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  1. I see on Shetnews that School closures are on the cards again and I suppose we can expect other services in the future to also be at risk. But why I thought we are going to make millions on the windmills surely all cuts can be knocked on the head. And we'll also be able to afford Mareel.????????
  2. yeah I think Hjaltland have had the same ones installed which a couple of people i know have had to turn them off and block up all the holes due to the air condensating in the ducting and then dripping out into the rooms which is obviously a complete waste of money. How ever it then asks the question who designed the system and sold it to them. Did they know it wouldn't work and just took the money? hmm. Anyway my new build is going to be very air tight due to construction and insulation and I feel I need to pump some fresh air into the house. Does anyone know of any systems which work?
  3. Hi does anyone have a heat recovery ventilation system installed that actually works? I've heard a few stories of people turning there ones off because it does't work. (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
  4. None of us are perfect drivers but perhaps we can all improve our driving skills by simply helping each other out. Its maybe just me but i seem to spend most off my time when driving in the town waiting at junctions. Like wise when waiting to pull into a junction on the opposite side of the road no one seems to let you in. This can be very frustrating as to can getting stuck behind someone on a main road travelling well below the legal speed limit. We should all drive at a speed where we individually feel comfortable to suit road conditions, but should also be aware off how many vehicles are behind us. Then if save to do so realise that people behind you are more comfortable travelling faster then you, pull over and let them past. Im sure we've all made folk wait at junctions and let queues build up behind us but sometimes we've just got to remember how we all curse and swear when we get stuck. So hopefully if we all start letting people out and past maybe someday they will do use a favour in return and keep Shetland moving. (*** Mod - merged ***)
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