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  1. I need to change my password so I can log into my access on ny new phone. But I keep getting my current password, email address is all invalid! I've tried requesting a new password but I'm not getting any emails through. I've also tries registering a new access but km not getting any emails to my 2nd email address. Can admin help me out? Cheers Neil
  2. dunno if it's been said yet as i aint read all 70 odd page's. but why don't all us council tax payer's stop paying it till the buffoon's in charge actually listen to what the people of shetland have to say!!
  3. thing is nowaday's most car's tend to blend into the background with there colour. so imo they REALLY need to have dipped light's on! ok maybe not so around the town but out of the town they need them. make's a huge difference!
  4. here here.. can't believe how many idiot's were driving around with out them!! utter madness. and they'll be the first to complain when somebody pull's out in front of them cos they couldna see them
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