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  1. We ordered two large settees and two arm chairs from Argos a couple of weeks ago had them delivered no problem just ordered them of the website delivery cost was £6.95
  2. Does this older people mean if your over 65 I’ve looked on Tesco website but it doesn’t really say thanks
  3. Thanks very much seems to be ok now
  4. Mine does the same it’s with the Shetland box office advert on the left hand side it scrolls right across the page, I’m using an iPad 4 running safari browser
  5. Thanks for your replays looks like I will give highland fuels a ring and see if they would do the full job
  6. Hello need some info please our domestic oil tank has a small hairline crack at the bottom there's a small amount of oil seeping out its an old tank only single skinned and the tanks almost full about 2000 litres left in it. Could anyone tell me if there is anyone who does tank replacement in Shetland. I would be greatfull for any help thanks Graham
  7. Thanks for your advice paulb I know nothing about septic tanks so the first part would be get it emptied by Scottish water or ness engineering then a new filter field is the filter field part of the actual concrete tank as there's two chambers one with sludge in then one next to it filled with what looks like small stones I gather thats the filter part
  8. Need advice please can anyone tell me who I should contact for septic tank problems it was desluged a couple of years ago so don't think that's the problem its an old concrete one and its the filter part that seems to be blocked thanks for any help
  9. thumping penatrating music from the house next door. that i cant deal with really gets me stressed. when you cant sit and have your meals in peace, when you cant sit in your own garden or conservatory because it drives you up the wall, when you have to leave your own house just for some peace.
  10. I need a copy! And I want it with exactly that cover! And I'd love to put out the cat but by any stretch of the imagination: I'm too far away! http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/smilie/traurig/e015.gif did you find a copy if not try this link http://www.whsmith.co.uk/CatalogAndSearch/ProductDetails-Shetland+Dictionary+-9781898852582.html
  11. thank you shetlandpeat time for a lifesyyle change for us its long overdue plenty of homework to do hopefully lots of questions time to look around
  12. well here goes hello everyone yes i'm new to this forum stuff. i dont live on shetlsnd ,never been to shetland and wont be for a while yet. i live in Hull yorkshire miles away from you lot. want to find out what shetlands like and most important what you people are like. me and my wife are full time care'ers for my daughter and a young lady who both have disabilitys . we hope one day to move to shetland were fed up of being surrounded by thousands of people the evils of living on a very large council estate for the past twentyeight years
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