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  1. I understand not everyone is the same but I personally cant sleep in the pods or the reclining chairs, I need to be able to lie flat. Due to the popularity of the couches and the floor in the forward bar as sleeping areas I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers a level surface to sleep on. In the unfortunate event that I find myself without a cabin I prefer to sleep on one of these areas, I usually bring a sleeping bag if I don't have a cabin. The sleeping pods would be much better if they could actually fold down completely flat and level. What I think would be best was if they just
  2. Just to confirm that a freesat box is a good alternative if you already have sky as it works with the same dish, you can simply plug the box into the same leads as your sky box was plugged into. I dumped Sky a few years ago and never looked back. I think our box was about £200 for a recording version with loads of space on it . We don't even watch freesat anymore. Netflix, Amazon prime and BBC iPlayer have replaced it. The best part is that I haven't seen an advert for ages.
  3. Did anyone figure out how to scrap a car in Shetland. I too have a car that's not on the list of vehicles picked up by the amenity trust. I went to the Autogreen website as directed, entered my details and they gave me the number to phone for 60 North. Unfortunately it was the number for the previous owner of 60 north and he couldn't help me.
  4. As someone who failed to look after his teeth when he was younger I have pretty good experience with a few of the Lerwick dentists. The NHS dentists at Montfeild were all excellent but it's impossible to get an appointment there now. I ended up at the Lerwick dental practice where even after about 5 appointments and all the time off work that entailed they failed to fix my toothache. I went to Dental Shetland to try and get an appointment there, he took me in right away and fixed the two teeth that were giving me trouble. I had to go back a few times to get root canal and a crown. They
  5. I'd like to get my porch roof redone with fibreglass. Are there any builders up here who would be able to carry out this type of work.
  6. sga


    I am happy that they are getting a skate park to go and skate on. My concern is that it has taken so many years for it to come to fruition. Good job skating isnt some fad that nobody wants to do anymore by the time they get the park built. I'm thinking i will have to go campaign for some kind of park for when my peerie bairn grows up, now what will be the sport of choice then. I may go petition the council for a hoverboard park. maybe get it built soon after they are invented.
  7. I ordered a nice new TV from amazon on sunday (sorry local retailers, I did look in your shops and I dont mind paying a little extra to buy something locally but I cant afford to throw away £100) I was delighted to see that it was to be delivered by citylink, That WDA parcels guy is always fast. I didnt expect it to be this fast, the TV left the midlands on monday morning and arrived on my doorstep today (Wednesday) at 12 noon, and this was free delivery. I thanked the WDA guy for his speedy delivery and was told the reason he is so fast is that he delivers all over every day. I will make
  8. I've just had these RDI people in to insulate my loft under the loft insulation scheme and I thought I'd post here to let people know what like they are. I'm sure there are loads of households in Shetland waiting to get their lofts insulated for free and all I can say is dont worry these guys were very friendly and they did a gret job in the loft. I was a bit concerned about the quality of work I would receive and heard that they fitted the insulation in such a way as that it would be difficult to get all o wir bruck back in again, that is they lay the insulation at 90 degrees to the jois
  9. Big glass of malt whisky before bed.
  10. Yeh we had him harl our house just at the end of last year. Very fine guy and did a great job even though the weather wasnt perfect.
  11. Just the other week, had one of the front wheel bearings on our Mazda 6 changed. Total cost £120 which was very reasonable as the new bearing was £76 and they had a bit of a job getting the old one out. Not all garages are equal.
  12. Thanks Ghostrider, that historic map on the NLS site is amazing. I love looking at the history of all these old croft houses, especially the ones around where I grew up.
  13. I'm fairly sure that when crofters in the old days ploughed their fields they would gather up any stones turned up with the plow and make a pile with them. This was just to make the bit of land they used to plant their kale or tatties or whatever in a bit better for growing things. Of course these piles are found on more fertile bits of land and not in the hill and are generally made up of smaller stones. Most probably grown over with grass too.
  14. I agree that this was the wrong toilet to close. It is in an easy to reach location and a much busyer part of town than the one at the Knab. I understand that each departmant of the council has to come up with ways to make savings but surely they must look at the bigger picture. I cant imagine it would be saving a great deal of money just locking the doors, they still have the upkeep of the building only they dont have to pay someone to pop in for few minuites each day to clean the place. I, like Baron Farkoff and I'm sure many others work out and about all over Shetland and It is importan
  15. Completely agree, would far rather have nice Nuclear plant than wind farm. One 1000 megawatt nuclear staion = 277 3.6 Megawatt wind turbines ( thats if the winds blowing at optimum speed 24 hours a day every day ) 1000 turbines would be needed to match it and even then when the wind stops blowing.....
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