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  1. took my poorly and much loved dog to vets last week , she couldn't be helped therefore a quick and painless death was given. sad but necessary 6 weeks ago Mum was in hospital , she couldn't be helped , i spent days requesting adequate pain relief , before she was allowed a peaceful death sad and unnecessary
  2. Hi Does anyone know if there is a social group in shetland that arranges group visits to musical events , and maybe to films and restaurants. Please let me know the details if you do. If such a group does not exist are you interested in being part of one? or do you know anyone who would be . Not a singles group but for anyone who may be short of company or maybe transport for outings .
  3. Plusnet....gave me a connection when BT ,Virgin, and others wouldn't due to the rubbish connection speeds at my property Very helpful when i have had a problem ,uk based call centre prices ok 10/10
  4. Thanks Justme, i do get broadband from plusnet who supplied a connection when the bigboys wouldn't. Its not brilliant ,would be no good for games, but i can usually get iplayer to work now which is brilliant...just trying to work out weather its worth paying for a contract for a smartphone if the service is rubbish
  5. thanks mucklejoanie thats useful i'll bear that in mind although bt wouldn't give me a broadband service last time i checked ( too poor a connection not a debt problem lol )
  6. I just don't bother using a mobile ( have vodaphone and find the lack of signal sooo frustrating none at my house for a start ) and therefore haven't updated to a smart phone . My son however considers this kit an essential for survival can anyone advise me on coverage for phone and internet services.
  7. does anyone know if/what improvement this cable is likely to make to moi I see they have been cable laying around the exchange at Graven and i live at the end of the line in mossbank with a dire connection....BT,VIRGIN ect will not even give me a service if its never going to improve i'll have to think about a satellite service, but don't want to pay out for this just before things improve (if ever ) many thanks to anyone who knows about these things
  8. They would have to pick their 24 hours carefully.......a couple of weeks ago i passed daily and didn't see a tanker for days
  9. currently the nat west one is really irritating would put me off using that bank if we had one
  10. some thing very dodgy going on that were not likley to know about any time soon. 1 it was very unlikely that he had anything to do with the bombing 2 sounds as if Brown made this decicion when he met with Gadafi recently 3 its to do with oil not justice 4 I'm not convinced that the usa isn't in on this too but making a big noise to cover their own backs for their general population
  11. private dental insurance makes it affordable and costs about the same as 5 pints a month. Yes hes good , i went to another in the centre of Lerwick and he was a butcher...hes been operating there for many years i believe but a can't understand why anyone would give him 2 chances
  12. mellow


    i bet they are popular in Australia or other areas which are liable to bushfires...... the one i saw drifted safely into the clouds over Yell sound...it looked impressive and a lot bigger than it must have actually been been
  13. mellow


    Thanks Maywick thats what it was....i'd never seen one of these before...how are they powered a gas cylinder or something
  14. mellow


    obviously not seen by you two...quite sober i was and have found someone else who saw it im not a ufo crank but i'd like to know what it was
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