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  1. Hi, Has anyone else had trouble with Gmail spam filters scooping out loads of genuine emails this past week or so? Currently about half of my normal / desirable emails are going into spam. Not good! Been aware of at least one other gmail user having similar problems. I love gmail, so very much hope this is a temporary glitch. How's everyone else's performing? Cheers.
  2. Internet at our house is completely off just now. We're in Lerwick, with TalkTalk. Has the big undersea cable been chopped again??
  3. Blow me down! Was having a quick flick through some of the photos in the museum and archives collection, and stumbled upon this great one of Bootsy, when we was working a part-time job on the tills at Bells Brae Stores, in the early 1990s. A certain Mrs V. Tulloch is the dashing maiden in the middle, she was vampin' wi him at the time. Fantastic. http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r46/petergear/BootsyworkinatBellsBraeStoresin80s.jpg I wonder if there are any other photos of him up here? What's Bootsy Doin'?
  4. I got in touch with TalkTalk, to request: That they ask their management to look into subscribing to the "backup" system.That they weren't to charge me the full fare for the 2 and a half week blackout.Very happy to say, got a very decent compensation offer from their customer services (a lovely South African wifey I spoke with), and better still, she said she would put the word to management that Shetland needs the backup option. The more customers who do this, the more likely TalkTalk is to sort the problem out for the long-term. If no-one raises the issue, they won't do anything.
  5. My internet's been off completely for a couple of days. Anybody else, or is it just me?
  6. Also, different rates for different categories, allows for zero charge, for posting in "free / recycling".
  7. I personally would be happy to pay more than 10p per domestic ad. But, in setting rates, if it was me, I wouldn't want to scare sellers away to the "free" advertising options elsewhere. So, would suggest starting any domestic fees at a very low rate, so that people can get used to the idea, and then possibly gradually increasing it (5p per ad equals £1 for every 20 ads) to see what effect it has on sales. I don't think 3p would curb the number of adverts significantly, but I suspect 10p might. More obviously though, charge different rates for posts in different categories. 50p for vehi
  8. PS, this probably isn't the right place to post this, but I'd just like to say a quick "thanks" to everyone who works behind the scenes to keep Shetlink going, for the benefit of mere punters like me. Great effort!
  9. Regards charging for adverts, even if you only took a fixed amount of 3p per ad for the "domestic" adverts, it would make a big odds regards your server / development costs. Every 33 ads, would be another £1, it would soon stack up. The 3p contributed by the individual being next to nothing, so everyone would (presumably) be happy to pay? To avoid high transaction and admin overheads, and to streamline the process of setting up adverts, you could maybe have a system where people "buy" credit up-front (in, say, £3 units) to top up their seller account with. It would take a hundred three-
  10. Yep tarrymittens, my experience as well. Was semi-reasonable for a peerie while, but it's just as bad again noo. I am also wi TalkTalk, as it happens... and have also been getting consistently better upload speeds than download speeds - what's that all about!
  11. Miracle of miracles, I have over 1Mbps this evening! Hoping to goodness this happens every night, it's literally 20 times better than our usual peak-time of 0.05.
  12. Every day, great internet, about 5 without fail. Every evening/night, down to 0.05 without fail. Boohoo.
  13. Download speed is at 0.02Mbps tonight. It's getting worse... (although on Friday evening I was getting good speeds for a change, bizarrely). TalkTalk had, despite promises twartree days ago that they wouldn't, closed down the fault AGAIN, sneakily marking it as "resolved", just as they did last time. GRRRR. They have now opened YET another new ticket. Is there anyone else we can hassle, other than our apparently utterly ineffectual ISPs?
  14. The salesman at BT tells me that TalkTalk put 250 people on each line, compare with BT's 50 to a line. For other non-techies like me, this is called the "contention ratio". However, TalkTalk "support" team lady tells me categorically that the BT salesman is stating complete and utter rot, and that all ISP's have exactly the same contention ratio, of 50:1. Who do I believe? TalkTalk also tell me that the consistently excellent speeds we're getting through the day (about 5Mbps), and consistently appalling speeds at night (about 0.05) is definitely a "backhaul" issue. And that they can do
  15. Mucho gratitude for aa-thing, unlinkedstudent! Here's hoping desperately that a fix is forthcoming.
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