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  1. Hopefully when it comes back it will be in order of the subject, not the mish mash it is now, also curious to know why they have a copyright over the photos ? Always thought copyright belonged to the photographer.
  2. Leasks is cheaper.
  3. Six pence difference between Leasks and Jims garage yesterday ! ( 50 yards between them )
  4. I heard from the garage we took our Kia to that Leasks were taking it on. You can get it serviced at any garage but if it needs parts you have to okay it with Kia. Kia's phone no is 03332022990.
  5. Pet shop still open when I was in just now. Fully stocked.
  6. Hi Too late now for this info. If you go onto Webcams you would have seen a link at top of page that takes you on to their new site.
  7. South couple bought it. Turning it into a Patisserie.
  8. Customers can't get parked any where near the shops due to the shopkeepers taking every available parking space for themselves. Before you start, not all disabilities are visual, some people are not able to walk up and down lanes from/to car parks. I personally wont be using the shops on the street due to the calming measures. I shudder to think what the bumps are doing to low floored busses let alone peoples cars.
  9. Changed your mind Urabug? Weatherspoons ? Are they not an outside establishment ?
  10. Contact the Financial Ombudsman. They don't charge you a penny. They are pretty busy with claims and can take up to 18 months to pursue your claim. They contact you every 3 months to let you know how your claim is going.
  11. We had noise problems with the rock boat when it was in at Dales Voe. Environmental Health said they had a noise meter that could be installed in the house. Unfortunately by the time they came with it the boat had gone.
  12. The Pensioners fought tooth and nail to keep the centre open with no help from Joe Public. It wasn't Just a lunch club it was their social club it was open from 9am - 3pm for them to drop in. When the Pensioners rest room was closed a lot who attended there came to Freefield for the company and a cup of tea/coffee.
  13. The Freefield had clients from Unst to Sumburgh. Granted they made their own way there. Most of them using buses that stopped outside the centre.
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