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  1. I am so used to feeling safe that I never even considered it as a plus point. ???
  2. In a local context, I also happen to think that visitors should be tested at the point of departure for Shetland and, obviously, not allowed to travel if they are positive. Not when they arrive here. I am going to hate myself for saying this but, the only way to make sure we are 'virus free' is going to be by imposing something akin to a Police State.. Do we really want that ? The alternative is continual 'measures' whilst we fudge ourselves into a way of living/dying with the virus.
  3. Well PollyAnna, for your 1st ever post here I have to say that you certainly know how to make an entrance.. I hope that you are good at juggling hot potatoes. I would like to say that there are way more good-uns here than bad-uns. There is a much better sense of community and most people are proud too belong to it. It's a much friendlier place than other parts of the country. Also generally speaking, that providing you do no damage, fenced land is meant to keep animals in, not to keep you out.
  4. At first glance, yes it does seem sensible, and we should do it because we can!!! However, looking past the headline leads me to wonder how we would treat those that test positive. Would we quarantine them and the whole boat/plane as well just for good measure ? After all, both are just floating/flying Petri Dishes.. How would we treat those who test negative ? Would we keep them all in a 'holding area' and not release them until the entire passenger/crew list have been tested. ? How quickly could you test a Northlink Ferry with 400+ passengers onboard ? I read the link yo
  5. It's just as well that they weren't trying to ask a Whalsay person then..
  6. I would have to admit that, on the whole, Sturgeon is doing a much better job of communicating with the general population.
  7. I would guess that the global media is as washed up as the surfboard.
  8. I would have been a bit more surprised if Krankie could not have done better than Boris and his bunch of 2nd rate 'Good Time Charlies'.
  9. I've been here 40 years and, as far as I can tell, I still speak pretty much the same as the day I arrived. I have to admit though, that some local words have crept in. I tend to agree that newcomers(?) who try to speak 'Shetlandic' (?) can sound a bit funny.. Same can be true when done the other way around as well.. Puts me in mind of a young lady at an office answering the phone to a high flying BP exec that her boss was 'kinda busy this morning, but he would be here in a little start...'
  10. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/02/18/boris-johnson-responds-to-letter-on-shetland-self-determination-and-hopes-to-visit-isles-this-year/ Interesting link, but why did it take a FOI request to let us ALL know ? Could it be that some of our elected representatives do not trust us electors with information that could define our future. ?
  11. Might not help much but, if there are no takers, I hear that Donald Trump is looking for a job...
  12. If you are having a "discussion" with your wife, experience suggests that you will not get out of it that easily...
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