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  1. I wasn't going to bother responding but, seeing as roachmill seems to be making a point os stalking/trolling my posts, and evil inky seems to making a point of stalking/trolling GR's posts, it's beginning to look like a conspiracy. Just an 'opinion' of course...
  2. Which rather neatly sums up the claim that we are no longer allowed to voice opinions/views that differ from the 'official', 'politically correct' narrative.
  3. I didn't say anything of the kind, but there you go....
  4. As we all know from experience (Green Lilly), a very dangerous game indeed... Glad it worked out for them.
  5. "Are we saying we should be allowed to say whatever we want and expect no consequence? " @Roachmill I don't think that anyone has made that claim but, we should all be able to express ourselves in a way that fits our individual perspectives without having to 'pussyfoot' our way around certain sensitive(?) issues and words. I didn't see GR's post as being islamophobic. It was just the truth (as I see it) and, I guess that it was probably a 'throwaway comment' in closing his post. You would need to remember that some of us are way to long in the tooth to accept the modern,
  6. Could this be the same person who 'didn't bother' (?) applying for planning permission for a HMO (I think) in Lerwick >
  7. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. I didn't see GR's post as islamophobic.. Just a simple statement of fact..
  8. Nope. Please read my post again, particularly the bit that says "there is no way of proving beyond any reasonable doubt, just who it was was actually online... " Any machine can be made to reveal it's logs, but it cannot tell you who was in control(?) when they were generated. All it has is a user name and password, and they could both be 'generic' for use by all.
  9. No IP Address is safe from prying eyes. So, Happy Goldfish Bowl.. Like most people, you probably only have 1 actual IP Address at any one time. The 'flavour' doen't matter as your 'fingerprints' are likely to be all over it. For extra security(?) you could try a VPN, but even that has it's drawbacks.
  10. GR is correct in so much as in a multi-user household, there is no way of proving beyond any reasonable doubt, just who it was was actually online...
  11. They needed to test it on someone first ??
  12. Yep, and it's a little to stiff for the only use I can think of... Perhaps, in time, a proper(?) vaccine will be available. Meantime, we have to satisfy ourselves with the promise that, after vaccination, we are unlikely(?) to die from covid, just be 'ill for a while' instead..
  13. Is it really worth having ? IMHO, NO!! Anyway, why would anyone want 'secure personal information' on a vaccination card. That's just ID Cards via the back door. If you want one, and they are available, then just apply for it but, there is no way that it should be mandatory. It seems to work for Driving Licences, Passports etc.
  14. I think that, if you get a reply, then you had better brace yourself for a heavy dose of corporate bullsh!t...
  15. 7 Day cruise for a virus that has an incubation period of anything between 5 - 14 days.. Go Figure... More to the point, vaccination does NOT mean that you cannot catch the virus. Just that you, personally, are better equipped to deal with it. AFAIK, Being vaccinated, although it does seem to greatly reduce the possibility, does not stop the virus spreading.. Recent events show that it only takes 1 infected person to get the whole thing rolling again.
  16. Get a car that runs on peats...
  17. I agree with your views but, do we really want to invite trouble just so that some cruise outfit can make a few quid out of their floating Petri Dishes ? Better, imho, to keep our heads down until we see a proper way forward.
  18. No idea, but I got the Pfizer one to start with, and I hope that I would get the same as a follow up. On the other hand, one of each wouldn't be so bad either.
  19. https://theguideliverpool.com/fred-olsen-launches-welcome-back-cruises-departing-from-liverpool-in-the-summer/ Given the current state of affairs, and given the relatively little they spend here, do we REALLY want cruisers to 'step ashore' this year ? It's being presented as a 'given'. Will we get a choice ?
  20. And, probably, a lot more teeth..
  21. Yes, I should have made it clear that it was the Romans who put the walls up. I just thought that everybody knew.. Thing is that Scotland was not a Kingdom at the time. Just a loose collection of thieves and rogues who entered Northern England to steal cattle etc. The reason for the walls was to try and prevent this. Have you ever tried getting a cow over a wall ????
  22. Guess that you have to find the 'G spot'...
  23. OK, 2 walls. Must have left your sense of humour behind one of them...
  24. They (Scots) did fight off the Romans.. Had to put a wall up.
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