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  1. We have mesh around the top as had a couple of birds come down the chimney. Going to sweep it today
  2. When we installed it we were told it should "burn clean" but I think that some of the wood we have been burning has been too green and it might have caused tar in the flue. It can't be lack of use as we use it frequently.
  3. I'm embarrassed to say that it hasn't ever been swept!
  4. We have a woodburning stove which we installed 2 years ago, it's been amazing and cut oil cost dramatically. However early last week I lit it and smoke billowed out from every orifice, the room was engulfed with white smoke. After washing the floor, sofa, soft furnishings the smell eventually subsided after a couple of days. I was convinced it was damp wood so lit it again last night with only paper and kindling and the same thing happened?
  5. Does anybody use talk talk as their phone line and call supplier? does is work and do you save money?
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