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  1. Hi, i use VLC to watch movies but im looking for something more detailed for playing music, i also work a lot with playlists, i tried Winamp once and quickly deleted all trace of it of my computer!
  2. I have finally lost patience with windows media player! Any suggestions for a new one? I like the layout of windows media player so looking for something simaliar that actually works! Cheers.
  3. One thing us shetlanders do very well is moan... Tescos is a supermarket not a people carrier, i am grateful for tescos getting more food up as i need to do my normal weekly shop and before everyone moans about using local shops, i cant afford their prices! see all you moaners at tescos
  4. this time last year i had 8ft 2. this year i only got 2ft,.... and no head! any suggestions?
  5. brilliant video longdog. ive been out with my son making a snowman but the head keeps falling off went up to the knab, just been on my sons circle sledge going backwards, great fun
  6. any word aboot the schools for tomorrow?
  7. as a parent of a young child with diabeties, i think YES that extra hour has made you mr pedantic!! the thread was started and name came from the JDRF, every year they hold walks throughout the uk and they came up with the name, its on the websites, sponser forms etc
  8. oops forgot it was today so, happy birthday ya ald fart
  9. i was at the same wedding as shetland peat, the day before the wedding i decided i wanted some flowers for my hair. i too went to the 1st flower shop and was told it was to short notice, fair enough.. i then went to stems, who said no probs and asked what flowers and what time i wanted to pick them up. i went back the next day, i got 9 instead of the 3 i asked for and when i asked how much the reply was nothing and enjoy the wedding dont get that kind of service at tescos
  10. oops, just realised i have mucked up that quote guess i will be spending this winter learning how to do quotes
  11. Glad to know im not the only one who is into jigsaws last year i did a 1500 piece jigsaw of baked beans, it was hell I also tried knitting, the result was shocking, my 7 year old son could do better.... [***mod edit - fixed quote ***]
  12. im trying so hard not to get the jigsaws out my student winters were spent in the pub, now i come to think of it, i spent all my time as a student in the pub
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