would help to see the consultation papers.
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from Equality Street in UKIP   
    There has to be an assessment on Wellbeing, no point forcing folk into work (sometimes with no pay) if it has a detrimental affect on their health.
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from MichelleB in Dipped Headlights   
    Lights are not just for darkness. They are a valuable and needed asset in heavy rain and foggy conditions. This is why it is important to have working lights on a vehicle.
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    shetlandpeat reacted to Ghostrider in Dipped Headlights   
    No sweat. You don't need to know, only the relevant voters do....that, and the fact you don't know.
    Job done. Sweet. Cheers.
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    shetlandpeat reacted to Stromfirth in Shetland Equestrian Events - October 14   
    All events open to the public - so come and have a go Riding and learning how to look after horses!
    Friday 17th - Gymkhana Games this is aimed at children age 5 and above, its a fun way to ride ponies/horses in a safe area learning how to do games and work as part of a team - 10am - 1pm, Cost £20
    Sunday 19th - Stable Management - aimed at anyone age 7 and over including adults of all abilities as we will split into groups if numbers allow - come and learn all the different aspects of looking after horses on a day to day basis including mucking out, grooming, health, first aid and lots more... Hoping to make this into a regular block group with our own certificates but will use this date to guage interest.  2pm - 4pm, Cost £15
    Tuesday 21st - Own A Pony Day - aimed at children age 5 and above, a day where you have the chance to work with a pony/horse and learn daily tasks of grooming, tacking up, feeding etc.. the day also includes 2 rides.   10am - 3pm, Cost £25
    Monday 27th - Own A Pony Day - Same as above
    Wednesday 29th - Gymkhana Games - Same as above
    We are the only registered pony club centre in Shetland and are affiliated to The Pony Club for more information please look at www.pcuk.org and www.shetlandequestriancentre.com
    We currently have spaces for joining pony club and operate all year around with weekly sessions, if you are a member of pony club you have more opportunities and activities including pony club rallies where we use an instructor from the mainland over the space of 2/3 days for training, testing and lots of fun, the chance to take part in shows in shetland including Voe Show and Cunningsburgh Show, all above activities at a discounted rate and lots more.....
    For more info on any of above or Pony Club please PM me or call 01595 840 283
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    shetlandpeat reacted to Kavi Ugl in Dipped Headlights   
    Many years ago I was told the reason cars with a headlight out is frowned upon is not just because it's illegal but because in dark conditions some drivers might mistake the single working headlight for a motorbike and do something silly.
    Telling people to "get a life" because we're concerned about the standard of driving in Shetland won't be so "funny" when a school bairn runs across the road some dark winter morning and gets knocked down by a car they didn't see because the idiot driver thought he "could see okay" and switched his lights off.....
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    shetlandpeat reacted to as in Dignity   
    There is a massive difference between a teenage cry for help and a terminal ill patient wishing to end their suffering and in the latter the "why" is easily answered.
    My own family and friends have been affected by suicide. 3 attempted which were undoubtedly  cries for help (family) and one successful (circle of friends), but I still respect that each individual has the right to make their own personal decision. 
    I wish you and your family all the best, Paul.
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from Scorrie in Dipped Headlights   
    Don't believe that, in true fashion, it is a conspiracy,
    Anyhow, great division tactic.
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from gafynandrew in Waste management   
    There has always been dumping, regardless of skips being there or not. No matter how fantastic or diverse a population is, there will always be those who spoil it for others. The blame is only atributed to the person who broke the law, it was their choice.
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from tirvaluk in Waste management   
    There has always been dumping, regardless of skips being there or not. No matter how fantastic or diverse a population is, there will always be those who spoil it for others. The blame is only atributed to the person who broke the law, it was their choice.
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    shetlandpeat reacted to peeriebryan in Script writer   
    Hi Kendal, and welcome to the forums.

    There's a wealth of people making short films in Shetland. Some recent examples include the 'Ebb Tide' project - http://www.shetlandarts.org/ebbtide - and the folk who had their films shown at this year's 'Home Made' screening at Screenplay (the local film festival) http://www.mareel.org/watch/cinema-listings/screenplay-home-made
    Please do drop me an email and I'll be happy to help - bryan.peterson@shetlandarts.org
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    shetlandpeat reacted to paulb in UKIP   
    roughly 2.5% are sick/disabled
    unemployed 0.25-0.50%
    those are really good figures 
    110 unemployed upto 6 months
    20 unemployed upto  12 months
    20                     upto   2 years
    10 over 2 years
    population is 23500 at the moment
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    shetlandpeat reacted to Colin in UKIP   
    It sticks in my throat to agree with SP but, I have to admit that the minimum wage is a protection that is sorely needed.
    Unfortunately, that 'protection' has not kept pace with inflation and lags behind by a considerable margin.
    As for apprenticeships.  I believe that the taxpayer SHOULD subsidise these to some extent.  After all, they are building a skllled future workforce.
    What I am opposed to is 'cheapskate' businesses who pay skilled workers the bare minimum wage thereby, forcing/obliging them to claim benefits.
    I am also opposed to big(?) businesses who outsource their support(?) operations to other countries in order to remain 'competitive'(?).  Exporting jobs is a cancer that 'globalists' (posh word for tax dodgers) seem very keen to nourish.
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    shetlandpeat reacted to Frances144 in 2014 - My Shetland   
    A small irritation
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    shetlandpeat reacted to Distortio in Poison Popcorn - Off Radar (free EP)   
    well, it's all instrumental so no obscenities, should be safe enough.
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    shetlandpeat reacted to mellow in social group   
    wow that went well lol
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    shetlandpeat reacted to JustMe in 100 Days to Scottish Independence Referendum   
    Well I have voted although I must admit if there had been a "maybe" box on the ballot paper I would have ticked that.  I just hope that whatever the result people work together to make the new Scotland (and either way we will have something new) a better place.  Just accept the result or leave. 
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    shetlandpeat reacted to Distortio in Poison Popcorn - Off Radar (free EP)   
    Poison Popcorn - Off Radar
    free download of a 5 track EP if you're into that sort of thing.

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    shetlandpeat reacted to as in Dignity   
    Just to point out that it takes a fair while for all necessary paperwork to go through to have the PoA legally registered, in our case it took 7 months. We are glad it is finally done and we have that peace of mind and are prepared.
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from as in Dignity   
    Extract from Compassion in Dying website..
    End-of-life rights in Scotland 
    Your rights in ScotlandThe Mental Capacity Act is only applicable in England and Wales, which means that end-of-life rights are different in Scotland that they are in other parts of the UK.  If you have questions about rights at the end of life in Scotland call us on 0800 999 2434.
    Advance directivesAn Advance Directive is a document that contains your wishes for future treatment. You can use it to tell doctors what you would want if you lost the ability to make or communicate decisions - for example, if you had severe dementia or were in a coma.
    Advance Directive is a Scottish term, but these documents are also called Advance Decisions  in other parts of the UK.  "Living will" is also sometimes used informally to mean advance directive or advance decision.
    Are Advance Directives legally binding?Advance Directives are binding under common law in Scotland but they don’t have statutory force.
    Judges in the past have ruled that an Advance Directive should be followed, however there is no law that makes them legally binding.  This means that doctors should follow your Advance Directive if they can.
    If you want to make sure that your wishes are legally binding, you might want to consider making a Welfare Power of Attorney.
    See our factsheet for information about how to make an advance directive.  You can use Compassion in Dying's template Advance Decision, although this is not legally binding in Scotland.
    Welfare Powers of AttorneyA Welfare Power of Attorney is a legally binding document under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 that gives someone the power to make health and welfare decisions for you in case you can’t do so yourself - for example, if you had severe dementia or were in a coma.  The person you appoint is called your Attorney.
    You can choose to give your Welfare Power of Attorney extra powers so that they can make decisions about life-sustaining treatments.
    Welfare Powers of Attorney can only be made through the Office of the Public Guardian (Scotland).  There is a charge of £70 to set it up, although you may be eligible for reduced costs if you are on a limited income.
    See our factsheet for more information about how to set up a Welfare Power of Attorney.
    The site is full of interesting and informative information, it is worth a look.
    Thank you
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from humptygrumpty in David Cameron in Shetland   
    Good news is Prity Patel MP is now in the Treasury.

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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from Scorrie in Bressay Chain Ferry   
    And we are off....
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    shetlandpeat got a reaction from Scorrie in Tesco home delivery service   
    A brave stance, I would not be surprised to see Tesco appeal this if it were based on a feeling rather than a planning matter as laid down by the Gov. There is grounds that this could oppose one of the planning policies by not encouraging better use of the district centre. Planners have been busy rewriting policies due to an extraordinary delay in updating to suit the needs of communities.
    I wonder if visits to Lerwick or other shopping areas have reduced due to the delivery service.
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    shetlandpeat reacted to trout in Relay For Life   
    Relay raised over £306,000 for cancer research
    Originally published by and copyright of www.shetlandtimes.co.uk
    This year’s Relay for Life event raised an impressive tally of £306,650 in aid of cancer research.
    Get the full story Relay for Life breaks £300,000 barrier
    Originally published by and copyright of www.shetnews.co.ukhttp://www.shetnews.co.uk/images/stories/1409/140905_total_funds_raised.jpg
    SHETLAND’S enormous bi-annual fund raising event Relay for Life has beaten its own extraordinary record by raising more than £300,000. The announcement was made at Sound hall on Friday night when the Relay committee held a “thank you evening” for all the people who took part in the event which took place overnight from 31 May to 1 June at the Clickimin running track in Lerwick. The phenomenal fund raising effort had already raised £200,000 before the big night, so this year's total of £306,560.76 was not completely unexpected, convincingly beating 2012’s £275,000 record – the most successful event of its kind anywhere in Europe.
    Get the full story
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