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  1. Alan Tait Registered Farrier from Orkney will be in Shetland 7th - 14th November for shoeing and trims - most people are on my e mailing list but thought I would try here incase we are missing anyone who needs their horses feet looked at. Please PM, e mail stromfirth@btinternet.com or call 01595 840283
  2. All events open to the public - so come and have a go Riding and learning how to look after horses! Friday 17th - Gymkhana Games this is aimed at children age 5 and above, its a fun way to ride ponies/horses in a safe area learning how to do games and work as part of a team - 10am - 1pm, Cost £20 Sunday 19th - Stable Management - aimed at anyone age 7 and over including adults of all abilities as we will split into groups if numbers allow - come and learn all the different aspects of looking after horses on a day to day basis including mucking out, grooming, health, first aid and lots more... Hoping to make this into a regular block group with our own certificates but will use this date to guage interest. 2pm - 4pm, Cost £15 Tuesday 21st - Own A Pony Day - aimed at children age 5 and above, a day where you have the chance to work with a pony/horse and learn daily tasks of grooming, tacking up, feeding etc.. the day also includes 2 rides. 10am - 3pm, Cost £25 Monday 27th - Own A Pony Day - Same as above Wednesday 29th - Gymkhana Games - Same as above We are the only registered pony club centre in Shetland and are affiliated to The Pony Club for more information please look at www.pcuk.org and www.shetlandequestriancentre.com We currently have spaces for joining pony club and operate all year around with weekly sessions, if you are a member of pony club you have more opportunities and activities including pony club rallies where we use an instructor from the mainland over the space of 2/3 days for training, testing and lots of fun, the chance to take part in shows in shetland including Voe Show and Cunningsburgh Show, all above activities at a discounted rate and lots more..... For more info on any of above or Pony Club please PM me or call 01595 840 283
  3. The riding stables at Stromfirth have loads of rotted down manure for sale. 50p for a bag or £5 for a small trailer load Self Service! Contact 840283
  4. That'll keep them out of action for several months then!
  5. When is theVoar redd Up this year? I cant find information anywhere!
  6. Huh - Chance would be a fine thing......I just wish I could get an appointment with ANY GP! Pot luck seems to be the order of the day at the Health Centre - sit on the phone for 45mins then be told there are "no appointments left today"
  7. I did'nt know you could get through at the bottom - that's a great shortcut. Whe are we going to get a by-pass road from Hoofields to the Sandy Loch Drive area, I'm fed up of having to go through the Town to get form one side to the other.
  8. We got caught up in last weekend's delays - travelling down on Wed and back on Sun night and I dont know what all the fuss was about, both trips were a little bumpy, but what do you expect in January in Shetland? I have been on trips heaps worse with P & O and at least they sailed when it got a bit rough! The reason for getting in so late is simply that the boat now slows down when it gets rough to make it more comfortable for passengers - so there is no such thing as a "rough" trip any more - I was actually quite disapointed - lying flat on my bunk, most of the time it was positively pleasant!
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