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  1. I think that the biggest problem is some kind of information overload. Far to much is available at the press of a button, and far to many conflicting opinions on it's accuracy. It's way to easy to find an opinion that matches 'your' version of the 'facts'. People just don't think anymore. There is also an attitude that says "if google says so..." then it must be true. Trouble is tha google is far to powerful in this respect and can ALWAYS find an opinion that you are comfortable with.
  2. The "age of misinformation" has been with us for decades (probably even longer). Chamberlain's "peace in our time" and Harold Wilson's "pound in your pocket" claims are examples. I guess there are very many others. It's just that the internet has made it possible for everybody(?) to air various crackpot(?) theories etc., not just a select few. I guess that everybody is wanting their "15 minutes of fame"...
  3. Selling Council Houses wasn't really the problem. It was not allowing Coucils to replace them with new build stock (+ the extra that were needed) that caused the current problem. Unfortunately, we seem to have a points based 'needs' system that prioritises those deemed 'needy' over those who can actually contribute to society via gainful employment. I have a son who has been living in a Private Rental for an awful lot of years. He has little, or no, chance of a Council let because he is able bodied and working full time, and I have another son who is still at home for the same reasons but doesn't really earn enough to pay someone else's mortgage. Don't get me wrong here, but wouldn't it be wiser to offer the 'needy' a home on somewhere like Fetlar and keep the few availble houses in 'choice' areas for the folk that work in those areas?
  4. Just noticed that everyone's avatar has had a 'newbie' icon added. Not important really, but I guess that some were rather pleased withtheir 'reputations'. Are there any other changes afoot ?
  5. There would be little point in moving to places like Fetlar if the bulk of your work is in the Cetral Mainland. As for allocation of available housing, most of it seems to go towards reprobates, renegades, runaways and misc others who seem to contribute very little to the local economy. All paid for with our taxes. If you are young(ish), fit and willing to work, one of the few options available is to rent privately. Problem with this is that you will end up paying a high price to clear someone else'e mortgage/bank loan etc. with little hope of ever being able to save enough to buy your own place.
  6. Perhaps, because it is a global phenomenon ? It's the power (and major failure) of social media. It has become so 'cliquey' that, unless you share an opinion that is common with the majority, you become something of an outcast. Television News, I don't bother watching it these days. Far to much 'drivel' and opinion pieces in there. Not enough substance. Newspapers, I haven't bought one in years. As with television, except that they stick 'boobs' on page 3 or something. They lie more than politicians do. Politics, I ALWAYS cast my vote. Generally based on the historic performance of particular candidates. Still doesn't guarantee that they will not mess it up though.
  7. Deliberately omitted the capital in 'westminster'. My little dig at them.
  8. Yes, in the same way that those claiming there would be no problems were also lying. I don't think that the problems are insumountable, or long term. Definately an immediate problem though.
  9. Missed that entirely George. Was it anything to do with 'spit roasted westminster politician' ?
  10. I thought that politicians on both sides of the argument lied in equal measure. Only a complete idiot would have believed more than two words that any of them spoke. I used my personal judgement (right or wrong, who knows?) to vote the way I saw fit. As for price hikes. That's just 'capitalism' at work. Not that it sits well with me as a lot of the rises are 'because we can' and not 'because we have to'. Gas doesn't really cost any more to get out of the ground. It doesn't have to be 'produced' as such. Just tighten the supply and increase the price. Oldest trick in the book. The problem with the NHS is that it has been a political 'football' for decades. It also suffers from a lack of any real boundaries in who, or what it treats, and because of this, it has been abused (to a degree) by patients. It has lost it's way. However, selling the choice bits off to the highest bidder is, imho, NOT the best way forward. Who on earth would want an Americanised 'for profit' NHS where the choice can be, quite literally, between a lifetime of debt, or death. Far better to pay a little extra in taxes and keep the money grubbing parasites out. Yes, I know that we already have a 'for profit' medical sector where you can pay (often the same doctors etc.) for early treatment etc. Why are these people allowed to use NHS facilities? If you want to pay twice, go ahead, it's your choice.
  11. How do you know who I voted for last ? I'll give you a clue though, it wasn't krankie's ding-a-lings.. Anyway, I have long ago realised that if a politician isn't outright lying, then he(she) is doing their damndest to avoid telling the truth.
  12. No, it doesn't bother me too much. I expect ALL poiticians to lie !!!!
  13. So, David Davis was lying then ? Who would have guessed that a politician would have been a little 'economical' with the truth ? I wonder what we ever did for stuff before Wilson/Heath signed us up to the Common Market ? Anyone who ever thought that getting out of the whole mess(?) without some pain 'should have taken a little more water with it..'
  14. Restrictions on the many for the benefits of a few ? You have to ask just how many rockets they intend to launch to justify closing off access to Lamba Ness... ? I would have thought that some kind of periodic restriction was necessary, but a permanent restriction would benefit nobody. Is it possiblle that the launches might present some kind of opportunity for tourism ? How about a view point for enthusiasts(?) to watch from, and a published schedule ?
  15. The problem is that the minium wage has become the 'going rate' for many jobs.
  16. Minimum wage + 60p (pence) is hardly going to make the earth move. It's only £20 or so for a full 40 hour week. Even less for those on 'zero hours'. IMHO, it is NOT a living wage.
  17. Sorry, but I am pretty well familiar with the local employment market. Maybe you should try taking a closer look. I know quite a number of people who struggle on minimum wage BECAUSE the cost of living is higher up here. I also know a few employers who pay the minimum wage BECAUSE that is the minimum that they have to pay. The result is that the minimum wage employees have to claim some of the various Government top ups/allowances that are available. I would be happy if anybody could explain to me just why the taxpayer, in general, should have to subsidise/top up the wages paid by some employers. As for 'slavery', if you cannot make ends meet in a low paid job, then it IS economic slavery. OK, folk have an opt out in so much as they can choose not to work at all, and depend on the state to keep them alive. Given some of the 'zero hours', 'minimum wage' jobs around here, who can blame them? Why bust a gut working some anti-social hours job only to be looked down on by your customers who are, somehow, 'better' than them. Nobody really wants to live on 'hand outs' and EVERYBODY is entitled to a fair days pay for a fair days work.
  18. I don't think that it's quite fair to blame Brexit for all the employment woes faced at the moment. Truth is that hospitality in particular has always been a rubbish career(?) with transient workers, long antisocial hours, and low pay. Other long hours, low pay occupations are also suffering as well. East Europeans (and before them, transient Aussies/Kiwis/Jamaicans) did those jobs because many of our own people were not (and are not) willing to put up with such a poor lot, and honestly, why should they put up with minimum wage jobs just to pay their rent when they are better off (financially) by not working. Don't forget, we abolished slavery a long time ago, and we shouldn't expect people to break their backs for little or no real compensation. Cheap unskilled labour is (hopefully) a thing of the past. The good thing that is likely to come out of this is that employers are going to be obliged to charge a little more and pay a decent wage, or shut up shop.
  19. Colin

    Council Debt

    I think that the whole problem the SIC has managing it's finances is that it can't. Their whole approach to the problem seems to be a smoke and mirrors excercise. eg; Lets save some money by closing the Bus Waiting Faciity, some Public Toilets, the pensioners Lunch Club etc.. What happened to the staff? did they get re-deployed? If so, then I fail to see where they saved any money. It was nothing more than a paper excercise. As for councillors who are afraid to address the problem(s) in case they get voted out I would suggest that, if this is the case, they do not deserve to be councillors in the first place, and that they should be voted out. It's not a popularity contest. As for the officials, if they cannot do their jobs properly, then they should be booted out and repaced with people who can deliver.
  20. https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2021/08/18/council-lurching-into-a-crisis-duncan-says I'm a bit surprised that nobody has commented on this.!! Mr Duncan might be marmite to some people, but at least he tries to make a difference. I wonder when the SIC might try and do what most locals seem to be doing.... LIVING WITHIN THEIR MEANS.... although, after so many years of above inflation rent increases, a large number of council tennants appear to be struggling to do so. Ultimately, the SIC's debt is OUR debt. When is the next election ?
  21. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/08/27/economic-development-chief-challenges-co-op-assumption-on-rural-shop-impact/ But, will the planning committee take any notice, or is it done deal? I'm neither 'for' or 'against' either development. Just wondering how much 'diligence' will be applied.
  22. Looks like you got sh*t on one way or another..
  23. Don't know if this would apply up here. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/birds-sully-rats-feeding-court-21357427 Seems that some local authorities are trying to tackle it.
  24. OK, didn't realise that his son was the head baker. Thanks. As for the quote.. Why not, don't Tesco do something similar?
  25. Fair comment but who's to say that, as the current owner is kicking the butt end out of 70, he will not jack it all in anyway sometime soon? The Co-op, and others of a similar ilk, have no empathy towards existing business. Hoping for such is pie in the sky. It's all about money...
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