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    ReeseTheDundonian got a reaction from George. in 3rd time lucky, what are you listening to now?   
    Ah, I see. Japanese names tend to have this problem quite a lot. 
    I've heard there is some music in Shetland's native Nordic language, Norn. The language is quite interesting but I can't find sufficient enough learning resources to actually fully learn it. There's a Norn song on YouTube about a boat but that's it sadly, hopefully more is out there. Shetland has always been a very interesting place to me, I want to visit Lerwick and Unst someday. 
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    ReeseTheDundonian got a reaction from Davie P in Boris Johnson   
    Looking back on my old comment, I could see I was being a bit rude and brash. But I do still believe that there have been a lot of crappy politicians, as well some good ones. Boris does genuinely show compassion and care for his country and people but Scots down in the mainland seem to rage just by mentioning his name. My family is heavily conservative and unionist, my dad's side is Glaswegian and has been devout Protestant Unionist since the religion was basically invented. They seem to lean more to Boris's way of thinking. I don't know much about politics so I'm mostly neutral on it all, I just want what's best for our little island. Boris seems to be doing a decent job at the moment and the country doesn't look as if it's about to explode into a million pieces. But that isn't to say I like him either, nor do I like Nicola Sturgeon. I don't like what SNP have done with education and I'm sceptical of the independence referendum. I don't think all of the PMs have been corrupt, but nobody is perfect.
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    ReeseTheDundonian got a reaction from Muckle Oxters in Traditional Shetland food recipes   
    What does Westminster have to do with cooking?
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    ReeseTheDundonian got a reaction from George. in Traditional Shetland food recipes   
    It sounds salty and chewy, nice. It reminds me a bit of other Scandinavian dishes, in Norway and Iceland they dry out/smoke fish and other meats too. Apparently you can make soup from it too, looks delicious! I'll give it a try, thanks for the recommendation George. 
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    ReeseTheDundonian got a reaction from Muckle Oxters in IRA plot to bomb The Queen in Shetland following the death of Bobby Sands   
    I remember reading about this a few years back, crazy stuff. It's strange to think that in another timeline somewhere, the Queen is blown up in Shetland. 
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    ReeseTheDundonian reacted to admin in The Republic of Shetland   
    Interesting question @ReeseTheDundonian so we added a poll
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    ReeseTheDundonian got a reaction from Muckle Oxters in Shetland Space Centre   
    This is the beginning of the Intergalactic Shetland Empire.
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