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  1. recently I was asked on behalf of my grandparents to sell their car because of ill health and severe lack of use, I cleaned the car and made up for sale signs and placed it on lochside, my grandparents have had me as a named driver on their insurance policy for many years as I always serviced it and took it for mot's etc and also my policy covers me third party on any other vehicle that is not in my name and is insured by the owner.. So insurance certainly wasn't a problem. A few days prior to this I placed my own car on for sale at the other end of lochside as I had bought a new car and since it was a private sale, I couldn't trade it in. My new vehicle had been added to my admiral policy, who can insure multiple cars under the one policy so once again, insurance certainly wasn't an issue. Does this make me a motor vehicle trader? Should I have refused to try help out my grandparents because I was trying to sell my car at the same time?
  2. whats everyones views on the recent council ban for using lochside to display their vehicles for sale? i personally dont see what the problem was as long as they were mot'd, taxed, insured and parked properly. yes i fully understand that the local residents think its parking for outside their house, but im afraid its not. its a public road and anyone can park there! i know its annoying as nearly every dinnertime, teatime and early evenings when there is something on in islesburgh community centre people use the street i live on as an overspill car park and i cant get near my house. i wonder if i should complain to the council and get signs put up to stop this too?
  3. contact peter stevenson. his number should be in the book. if you cant find it then pm me and i will get his number.
  4. its stopped snowing in the toon for the mean time but the roads are horrendous!!! geen yun thick slushy way with hard ice underneath! very tricky driving conditions, just come back from the shop and saw 2 cars slide into kerbs, one at sound school roundabout and another at grantfield roundabout. i think the one at grantfield buckled his wheel as his tyre popped aff the rim.....i would say serves them right if he/she was driving far to fast but the poor driver was just creeping along and driving at an slow speed for the road conditions just hit ice and could do nothing!!
  5. just wondering if it would be helpfull by giving other shetlink users peerie bit of a heads up on the road conditions in your area i.e north, south, oot wast etc...
  6. that guy should be made to go and buy every one a pint that was involved looking for him.....plus the fuel for the helicopter, lifeboats and the other vessels involved with the search!! oh and any other costs anyone wants to add.......wear and tear on hill walkers shoes etc....basically as much a possible to ensure he doesnt have any money left to buy a vhf radio, never mind a boat to put it in!!! should be named and shamed in the press and also have a public humiliation ceremony as a deterent to any others who want to make hoax calls in future!!! complete and utter TWAT!!!!!
  7. theres a green saab convertable running around da toon with " B7OUGH " i guess its ment to say "be tough"
  8. i had heaps of these automated calls about loans and financial advice and its really doing my head in!! im not joking i must get at least 2-3 per day!!! does anyone know how to get these to stop? ive tryed doing 1471 and calling back but its a witheld number!! the only other option i though about was to stay on the line throughout the automated call and try and get through to a human but abit unsure as knowing my luck its getting charged to me at about £20 a min! haha!
  9. my god, never heard so much rubbish....sounds like someone has been reading far to many DIY mechanics books!! dont see why everyone has asked so many useless questions about your car. but if its a whirring sort of noise i could nearly put money on it being a wheelbearing!! poor guy asked a simple question and was looking for a simple answer!!
  10. marv has moved house and isnt doing any tattoos at them moment until he gets a place to do it. Or so one of his most valuble customers told me anyway. i got my one done at richards tattoos in aberdeen. did a great job!! he is usually pretty busy and i dont think he does phone appointments, just first come first serve...... there is another one called retro rebels or something to that effect up george street...but i would rather let anyone on shetlink have go doing it, blootered, then spun round on an office chair 50 times, then let them try do it to me!!
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