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  1. That's the whole point. I thought we already did decide..
  2. Does it really matter if the EU becomes an election issue ? We all know that it's on the table anyway.
  3. Be interesting to see how many squads invite women/girls join. My perception is that it is a bit of a "boys club". Time will tell.
  4. This is the SIC you are speaking about. They don't do aything cheap..
  5. Be careful. That's how my problem started.
  6. Sympathies. The web seem to be more like the Wild West than a comms tools. Far to many scammers...
  7. Maybe they just don't want to be associated with you..
  8. Then they are without hope, or ambition....
  9. Easy to block emails but, problem is that my account was being locked by it. Anyway, why would I block emails from Shetlink ?
  10. Another try again today ! "We have detected 5 failed log in attempts to your account from United States."
  11. Basically, the subject says it all. Got an automated email advising me that someone (from the united states) has tried to access/hack their way into my shetlink account. It doesn't matter really as the password (since changed, and was originally quite simple) was not used anywhere else. Anyone else been a target for this ?
  12. afaik, it is a trading affilliation to the Landmark Wholesale Group (now UNITAS(I think)). Local distributor is J W Gray @ Co.
  13. I thought that there was a local campaign running to purchase our own MRI scanner. Am I wrong?
  14. I think that the biggest problem is some kind of information overload. Far to much is available at the press of a button, and far to many conflicting opinions on it's accuracy. It's way to easy to find an opinion that matches 'your' version of the 'facts'. People just don't think anymore. There is also an attitude that says "if google says so..." then it must be true. Trouble is tha google is far to powerful in this respect and can ALWAYS find an opinion that you are comfortable with.
  15. The "age of misinformation" has been with us for decades (probably even longer). Chamberlain's "peace in our time" and Harold Wilson's "pound in your pocket" claims are examples. I guess there are very many others. It's just that the internet has made it possible for everybody(?) to air various crackpot(?) theories etc., not just a select few. I guess that everybody is wanting their "15 minutes of fame"...
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