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    Photo ID

    To me, it is just another step on the road to having to 'prove' who you are to anyone and everyone. Bet the police will love this one.
  2. Colin

    Photo ID

    This is an old topic but, I think that it is still relevant. https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2021/07/23/carmichael-concerns-over-photo-id Looks like our elected 'betters' might be trying another attempt at this one. They don't give in, do they ?
  3. Colin


    Beats me as to why anyone would want to do this kind of thing. It's really dumb and only serves to alienate anyone who 'might' have supported their cause(?). Interesting that plod is appealing for any CCTV footage that might be out there. I seem to remember 250K + being spent on a system just so they could use it in situations like the aforesaid. What happened I wonder ?
  4. After trying a number of differet sprays, all ineffective to the point where I might as well hit the flies with the tin.. I found some stuff that might be of use.. It's called RAID and it takes the little buggers out of the air with no problem. One quick spray around, and less than 10 minutes later, no files.... Mind you, I have no idea (yet) what it does to the wife and cat. Hope the cat survives..
  5. Do flies have bones? A good hard smack might be more productive..
  6. Traditional fly papers seem to be moderately successful, but fly sprays seem to be ineffective. Might as well try and hit them with the tin... I tend to wait until they settle(?) and whack them with a traditional rolled up newspaper. Only problem with this approach is that, although it's good excercise, the wife gets a little 'excited' by the mess I leave on walls and the rather coarse expressions of jubilation when I get one.. I have an electronic fly killer, but that doesn't seem to work as well as it might. One or two have suffered an excruciatingly painful death as they get 'zapped', but it seems that most of them tend to avoid it.
  7. A related issue... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57628322 Seems that is not just the 'ne'er do wells' that have been pushing the stuff..
  8. Just so long as you don't get an extra 10 days. That's overkill...
  9. It's been more than 24 hours George, and I'm still trying to work out the link. Can you explain please ?
  10. I wouldn't have quite put it that way but, if the cap fits, wear it. It might also be worth noting that just outside of living memory, the British Government fought a war with China in order to gain a market for Opium. Ho hum... Pick your poison.. FWIW; it is obvious (to me anyway) that the so called 'War on Drugs' has failed. I have thought for years that the best way to deal with addictions is to put the same substances (clean) in the hands of the NHS. That way, registered addicts are taken out of the hands of the drug 'overlords' and into the community where they can be supervised and maybe weaned off the stuff. This approach should(?) cause the dealers to be faced with a shrinking market for their poisons and, if there is no money in it, they will move on. If that fails, just build a bunch of padded cells and chuck the addicts inside them.
  11. It's not just VAT, there is also 'Duty' on tobacco and alcohol that further pushes the price up. If they made them both 'illegal', then a good portion of the governments income would disappear. Looks like we're stuck the 'societies drugs of choice'...
  12. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/05/24/counterfeit-money-circulating/ OK, not really a problem for me as I pay for most of my stuff using a card and any cash I have is taken straight from a ATM but, how on earth are most people going to be able to check if a note is dodgy especially as there seem to be quite a number of different notes in circulation ? A bit more information would have been useful. Spelling mitakes ? Wording ?? Serial Numbers ??? Watermarks ???? I guess that we will all have to become 'experts' at fake note detection... Form an orderly queue whilst I check my change at the counter....
  13. Agreed, but why 'sell the the family silver' ? AFAIK, Australia does not produce oranges and bananas, at least not in any quantity..
  14. Then, you would have to ask why we need any 'Trade Deals' at all. Why not just lock the doors and throw the keys away ?
  15. My guess is that the 'big' farmers will end up doing OK but, he 'part timers' are going to be 'thrown under the bus' by this lot down in Westminster.
  16. Doom and Gloom.... Why don't you mention the thousands that the government will save on grants to crofters. ??? Anyway, I would be surprised if the 'common man' ever got access to cheap(?) meat..
  17. Don't you think that they might, just possibly, meant "existing" I'm not the only one with a bad keyboard...
  18. Everything is for sale these days, including your grannie...
  19. Exactly... They might as well stay at home and save us a bit on the expenses..
  20. It's irritating.. I'm all for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and the Right to Protest but, some people seem to just want to destroy the ideal by pushing the boundaries of what is currently defined as 'acceptable behaviour'.
  21. What I found a little odd is that, whoever did it, spray painted a swastika as well. I suppose that they were ignorant of it's origins (which is, AFAIK, the Indian sub continent). Just another symbol hijacked by extremists ?
  22. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/05/03/disgust-and-indignation-after-racist-graffiti-appears-on-buildings-at-garths-ness/ Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Seems that we still have some sub-humans living and walking among us. I suppose that somebody will now call me out for referring to the perpertrators as "sub human". Go ahead, I can take it..
  23. https://unu.edu/news/news/europes-future-fragmented-implosion-or-greater-integration.html Make your own mind up, but it seems (to me) that all options are worthy of consideration.
  24. Tried them both, and maybe it's just me but, the Co-op own brand beans taste rubbish though..
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