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  1. The worst one is the one at the health centre as so many children use it going to school and back, its horrible, my girl walks home and has to cross, I told her to use the crossing at Lochside instead but it doesn't work now either!
  2. I got hit by a car crossing at the coop, called the police but they said It was an issue to raise with the council not them they couldn't do anything. I was crossing with a pram...
  3. https://www.facebook.com/YerScottishBanter?ref=ts&fref=ts
  4. there was a link posted at the beginning
  5. Real men wear kilts! Theres a Shetland branch of the tartan army that travel all over the world following and supporting the Scottish Football team and representing Shetland with a flag and Shetland spirit as they go. They all wear kilts and look very handsome.
  6. I deffo remember seeing Myxi rabbits as a bairn up da staneyhill but cant say Ive noticed any recently, however im guessing if its been here afore den da answer is yes.
  7. she has been in shetland for over 5 years living and working.
  8. is there an sic website that i can view the yell ferry updates?
  9. [**mod edit - please don't copy and paste whole articles of copyright material - original article can be found here - http://swwiltshirelibdems.org.uk/en/article/2012/128138/private-eye-names-names-in-pay-off-scandal **]
  10. absolutely! The plan is to wait until 2am for light up for it to be as dark as possible but i dont think they will have to wait that long....
  11. da Jarl squad are recreating up helly aa today! the light up on da hillhead as weel, i dinna think its been dis weet on an up helly aa day in January let alone "flaming" July... poor boys!
  12. I regret to inform you that summer has indeed been and gone and is not lost. It came in May, it was wonderful... I got burnt. No need to keep searching.
  13. islesburgh is closed, clickimin is closed....
  14. i guess you could say that, I'm on a diet so i was glad of the small portions to be honest, can't speak for the hubby tho!
  15. So we had our meal at the Shetland hotel on Friday. The food was lovely and there was an excellent choice, however the portion size in comparison to the price was not great. The fillet steak was £19.95 but this did not include your garni, choice of sauce £2.50 for a very tiny jug, or your chips £1.50 and it was served in a small metal bucket. Yes it looks nice but it disguised the fact that there wasn't a lot of chips in the, packed with a napkin little bucket. The steaks are served on a wooden chopping board? which was unsuitable if you wanted to pour your sauce over food. The service was good friendly and fast although it was a random waiter or waitress, there seemed to be no set servers for any area so they were running about a bit. It was a folk festival night and quite busy. The puddings were equally as good but again very small portions for the price. We shared a started and had to ask for plates, i guess they are still finding their feet, don't think they've been quite so busy for quite a long time. So to sum it up, great food great choice but don't expect a lot apart from the bill, £70 for us both and I don't drink.
  16. try calling the sorting office 692600, hope this helps...
  17. I had myself a good fun wasting 3 days of the yorkshire terrier scammers time... the sad fact of it all is they were only wanting a deposit of £80, they are obviously at it a lot and therefore making plenty money out of people. These people are sick individuals using a daughters death as a lie for selling these puppies, no morals whatsoever!
  18. aww wow thanks.... now, revenge of the fifth!
  19. Noodeyn

    zumba classes

    i go tues wed thrs i love it
  20. Heading back to Palma, Majorca... this time without the bump and a lot more hassle...its all good!
  21. Im sure there's already a forum for this discussion, anyhoo the hubby is taking me out for a birthday meal next week and we are going to try the new and improved Shetland Hotel Waterfront bar and restaurant. Their menu is online and looks great so I will update after next Friday...May the 4th be with you!
  22. great thanks, do you think small children would be welcome?
  23. Was that Beltramis or the Shetland hotel itself?
  24. And the irony is, the paint pots in the shop window! :0)
  25. I was 24 when I had my 1st, a girl in 2003. 31 when I had my 2nd, in 2009 and 33 now having just had my 3rd, 6 weeks old today :0)
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