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  1. You can borrow my tin hat if you want... It's a bit thicker than most, and covers bits that others cannot reach..
  2. All fair comment, but like yourself, I do not want to pay any more than I have to. I have noticed that some country shop charge a 'premium' on some items, and it is not unknown to be charged a whole £1 extra for a packet of ciggies. I don't like price gouging anywhere, and I only get burned (sic) once, preferring to go without until I can get into co-op/tesco. Strange really, because the country shop then loses out on the other stuff I might have bought at the time. As for 'price marked' goods, there are still plenty about, but at the same time, I know of country shops that ref
  3. It's just not the local shops that would be threated. Wholesalers (who supply the local shops) based in Lerwick would also feel it via reduced turnover. There's a fair few folk employed in them as well. On the other hand, people who normally shop in the Lerwick Co-op will now be able to do their main shop (more conveniently) in the Sandwick/Scalloway ones instead. Might be a case of little, or no, overall effect. What did the small Co-op do to Brae, what effect did it have. ? Anybody know? Perhaps the local shops might also be able to reduce their prices in order to compete?
  4. I wasn't going to bother responding but, seeing as roachmill seems to be making a point os stalking/trolling my posts, and evil inky seems to making a point of stalking/trolling GR's posts, it's beginning to look like a conspiracy. Just an 'opinion' of course...
  5. Which rather neatly sums up the claim that we are no longer allowed to voice opinions/views that differ from the 'official', 'politically correct' narrative.
  6. I didn't say anything of the kind, but there you go....
  7. As we all know from experience (Green Lilly), a very dangerous game indeed... Glad it worked out for them.
  8. "Are we saying we should be allowed to say whatever we want and expect no consequence? " @Roachmill I don't think that anyone has made that claim but, we should all be able to express ourselves in a way that fits our individual perspectives without having to 'pussyfoot' our way around certain sensitive(?) issues and words. I didn't see GR's post as being islamophobic. It was just the truth (as I see it) and, I guess that it was probably a 'throwaway comment' in closing his post. You would need to remember that some of us are way to long in the tooth to accept the modern,
  9. Could this be the same person who 'didn't bother' (?) applying for planning permission for a HMO (I think) in Lerwick >
  10. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. I didn't see GR's post as islamophobic.. Just a simple statement of fact..
  11. Nope. Please read my post again, particularly the bit that says "there is no way of proving beyond any reasonable doubt, just who it was was actually online... " Any machine can be made to reveal it's logs, but it cannot tell you who was in control(?) when they were generated. All it has is a user name and password, and they could both be 'generic' for use by all.
  12. No IP Address is safe from prying eyes. So, Happy Goldfish Bowl.. Like most people, you probably only have 1 actual IP Address at any one time. The 'flavour' doen't matter as your 'fingerprints' are likely to be all over it. For extra security(?) you could try a VPN, but even that has it's drawbacks.
  13. GR is correct in so much as in a multi-user household, there is no way of proving beyond any reasonable doubt, just who it was was actually online...
  14. They needed to test it on someone first ??
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