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  1. I always have toasties from chocolate place. Never a problem. I do like the fact dogs are allowed. But for people that do not like digs why not make a suggestion of how they can allow dogs to be there but perhaps in another place so its win win?
  2. Has anyone ever watched revolution? Their power went off. That's what it felt like the other day! Haha
  3. Steak night in easheness cafe was SUPERB!! Great service too!
  4. It's my local tesco keeping local people in jobs. If I can get from a shop in town etc I do. I don't think ANYONE can get everything from their "local" shop. But when it comes to building painting or things like that I'd rather use a company from here. I doubt your "perfect" and do the same?
  5. I personally try use local where possible. I've watched too many episodes of cowboy trap.
  6. Would be handy I have some information shared!
  7. I couldn't see who it was and I did try zoom in on the billions of pictures I took but no luck. I'm assuming it was isleburgh hostel?
  8. Well if you find a husband lets hope you don't have to live on the barge.... Although perhaps it may be nice... Good location not far from shops! Wouldn't need a car to get to town
  9. There was a face on the rockets. Any idea who's?
  10. Well done to everyone who braved the weather and supported this! Very good Floats. Everyone was soaked but smiling! I loved all the floats. I took far too many pictures! I do hope even though the weather was not so good a good amount of money was raised!
  11. Been to busta and hillswick recently. Both scrummy!
  12. my in laws have just come up on the boat and they have said although it may have been a little more expensive than last time it was much better.
  13. I'm sure he gives the sentence he feels fit for each individual case. Stealing has always been seen as a lesser offence than drugs. Although I do not condone either.
  14. I was looking for ones up here. I went with the Saab and my fathers car! Thanks anyway!
  15. I had the American night food at the museum. Top class.
  16. thats a great thing, its good to hear there are still kind souls out there. Also glad to hear everyone is fine.
  17. My only problem with Mareel is that it costs me too much because I seem to want to watch pretty much every kids movie that comes out because im such a child at heart.... and a sucker for adverts!
  18. Go for their Salt and Pepper squid or ribs , either are amazing starters and the Singapore Noodle is the best in Shetland by miles , not sure if it's on the menu but ask and you shall receive . Thanks! I shall try it. I do love squid! I bought octopus the other day.... No idea what I'm doing with it!
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