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  1. Accommodation sorted for the first week of June (pending restrictions being lifted), just the ferry to book now. Exciting
  2. Cheers, I hadn't come across that site. Will have a good nosey after work
  3. Cheers, been looking at these for a while. It just makes us want to make the move even more. Hopefully restrictions will allow a visit come end of May beginning of June and we can have a good look around. Currently trying to find a holiday let that allows Dogs but not much available. Jamie
  4. Assume you've missed a zero off that? I'd not be complaining if not haha. Brill, cheers will keep an eye on how often jobs appear on the MyJobs website. Jamie
  5. Hi all, So for months now my wife and I have talked about moving to Shetland, In particularly Yell (My wife has fallen in love with a house there). We crave the lifestyle change more than anything, our two young children are very outdoor type kids, getting knee deep in rain and mud with the dog is their favourite pass time. However due to what seems to be the standard way of life around here we have very little time to enjoy this. My wife and I both work within Education, particularly Special Educational Needs while I also work in a care role as a second job. Are there many opportunities In Shetland and the Islands for this type of work? Despite constantly looking at Shetland and information I have yet to find a reasonable guide to cost of living, bills etc. The Education side looks very good, we have a 3 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. Looking at our finances here, we could possibly afford to buy in Shetland / Yell area debt free, which would be a massive weight off our shoulders because Im currently paying a reasonable mortgage, credit cards and car repayment whilst on a pretty poor basic council wage. This would in turn open up the possibility of one of us (Me!) maybe only having to work part-time if at all (Which would be thumbs up after 6 years of working a full time job plus two part time jobs), What are the council like with permits/restrictions etc in Shetland? For example if your property had a bit of land would be difficult to obtain permissions to erect and run a Glamping Pod for example? I see things like the Polycrub need permissions? (Growing Vegetables and Potentially a few animals is something we would all like to do). Pandemic restrictions aside, we are aiming to visit in May/June time during our half term A) To enjoy some outdoor time as a family and B) For a cheeky look around. Any information or opinions would be great. Hoping you are all well. Jamie.
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