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  1. Malcolm Smith pianos, Edinburgh. He comes to Shetland a few times a year. Very reliable and always does a good job.
  2. The music teacher from Aith JHS is advertising private music tuition on Facebook (SHETLAND MUSIC TUTOR)- dependent on level and need she may consider singing tuition?
  3. Just heard this from family south: Man going by the name of Ian Willow or Ian Howard - sometimes accompanied by a woman. Their ploy is going around pubs, befriending folk then arranging to fit/install a kitchen/bathroom for them. They've taken 20K from folk in Dundee area from either failing to fit agreed goods or fitting rubbish/cheap products etc. Police are aware of the couple "working" in Glasgow and Borders before this latest bit of work in an affluent area of Dundee - yes there is one! Rumour is that they are now said to be heading north to the isles - they may or may not get here but thought it worthwhile spreading the word!
  4. Just had a visit from a charming man wanting to give us a new driveway with an excellent price to boot! Do what you wish, but the company is registered in Edinburgh to a mailbox shop.
  5. Just had a visit from Wilsons&Sons. Very eager to give me a quote on a new driveway! Beware company is registered to a mailbox shop in Edinburgh!!!!
  6. Boys from our company went to the dump today and the dump guys were there in the morning but decided to close due to the strong winds,
  7. Can anyone recommend / let me know of someone who does household cleaning in the Weisdale area?
  8. Looking for 4 shetland hens, any one know someone hatching out this year?
  9. I ordered a piece of kitchen worktop from Rearo and paid on collection. Person at desk took payment from card there and then. No bill had been sent out prior to collection. A month or so later, I received a bill from Rearo with the message, "When you were in paying for your goods YOU didn't pay for VAT so you need to pay the balance" I ignored the letter because as far as I was concerned I'd paid all that was due - their mistake if they'd undercharged me. I'd paid what was asked. A further letter came and I ended up contacting the manager who agreed it was their fault and waived the "debt". I did also question how they had got my address because nothing had been provided to them. Must have looked me up in the phonebook... It didn't end there though - I got further letters asking for the money even though the Manager had said I didn't need to pay...including threatening to forward it onto debt collection. I won't be going back - far too disorganised. If they can undercharge, they can also overcharge and the hassle they gave me wasn't worth it.
  10. If cheap and basic works, my brother used the youth hostel. 4 adults and a toddler. They got a large room to themselves and the hostel provided a cot as well.
  11. I'm just waiting on us being told we can only travel when booked in advance....I can see that's how they'll get around the staffing....or they'll bump up the prices nearer the travel dates to discourage last minute bookings
  12. On the phone to the Hydro earlier about my bill when the call centre operative asked if he could go through some questions to save me some money. Cutting to the chase he's offering anytime calls, line rental and unlimited broadband with the Hydro for £31 per month. After first 3 months a £40 credit would also be applied to my hydro bill if I switched. Currently with BT so it appears a little bit cheaper...but the biggest plus point would probably be the uk call centres if there were a problem as I always end up coming off the phone to BT more confused than when I started. So, before I hear back from the guy, does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks in advance!
  13. As far as I can remember, the cashback stopped a few years ago - you can still pay by card though
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