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  1. I'd be more concerned if they said they hadn't been feeling themselves lately..
  2. Bit confused about the policemans ball.. Is it a dance or a raffle?
  3. Improvement ?. Quite the opposite. As someone who generally makes his way around the town on foot, I have noticed a marked deterioration over previous years with some areas looking very 'scruffy'. If this is an example of 'Best Value' in action then I think someone needs to remind our public employees that best value is about more than saving a few pounds.
  4. I heard a very similar rumour (from a VERY reliable source). The version I heard claimed that certain 'very high up' people within the SIC were trying to bully the Development Trust into doing things their way. Seems to me that, in my opinion, the convenor is trying to justify the several thousand pounds per year he gets as a director of Smyril Line. Wonder if it's ever occurred to him to declare an interest at DT meetings?
  5. No 1's Would have been No 2's if they'd caught me though...
  6. Into the fuel tank of a police car (a long time ago in a city far away)
  7. Colin


    Gave up on driving (voluntarily) about 12 years ago and it's amazing the number of people I know (even neighbours) who will not stop to give me a lift (No.. I didn't give up washing etc. as well!!). Strange thing is that they think nothing of asking ME for assistance when they need it. "Well, the first thing you gotta do is start taking some excercise. Try walking.." Generally enough to put them off..
  8. That was the Fraser Park's own open air.
  9. Did you make it? Picking up on the common thread here. It was not a very good event to be at. There just wasn't the atmosphere that you normally get. Not enough going on to keep people in the park etc.
  10. Twartree year ago da Scalloway Fitba Club did Tins in the Park an mair recently da Fraser Park demselves organised several bands on wan night. Da problem wi da following year was dat Jeff Ampleford organised a big gig aboot da sam time an it was difficult tae get da bands. Nae raison why it soudna happen again. Da law changed recently makkin it illegal for fireworks displaye efter 11pm. Also I donna tink da Committe could affford it dis year. I don't think that Tins In The Park will ever happen again but, I organised the fraser Parks own event and, apart from the genrators running out of fuel at 11:45pm, it was a great success. The following year, it failed because Jeff (and also Whitedale Football Club) organised similar events that took the only available dates. I would have gone ahead against them but it was impossible to get sufficient bands, PA, stewards or the Red Cross (very necessary) etc. Don't know if the park will organise anything similar in the future as I'm no longer involved.
  11. Music? Well the band was good even with a stand in drummer. Can't give a fair appraisal of the DJ afterwards as I *HATE* disco. [rant] Have you got a smiley for this? No offense to John Henry (or any other DJ) but, why anyone with almost zero musical ability is allowed to headline any event ahead of one of Shetland's best young bands amazes me. Where were the other bands? Was there any attempt to get them? Was it all done on the cheap? I was there with the Hall's PA and was not to happy to discover (only last week) that the headline act was a DJ. Like I said, nothing personal but, if I had been told early enough, I would have been in a pub instead. [/rant] Casualties? Apart from the usual I heard that one young lass had broken a toe or something. Attendance? About average I think. There were a lot more on the street than in the park. (I was told that they wanted band's not DJ's) Don't know if they all went into the park or not so, difficult to tell. Longevity? Don't know what you mean. Average Age? About 14 I reckon.. Gossip? Nothing to report. Looked into the park a few times through the day and thought the slide was a great idea. How about an adult version where you slide into a skip full of lager or something.. I agree that a lot more could be done with the Gala but, it's been in a steady decline for a few years now. Usual problems..lack of volunteers willing to assist etc. Yesterday's (Saturday) events seemed to consist of a beer tent and a few football matches. OK, there was maybe some other stuff going on as well but, it was a long way short of earlier years.
  12. The smoking ban is a nightmare. We had a policy that once somebody was in the hall they were not allowed out unless they were leaving. This was good because it meant that the under 18's could not get to their carry out's etc. It also meant that we coud operate with only 2 door stewards. Because of the ban we have to let people out if they want to smoke and this has forced us to increase the number of door stewards. We had 250 people at the last gig and even the non-smokers wanted outside with their friends. It was almost impossible to control as there was a large crowd in the main lobby at all times. In short, it has caused huge problems and cured none.
  13. A good idea that we tried on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately, it didn't work. It required extra stewards and led to a lot of confrontation.
  14. See my other post. Showing your age there (or lack of it) Suppository did indeed play a lot of their gigs at Hamnavoe (and also Scalloway) but Sufferin Aunties->Fut Difino->Spartikus Crumb played most of their gigs at Scalloway. Scalloway was (and continues to be) the starting point for a lot of other local bands.
  15. Missed the point there. One of the reasons people won't help is because they do not want to apply any rules. Already do that with a stamping system. Different stamps each time we open. Black - Under 18 Red - Over 18 No stamp (washed off, whatever) Pay again or leave. Problem is that a lot of over 18's will buy drink for the under 18's. They get 1 warning and then the're out.. Not specifically for music but, it's been tried before. I think someone actually got a job (paid) to organise volunteers. Best of my knowledge, nothing much came of it. Sounds good but the problem is getting people to take time off work (loss of earnings etc.) to attend training sessions and then expect them to give up their free time during evenings/weekends to act as stewards. As for kids being cheek or misbehaving. No problem. That's just youthfull high spirits and can be tolerated providing it doesn't go to far. I find that if you want to gain respect( and the little authority to control a situation ) the best method is to treat them with respect and as adults not as kids. Yes it could and, personally, I have helped at other halls when asked. Some halls are still interested. Scalloway has held a few gigs over the last couple of months.
  16. Hi Alan (and anyone else who may be interested) This is a bit of 'Urban Legend' arising from just 1 (or, possibly, 2)country hall committee(s) being spoken to by the Police who warned them that they were in danger of losing their licence. If my memory serves me correctly, this has also happened to a number of commercial premises. The Police cannot revoke anyone's licence. They can, however, order the closure of the bar (and any function) at any licenced premises if they are not satisfied with the way it is being run. This closure order (to the best of my knowledge) is only effective for the day it is issued. The are a number of reasons why country halls do not open for bands these days. In no particular order; They are run by unpaid volunteers who are very reluctant to undertake the new training requirements that are being imposed. Volunteers are, mostly, of an age that makes them feel threatened by the abuse handed out by some youngsters. This has led to a shortage of willing volunteers to help run gigs. Halls have had to develop 'Conditions of Let' to protect themselves from irresponsible hirers. Hirers are very reluctant to sign anything that implies that they are responsible for running their own function. Not surprisingly, halls are tired of carrying the can for hirers who, basically, take the money and run. Some hirers also think that underage drinking is 'OK' and are VERY reluctant to confiscate alcohol. This leaves the hall fighting against underage drinking with no support from the hirer. Groups and organistions that traditionally hired halls for fund raising events now seem to prefer packing bags at supermarkets. Collecting cash without responsibility. The average age group has lowered primarily due to hirers using third party outlets for their ticket sales. These outlets have no real interest in who they are selling tickets to and make no attempt at age verification. There's more (much) but this should be enough for now.
  17. Similar to this 1 bottle fizzy drink 1 sugar cube Wedge sugar cube in neck of bottle Replace cap Invert bottle to dissolve sugar Place bottle where you can see it. Try to look innocent when someone opens it.
  18. I have to clear up a misconception here. (Probably worthy of a thread on it's own) The halls didn't get 'stopped' as you put it. They stopped themselves. The were many other reasons as well but, the example you quoted is one of them. I think that the issue here is that most of the 'entertainment' available at weekends is adult orientated and would have to agree that there does not seem to be much focus on the under-18 age group. We do try to put something on once a month at Scalloway but, and we are the first to admit it, that doesn't help much. The people that say that don't know how to drink
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