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  1. A gentleman from Citrus Energy has been up at various energy efficiency events. They are a social enterprise based in Scotland that is non-profit and out to save Scots money on their energy bills. He was very knowledgeable and said they could switch any tariff from any company including THTC. Apparently they have access to a huge range of products which are not on comparison sites and their tariffs available update much more regularly than online. Worth a phone I'd say. http://citrusenergy.businesscatalyst.com/about_us.html
  2. With a beard like that he should be allowed to watch Trainspotting regardless of his age.
  3. I remember reading in The Shetland Times that the Ports and Harbours had saved over a million £'s in one financial year thank to "Maintenance slippage", a fancy term for not doing the work they had planned to do. I'm sure it would be clear to most people that "maintenance slippage" is never a saving, only the delay of a cost which will only increase.
  4. Exactly, good luck to them, that's capitalism baby, nobody is making anybody spend their hard earned money in Fjara. If people want to spend £3.50 on a pot of tea for one and sit in nice surroundings then good on them. If the next wants to sit on the wall outside with a flask then that's up to them. The jury will be out if it is still going in a few years time, and I hope they are. yolo
  5. I have a stratford ecoboiler 16 HE Inset and it is brilliant. Top quality stove so far. Big box can get long peats and logs in it. It is very tight so if you close all the dampers it is not only still hot in the morning but even if you leave it til after work. Being inset it is better insulated than a free standing one so this might be part of the case. It has 3 draft adjustments and heats up very quicky once lit. I couldn't be happier. PM if you want to know anything else. I think you are better of with a bigger stove ticking over than a peerier one pinging hot.
  6. The solar panels at Sumburgh Head were making over 2kW per phase the other day, about 7kW in total on a bright but misty day.
  7. New bottles are much better as far as i can tell, still using one dated the 4th! and not even remotely off Lids seem to be much better also, tremendeous stuff.
  8. I just watched the first episode of new run of Shetland on sky+ and was actually quite impressed, enjoyable viewing on the whole. One slight point stood out for me as glaringly inaccurate. The young woman referred to as "Tosh" on the programme - (Alison O'DonnellI believe) - at one moment in the show made her apologies for being late as she had been to the dentist. Now I find it impossible to comprehend that a person who would have been on the isles for as short a term as she has likely to have been posted here as a fictional Police Officer would have made it onto the NHS register. Clearly
  9. My wife moved to Shetland in 2009 and I told her to apply as soon as she did. She went on apparant waiting list in June 2009. She still is no where near being registered. This time last year she was told she was close to the top, when she phoned last month she was told she was near the bottom. She then complained about the service and the different responses she was getting and was told she would be registered at an appointment yesterday, which she went to and was treated as an emergency and no one has any idea why she was told otherwise. I do not expect her to jump any list but it was odd t
  10. There is nothing on screen at all on any menu. Shining torch on screen shows nothing either so its not the backlight. Sony forums an idea yes, mostly say its a backlight problem but im not sure it is.
  11. I have a 3 year old sony vaio laptop. It was powered down working on Thursday, and when switched on on Friday it sounds like it is coming on but the screen remains blank. You can hear the hard drive spinning and fan going from time to time, lights flicker. But not the usual beeps windows makes when booting. I hvae tried an extenal monitor and it is blank also, no input detected. I fear it is a deeper problem. So, has anybody had similar problem? Did you get it sorted? And is there any readers who would be able to have a look at it? Let me know dear shetlinkers.
  12. Does anyone know if any of the garages do autoglass type windscreen repairs?
  13. I have got a txt saying tonights sailing is cancelled, and I was booked on to avoid the end of the world tsunami! Come on Serco, I didn't think the end of our planet as we know it would stop you sailing to Aberdeen, its only a force 8/9; nothing compared to the natural disaster that will occur if I dont get away to wife and in-laws for Christmas.... then there will be a serve system building over "forth"....
  14. Does anyone know if the rumour about the scaffolding going back up because some of the seaward facing windows are inside out is true or not? I heard someone went to open a window to find that the handles were on the outside. lol.
  15. With regards to the above, if I had seen you doing the above I would have literally tailgated you, beeping my horn, flashing my lights and shaking my fist out the window till you pulled over. Then I'd of told you what I thought of your multi-tasking!!! Shocking behaviour, and in a work van too..... If you did that I would laugh at you in your white van, acting like a white van man, until i realised that you telling me what you thought of my multi-tasking might in fact be you saying how impressed you were! You have a girly peerie van anyway!
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