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  1. I hated knitting at school and was hopeless, i was always the one at the teachers desk getting my dropped stitches fixed! However, now at 30 - I am so glad we had to learn, I would say I'm a pretty good knitter now and find it a really relaxing hobby. I think it's a real shame if its lost from schools - I'm sure there are other money saving areas.
  2. Does anyone know whats happening with the essy cart? Our bruck was meant to be collected on Sunday but the essy cart never came!! Are we meant to wait now til next Sunday?? When they might not bother to come again?! I'm sure the black bags are breeding!!!
  3. Not all clear though! Side roads are treacherous in places.
  4. I wouldn't think the rates will be reduced. I would speak to your midwife in the first instance and see what they can do. You can never rely on the island accommodation as it is allocated on a first come first served basis and can't be pre-booked. It's a case of seeing if a room is available when you get there, unfortunately there is sometimes a lengthy wait for a room to become available. When the refurb is complete there will be a couple of extra rooms but thats going to take time (and cash)! If its the case you have to be in hospital you'll be admitted but that doesn't help your partner or child.
  5. I'm on the comitte to raise money for the accomodation. Yes, the accommodation is closing its doors on 23 of this month and will be closed for a minimum of 12 weeks. I don't know what arrangements are in place for mums during this time, best speak to your midwife as soon as possible but I'd avise you to book into the red cross as soon as you can. It can easily be cancelled nearer the time. I would imagine Mums that need to be in the hopsital will be admitted to a ward but other than that who knows. It will be well worth it when it has been refurbished though!
  6. Just to let anyone concerned know, the island accommodation is closing on 23 November for refurbishment. It is expected to be closed for 12 weeks. Anyone expected to be away in the weeks closed should book red cross asap!! Your midwife should have more information.
  7. Hello I go to earlybirds as well as the whiteness and weisdale under 5's. Earlybirds is a monday and thursday 10-11.30 and its lovely, everyones very welcoming! St Magnus Church Hall. Maybe see you there
  8. Thats exactly why local mams have pulled together to do something about it. It is absolutely vital the facility stays open but it has to be updated and brought in line with the rest of the parent accommodation. The archie foundation has paid for the majority of the accommodation at sick kids I am led to believe. Orkney have made a massive amount of money to go towards the refurbishment so i hope the Shetland mums have the same success.
  9. Not sure then. I had the guy along changinng the settings on Monday and he said there isn't a meter available for whatever we have. Couldn't tell you what we're on tho!! Likely to be 18 months before one ready he said??
  10. They can't stop selling tokens until all meters have been changed across and as no meter is currently available for customers with storage heating and electric on their meter, its going to be a while before they stop selling them.
  11. The shops here and awful for access both for wheelchair users and prams. I am limited to the number of shops I can go in as the doorways are either too tight or there are steps inside. Not everyone wants to leave their baby outside either! My other rant is why on earth Harrys Toy Shop has to be completely inaccessible for prams when surely loads of people need to go!!! Smith and Harper used to be ok but now its impossible to squeeze down those aisles too!! Sorry to butt in on your rant
  12. This is my first visit here and I felt I had to add my tuppence for what it's worth! I was saddened to hear about Joe Leasks silly behaviour which led to him spending time in police custody but more saddened that his name is being dragged through the gutter. He is a young lad, who like most was enjoying himself after what can only be described as a disapointing games for the Shetland football team. Not only has he to live with what happened, so do his poor family and I feel heart sorry for them in all of this. As for lifetime bans, I hardly think that's necessary. As for singling out one member of the team - thats unfair. Several of the team were the worse of alcohol on the final night. Team Shetland do travel as ambassadors for us and on the whole did a brilliant job. Instead of continually giving all the attention to these silly boys, lets praise the youngsters in the team who were impeccably behaved and did us proud!! Well done Team Shetland and roll on the 2011 games!!!!
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