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  1. I am quite curious about Papa Stour's post office. Sources suggest it was in based in a caravan in Biggins. Does anyone know anything about the post office other than the fact it is closed?
  2. Ah, never thought of that, may even be a paradox; no bus connections = everyone owns a car = no bus connections. Thank you!
  3. Whalsay has two school contracts, but no bus services, I know there aren't any bus companies based on Whalsay, but the council could run a route, just like the school contracts. It never made any sense to me. Anyone know? Whalsay does seem large enough for at least a dial-a-ride service.
  4. The company is listed on the ZetTrans Public Bus Contacts and I’m confused to what it is. Anyone know?
  5. I’m not quite sure where Black Gaet is, as it’s not on Google Maps.
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