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  1. I was doing most splendid thinking "submarine"....until I got to this bit. Rats!....The one flaw in an otherwise excellent and perfect plan. I doot hit'll hae ta be a brig ta plaes aa. wid it no be posable tae pit wheels on da boddam fur da sand bank and you could run a cable fae viking energy tae cut doon on runnin costs
  2. wouldnt think so if it gets to hot you dont have a door to open.
  3. As you can see the original question was for reccomendations of someone to tar a drive not construct a new one. nearly took my fingers off, hey, all info is helpfull in the right circumstances, but not all judges are right.... good luck with your drive banzai... Whos Judging not me
  4. As you can see the original question was for reccomendations of someone to tar a drive not construct a new one.
  5. Would there be any S.I.C grants available
  6. [and you are taking this ever so seriously] Some one has to as you seem to have no Conscience on how much you recomend people spend for what can be a simple job, as someone has already point in your direction [a little knowledge can be dangerous].
  7. I think you are missing the point Shetlandpeat, the original post for this thread only asked for companys in shetland who could tar there drive way and you are recomending that they constructed it to highway standards.
  8. Is this for a drive or the highway over the staney hill.
  9. Why is anyone surprised?? What I have seen of Shetlanders is that they are Greedy Feckin B......s!!! Not the normal Shetland way but the way they have had to adapt to keep from being ripped off
  10. I am fairly certain that the councils legal team will have advised them that if it has been used by the public for 20 years without objection that they cant close it and I would be surprised if a sign would suffice as anybody with a gripe and no authority could have stuck it up. Ever wondered why the road to St ninians isles was reopened again.
  11. You seem to have missed the point that I was making in that if it has been used for more than 20 years without objection than you cant stop it, there may have been a sign up I dont know, I have only been from hoo feilds to sandy loch once with a car or on foot and that was in the late seventys so as I said it wont make any difference to me, and on the subject of the attitude of car drivers you obviously missed my point about each having to respect the other equally.
  12. Think you will find this track has been used by the public with vehicles openly without objection for well over the 20 years it takes to give right of access, the track goes from one public place to another, The track can not be blocked and if it is then anyone that has used it would have no problem with a court order to reopen it. The public now has rights with the outdoor access code to use most land on foot, bicycle or horseback so does not have to stick to the track where cars do, anyone blocking the track stands the chance of being charged with causing an obstruction. Drivers on a public road has an obligation for the safety of other road users as does any other road user to cars and drivers. P.S. I have no reason to use this track so it wont make any differance to me whether this track is closed or not, just some advise I was given by Inksters of Glasgow with a recent access dispute I had.
  13. Yes and they wont care where the money comes from either, childs dinner money, house keeping, steel it etc etc as I said will cause all sorts of problems.
  14. you are probably correct, first item in google search to demonstrate how easy it is to make your own alcohol which is what a lot of people will do if the price goes up to far, with no control of the poison some people will make which in the long run could cause far bigger problems.
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