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  1. skaterboy, as a "soothmoother" myself,am kinda resenting being tarnished with the same brush as these people who it seems have no clue as to the ways of country. as someone who has seen the havoc one fox can reap in a hen house etc. i agree with culling whole heartedly. where im from the incomers who detest fox hunting etc are usually "townies" who thought country living would be idealic,and full of cute little bunnies(the very same cute little bunnies who can trash a veggie plot that someone has bust a gut creating in hours) and maybe the odd glimpse of vixen playing merrily by a stream with her cubs and sweet little lambs skipping around.where as the reality of it is much harsher. if an animal is interferring with livelyhood,then yep i say shoot the damn thing be it a rabbit,fox,seal or bird. I TOTALLY agree that if you move somewhere you cant/shouldnt try to change their way of life. So please dont put us all in the same box. and fellow soothmoothers,please think before you speak,you came here because you liked the place and you liked the people,and as much as you may think some of the ways are wrong,its not your place to try to change things that have been going on for a long time. and whats more bear in mind that the bacon you had for breakfast this morning or the chicken you had for sunday lunch was too once a living breathing animal that was killed for you to eat!!
  2. i wasnt sure were to post this but i thought it may be of interest to some. i was looking around for polytunnel covers and was given a price of £128 from a company not too far from aberdeen,then quoted a £100 delivery from aberdeen to shetland,for a 15ft x 10ft cover and four rolls of hot spot tape. i then found a company in lancashire and exactly the same cover and four rolls of hotspot tape was delivered to my door within five days of ordered via royal mail for a grand total of £86.20 including £8.51 postage.it arrived quickly and with some good advice for fitting etc. so anyone looking for a poly,spares or just the cover it may well worth your while checking out premier polytunnels . ifno@premierpolytunnels.co.uk or 01282 811250.
  3. as it has been all the time they been coming here yes, but my fear is that theres no possible chance of breaking free , over run now so theres no chance of voting our way out either , all we can do now is bite the pillow n take it, even the bending of statistics to suit
  4. sadoldhippie and i have been trying to decide the best way go round organising this...we've had few ideas but if youve any ideas,great. we kind of got as far as saying there would need to be a postal option and maybe a meeting somewhere would be good too, or MAYBE even creep and grovel to the shetlink MODS and see if they could come up with anything that maybe shetlink could offer...hint hint ( i know a mod will read this.lol)
  5. hiya funnily enough i was thinking the same thing recently. would be a good way of weeding out my surplus seeds etc.
  6. nothing personal to any one individual,but driving whilst under the influence of drink/drugs is one of the most selfish,thoughtless things a person can do,it wrecks so many innocent lifes and anyone who does it deserves all they get.if they dont want to be locked up for the weekend the answers simple......dont drink and drive.sorry but i fully support the choice they made.
  7. thats rite,yep i remember now,was a sweet lil thing
  8. hi,ive not had one myself but know a couple of people who have and they need a lot of excercise.if you google beagle rescue you should find some helpful sites and info.
  9. they will have moved on to another spot to "hang out" , as far as i can mind its what teenagers do. Yes most of the facilities are likely to be a big drain on pocket money and they wont be able to afford too many visits. However , nobody will have moved them on without a reason and am sure they will survive
  10. sorry, from out at the naeroos lookin in the voe it was fine, bright cheery lights and the man that bides in the barge would have had better light for rowing out n in , should have said that before
  11. na, i tink yuns it, accordin tae whit wis in Voe, "underwhelming" fir want of a better wird
  12. ok , the wans in Voe kinda did nothing, shone oot ower be-sooth da voe, bit of a weet flatulence
  13. is this yun thing whar they shine coulered lights on things? like the mussel barge/house type thing in Voe ? Did dat cost £ thousands??
  14. like hellsbells i'll be sticking to about 50, 60 on a fine bright day maybe, and also, may i add i wont be the car behind the slower ones blazing full beam at them or in thier boot, thats pure ignorant and dangerous whether they are right or wrong.
  15. i had mentioned the point , "irritated" was the point , why? why bother? . My mate curses n swears in total road rage at everybody, theres no point. I have put forward the point that wound up drivers are a hazard too
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