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  1. What about Shetland becoming some type of Overseas Territory to the UK like Gibraltar? it has its own parliment (how much power it has i dont know). but then again that could just mean a more powerful SIC and i dunno if any of us want that
  2. Firstly, i would be the first to admit my spelling and grammar is terrible but luckily for me i do engineering so i play with numbers most of the time. Secondly, I asked this out of interest as the metro this past week contained numerous headlines about independence and if it would work etc and one person mentioned Shetland and as it did not vote SNP what would it do? So I asked this question as down here it’s a big issue where as at home it appears less so and just wondered that people were thinking. I hoped by saying I was a student and referring to Shetlanders as “we†you would realise that I was not some researcher and during my time away I have realised how big the debate going on south is and how it never really seemed to come up back home hence the uni reference. is that a good enough answer for you unlinkedstudent? or have you got anything else irrelevant to moan about?
  3. I am at uni in Edinburgh and there has been alot of argument in the newpapers about the potential benifits and disadvantages of Scottish independence but what would Shetland do? could we not use the same arguments the SNP have been using to make Shetland (and Orkney?) independant and take all the North Sea oil with us? or even stay in the UK? the SNP dont get loads of votes back home so doesnt that mean we like all like being part of Britain?. The SNP say Scotland should be in control of its own affairs, we are culturally different and "Scotland's oil" is going to the treasury in London and not Edinburgh, but surely that can also apply to us and Scotland. Could this not have the potential to make us all very rich!!!!!!! surely if corperation tax was lowered enough the oil companies would more their offices here and bring loads of jobs. Personally i dont want Scotland to leave the UK, and i think we are better off in in the UK. Just wonderin what folk think?
  4. i doubt it, it seems a good idea from what was explained but i fear the design was flawed/incorrect as nobody has bought the "solution to the worlds energy problem" which obviously nobody is interested in. i will pay £1 for it on the condition that he comes back and explains how hes getting on. i eagerly await to be outbid!
  5. i am honestly wary that solar pv panels could do so well in shetland, in winter its dark alot and in summer although light the whole time we dont loads of lovely sunny days (my lack of suntan speaks for itsel ) is the annual payback based on average uk sunlight or orkney's?. am sure/hope the council would have already looked at the figures for such a scheme, and worked out it wasn't worth it.
  6. @ greenheatman i would like to know how your trip to NZ went? u said u would be making a trip there in oct 07 but u have not given anymore info on that trip. if this gentec venturi invention of yours works as well as u claim it to, then i would assume that it has funding now and atleast a computer model if not a full scale demonstrator has been built, and if not why not?
  7. i agree, a disco wid b good as theres no been een in a while
  8. (** mod edit ** - the last posters and everyone. Keep it family fine an aa dat.) Da big bannock was brilliant, not only was the ledgendary "sargent" there but this guy called ** mod edit ** asweel. o and am sure ** mod edit ** made an appearence at some point, but ony-y it was a great nite, a brilliant laugh and there was journey......what more can u ask for?
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