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  1. It's a brilliant tune, how could ony body think idderwise!
  2. Morton was crap a lot of the time, with times of being brally funny though. better than reading about yun lass ower da pond onywye. what ever happened tae off the spike too. perhaps a horoscope section wid be good, in keeping with the new style. I think ther should have been a pull oot supplement about yun hill fire, i mean a whole page o photos just wisna enyoch
  3. What a bunch of mixed up people this time. I think Shabaz is cracking up already, too many self-centred folk in wan place at wan time. I think they should do worse thins tae them then they do we aa yun silly games, i mean lets face it, they all volunteered, nobody is forcing them to go in.
  4. Wha's daen da blackmail? (only answer if you dunna really ken, nae spoilers here please!) Is steff going to live? I braa worried noo. (no seen it for a few days, may have missed something here)
  5. I canna believe do posted dis! I canna believe i read it! I'll hae tae go and get sloshed noo to try an forget...
  6. Yun wis a particularly apt description of her, Styles, it's all suddenly getting interesting again. See yun robbo and his restaurant? What a scumbag. I hope he gets cockroaches.
  7. Ohh!! The river of the soul!!!!! Mmm! MMm! mMmmMMm! Cringe TV or whit? What a guy, and chattin up da young lasses efterwirds as weel I thought he sounded lik "morrissey sings country" mesell I pity the cast, take him oot Hazza! Yun singin is anidder afront tae da lord
  8. I was in the Sky Mangel camp until Elle came along. Now i can't decide. Izzy would be great for a mistress so long as you gave her a false name, address, and telephone number. Or maybe fine to meet on holiday. I doot she'd be a ruination hame aboot. Onywye, hooray for Harry "The Dark Angel" Bishop, attempted murder using his secret Sally Army training, and he's getting away we it. Finish the job Hazza. "Robbo! Robbo! Robbo!" you eens said? I canna beleive it. What can i say: "The dark side,in it, you are" in a yoda voice. oh yeah, Alex and his sprogs should be in a different program,
  9. Sorry tae hear in da paper of any personal hassle you are gettin ower dis Davy, it's hard tae see how onybody could be taking the CMV proposal that seriously, i mean, dis is no London, and dere's no gangsters here. Do's just doing dee job, and I doot the vast majority of the opposition ken dat. There are twatree things that strike me in your recent post Davy. These outreach activities that are adding "initially" to the cost of running the venue- If dey are outreach programs, why are dey dependant on the venue? And if not, why attribute the cost of them to the venue, and are these the things
  10. I would lik tae see da size o dy hoose if do can fit a whale abun dee mantelpiece, let alone watchin dee try to mount it.
  11. Now i ken dat a lot of folk will think nithin o dis, but there was a Neighbours subject on da idder forum, and i admit i do lik watchin the program. It is da best soap on TV. And i dunna feel bad about watchin it after seeing yun program on Friday night that had Harold swearing like a trooper. Brilliant. Will psycho Harold be back do you think? I think Stuart wis totally wrang gettin Steff committed, what a mixed up idiot, has Steff lost da plot? Whats happening to Paul is brilliant, he's getting his just desserts at last.
  12. Maybe at da fishin', but whit did the merchant men get up tae Let alone da whalers.....I mean a skate is one thing, but whit wid you dae we a whale?
  13. I think the reason Davie (and Marvin) is winning people over is because he is honest about his interests in the project No it's no dat at all, it's because he can answer every question put to him and doesna hae a bad wird tae say aboot ony o it. Very little new info has come oot and nithin much has changed through this debate, but lots o enthusiasm is the only thing that will stop this venue turning intae anidder white elephant, and dat's what davy pits across. An as davy has said himself, he doesna hae onything directly to gain fae da venue, which is anidder pro point in his favour.
  14. Dir maybe sobered up and geen hame tae dir wives lik da men comin hom fae da sea did in da auld days. "what happens at sea, stays at sea" as dey aye said.
  15. You widna see Beyonce goin roond da coop, you widna see colplay on holiday in butlins, you widna see mick jagger getting meals on wheels, and yu widna see boyzone busking, and until any of those type of things happen , i will be downloading freebies, they get an aaful lot o money for no doing very much, talent or no talent.
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