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  1. jesus wept, you have come to the wrong place. disregard almost everything above. going to a close is not legally required but is general practice, you can assume there are other notes of interest in and the seller wants to wait and give all interested parties notice enough to submit an offer if that is their intent. An offer regardless of any conditions on either part is not legally binding until the missives are sent. if you want to upset a seller by all means put a deadline for acceptance on it, most sellers will see through this bravado and think you are an amateur, or plain cheeky unless it is an incredible offer or a house they think won't sell. can you imagine negotiating verbally and agreeing without formal offers, you can't sell a plant pot in shetland without an ordeal never mind a house.
  2. Down below our house there is a Duck that comes every year to have her little Ducks, the last 2 years I have watched with disappointment as the resident Black Back has picked them off one at a time for dinner. This year Mrs Duck had nine little Ducks and already one is MIA. Now I suppose I could do what the yanks do and I could use superior fire power to remove Mr Black Back from the equation completely since recent negotiations for him to move district have failed, but I don't like to interfere too much with natures course. If anyone has any tried and tested methods, not including death id like to hear them. Also i'm toying with the idea of kidnapping him and releasing him far away, no i'm not joking! But would he just find his way back?
  3. for someone so well versed and vocal at accusing everyone with so much as a fractional opinion at being an evil racist im very surprised you think ringfencing an entire nation as terrorists is acceptable.
  4. nothing worse than a racist yow. whats the point?
  5. i had an interesting experience regarding the parking bays outside tescos the other day which made me laugh. i took a relative who has recently had surgery affecting mobility, that is infact why i was doing the driving, i decided to park in one of the bays as close as possible to the door which is marked up for parents. upon completing the shopping expedition and with relative back aboard i returned the trolley and upon returning to my car was met with a torrent of abuse from the neighbouring car driver. alledgedly im one of those effers who think they own the road with my big 4x4, and people like me ruin shopping for people like her, i am also unbelievably selfish and self centred, when i have kids ill understand, i didnt know how difficult it was for mothers to shop with kids, i should also be banned from driving for my crime. this in itself amused me so i told her to eff off and continued on my way. heres the punchline, her friend was in the car with the kids, none of which had left the car to go into tescos. and clearly she thought she had every right to be in a parent children bay. ha.
  6. get with the program PJ. PS what is that gibberish you have as a quote, try to write in english peej.
  7. i think the point being missed is that when compared to to what some people do concurrently as a matter of course, driving and talking on a mobile phone pales into insignificance. just because it is against a law does not make it dangerous or outwith human abilities
  8. you certainly put a lot of faith in training. i fear we live in the golden age of training where everyone can be trained to be whatever their heart desires, unfortunately, realistically this isnt the case humans come in all shades af capabilities, im sure for some its totally beyond their abilities to do more than one action at a time and for others it wouldnt task them in the slightest. in the world we live i suppose the rules must be made for the many for the deficiencies of the few,
  9. simply put no. you need no formal qualifications to drive a boat in coastal waters. if you choose to keep it in a marina you will need liability insurance and insurance premiums are often higher if you do not have RYA type qualifications but again not mandatory. if you keep it at a harbour you should also have liability insurance and will be liable for harbour dues, there are of course different rules and regs for boating for profit.
  10. im sure some will be delighted to know, i programmed my iphone to my rangerover bluetooth today. works fab, sits nicely in its little cradle (which will keep shetlandpeat happy) right above the fridge between the heated leather seats with armrests, all the controls are on wheel and the details come up on the television in the dash. sound quality is sublime through the harmon kardon 14 speaker system and with the rangerover being as quiet as a car can be it was a delight to chat away all day long. happy?
  11. just to nip the passive condescension in the preverbial bud that will never happen. and just to prove we can all drop hints of pretensious aloofness, if you worked for me id sack you to. You wouldn't even get hired by me with spelling like that! another anonymous captain of industry on shetlink?
  12. just to nip the passive condescension in the preverbial bud that will never happen. and just to prove we can all drop hints of pretensious aloofness, if you worked for me id sack you to.
  13. but murder by suffocation and murder by shooting are both illegal so a silly and irrelevant comparison, for an analogy to work there has to be some relevance. by all means try again.
  14. there it is again shetlandpeat's trump card. give it a rest, being so opinionated as you are it shouldnt be a surprise when someone doesnt agree with you.
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