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  1. Sounds delicious, I was planning on growing potatoes in my back garden but haven't found the time yet. I like growing things, I used to read a lot of gardening books when I was bored. I have a box full of them up in the loft but most of them are in Spanish. Are they good for making chips? I found a few websites which export food from Shetland to the Scottish mainland and they have Shetland black potatoes. Also do you farm? I've never done it before, seems difficult but fun.
  2. So I decided to check the Northlink ferry website to see which foods to try and I found Shetland Bannock. It says the taste savoury rather than sweet, sounds quite nice. Has anyone ever tried it? Also the Shetland Black Potato looks odd, I've never seen a purple potato before. It looks tasty.
  3. Ah, I see. Japanese names tend to have this problem quite a lot. I've heard there is some music in Shetland's native Nordic language, Norn. The language is quite interesting but I can't find sufficient enough learning resources to actually fully learn it. There's a Norn song on YouTube about a boat but that's it sadly, hopefully more is out there. Shetland has always been a very interesting place to me, I want to visit Lerwick and Unst someday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB8StG8JSA8
  4. It sounds salty and chewy, nice. It reminds me a bit of other Scandinavian dishes, in Norway and Iceland they dry out/smoke fish and other meats too. Apparently you can make soup from it too, looks delicious! I'll give it a try, thanks for the recommendation George.
  5. I live by the River Tay in the mainland of northeast Scotland. Salmon can be found swimming about the Tay and it's said to be one of the best salmon rivers in the UK. Cod and salmon are the two fish I eat the most, delicious. I've heard the northernmost fish & chips shop in the UK is in Shetland and it tends to get a lot of favourable reviews, might try it someday. Do you get Shetland fish in mainland supermarkets? I'd like to try some.
  6. Looking back on my old comment, I could see I was being a bit rude and brash. But I do still believe that there have been a lot of crappy politicians, as well some good ones. Boris does genuinely show compassion and care for his country and people but Scots down in the mainland seem to rage just by mentioning his name. My family is heavily conservative and unionist, my dad's side is Glaswegian and has been devout Protestant Unionist since the religion was basically invented. They seem to lean more to Boris's way of thinking. I don't know much about politics so I'm mostly neutral on it all, I just want what's best for our little island. Boris seems to be doing a decent job at the moment and the country doesn't look as if it's about to explode into a million pieces. But that isn't to say I like him either, nor do I like Nicola Sturgeon. I don't like what SNP have done with education and I'm sceptical of the independence referendum. I don't think all of the PMs have been corrupt, but nobody is perfect.
  7. I meant to say Tatsuro Yamaturda, he's the Michael Jackson of Japanese City Pop. He's brilliant, a lot of Japanese musicians are inspired by him. City Pop has blown up a lot in recent years because of a musician named Mariya Takeuchi and her song 'Plastic Love'. I don't know why that specific song suddenly became popular, but now it has 43 million views. I'll post links to them below: Enjoy!
  8. Recently I've been listening to Danny Wilson, a famous Dundonian singer who achieved International fame. His music is quite catchy, but there are some songs which just aren't as good. Either way, he's a worth a listen. Jazzmattaz is also quite interesting, it's a combination between Hip Hop and Jazz. It's the type of music you'd hear in the background of a barber shop in Memphis, slow and catchy. I like to put it on in the background every now and again. There's four other volumes too if you like it. Katsumi Horii Project - Ocean Drive is great, it introduced me to a lot of other Japanese Jazz and Fusion music. Some folks over in Tokyo recommended I check out some of the lesser-known Jazz albums since it works well for background music and I loved it. I have a big collection of music now, but sadly, due to copyright, they keep getting deleted off of YouTube. I'm trying to rebuild it back up but it will take a lot of time, and also it's impossible to have a complete definitive list of music as there will always be other catchy stuff you'll want to add on too. Noriki - Dream Cruise, Tatsuro Yamaturda - Ride on Time, Sunset Hills Hotel - Off Season are just some I like to listen to. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Enjoy
  9. Crown dependency would work well, I'll add it onto the vote.
  10. So recently some of my foreign friends have been asking me to show them some Scottish food recipes. Everyone knows haggis and tablet but I was thinking of doing something a little more obscure. Shetland isn't very well known internationally, so I was thinking of showing them some traditional foods from Shetland. I found some good websites online like Elizabeth's Kitchen Dictionary and Taste of Shetland which have a lot of great recipes but an idea popped into my head: 'Why not just ask actual Shetlanders?'. I forgot I actually had this account, sorry for the hiatus, but I logged back in once more to ask. What kinds of foods are typically eaten in Shetland? I'd love to hear your suggestions.
  11. I remember reading about this a few years back, crazy stuff. It's strange to think that in another timeline somewhere, the Queen is blown up in Shetland.
  12. I remembered coming to this website but couldn't remember the password. I'm back again though! How are you all?

  13. So let's imagine a world in which the UK dissolves and breaks off into several different states. Shetland has a choice between being part of Scotland, part of Norway or being as it's own sovereign state. Would you vote yes for independence? If so, why?
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