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  1. I have been here before, but it was a long time ago with an email address that was killed off when the business that provided it stopped doing such things, so there's no way to reset my long-forgotten password without hassling admin. I like to think there are more good-uns than bad-uns everywhere, I'm not sure that makes us different. The community thing is interesting. I think that view might depend on where you came from - would it be different for someone from an inner city than it would be from a small Highland village? I'm guessing so. But then as more people tend to live in cities then that might be the prevailing opinion. And I wonder if that sense of community have it's drawbacks too, for someone that's not used to it?
  2. If you have moved to Shetland, I'm curious to know, is there anything you think it's different about the people here. This could be in terms of community, or in terms of how we relate to the land or each other or.. well anything at all, really. Good or bad. I don't want to start a bunfight, so if there are any Shetland folks likely to get offended by less than complimentary responses, maybe just give this thread a hard pass.
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