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  1. papsy

    Toft Pier

    For such a saga over a pier used by one fisherman,peter reid an his son just happed to be at toft pier for the first time in 5 years I wound think,there usually lerwick or scalloway pier users. is it not time somebody went to sullom and cleared up the Malakoff boats to gain pier use or even better remove the pollution boats from Christie annies pier which was left to the fishermen
  2. 12 shetlanders on the north boats,not many out of a crew of over 200 between 3 boats,used to be a lot more before they gave the cargo boats away
  3. knew it was to quite,heard theres a meeting a Tuesday night to discuss the future of the ssmo
  4. Any news from there open meeting last night ????????????????
  5. aaa22,there has always been boy racers and always will be,this lad does not seem to be doing anything wrong,hes waited to overtake and not cut right in front of you,i think you need to get a grip of yourself and ask why you need to drive around with cameras in your car, the people that has seen this video today with me all agree that your SAD. If you want to go snopping around with your fancy gadgets go an join the army, most young lads drive very well but you will always get one,you may be a police man but instead of videoing the roads go on the north boats and catch the buggers taking drugs in to the isles, I would personally shake your hand
  6. Redrobie99,am not saying we should deport all in comers but when one keeps breaking in to your ex local shop and ends up in court over it then I think needs must
  7. I think I speak for a few when I say is it not time we deported mr hill out of Shetland,all hes ever done since he came here is cost us money,hes an absolute mence and he does not no how well of he is up here.
  8. I wonder what does come of all the money,time to call the ombudsman !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. trowie 246,for some one who says they don't no much about it you seem to no a little,just to help you out there was 9 permit holders,3 apoliges and a shellfish buyer who predicted the brown crab was about to close unless some action was taking at the meeting. Scorrie am sorry you got the sack,but as you said goodbye
  10. internet back on,scorrie ur a bigger gibbering idot as I thought,ur working to a firm who buy whole crab an keep the claws an dump the backs,no firm can buy any product and dumped 50 %,if you were doing your job rite you wouldent be excepting soft,black spot crab and reporting the offenders. I am not against part timers but a fair crack at the whip for all,we pay £300 a year for what,there to busy trying to ruin the part timer that there dragging the full timer down
  11. well how little you know scorrie because we put our famous ssmo number on every box landed so if theres any problem with it they know whos landed it.
  12. Well said blue beetle, DAMISSINLINK has not got a clue,he must be land lubber that knows nothing about fishing,the only fishermen wanting the ssmo is the part timer cos what they make clear of there full time job is a bonus. Please tell us how they police the fishery and can tell the fisherman don't have any more than 600 creels in the water with no more than 240 on the velvets. The full time men are trying to make a living by being dictated to by (ssmo committee) 2 ex fishermen who throo in the towel and went ashore,a couple of councillors (who have said to be dismayed with some of there decisions) a shellfish buyer whos needing more shellfish to fullfill his orders and a mixture of full/part time fishermen. If its such a roaring success why are they no orders like it Scotland,as for Orkney they had a vote and voted against it and are setting up there own IFMO (inshore fisherys management organisation),theres far more full time inshore men in Orkney and a dammed sight more creels
  13. Yes that's right ghostrider if your in your in and if your out don't ask for a licence application from cos there not giving any licences out so the wife in the office says,she wont even give you a from to try now. Its no wonder some of the fishermen is concerned with wots going on behind closed doors,around 25 fishermen held a meeting in the tingwall hall on the 03-10-15 and all voted 100% in favour for a no confidence in the chairman and his merry men,so I don't think its business as usual mr chairman, lets hope it gets a bloody good shake up because its needing it
  14. Scorrie your profile pic is full just like your self,any tom,dick or harry can get a ticket to sail but it comes down to seaman ship and that's where nortlink is lacking. Yes your write theres a mate who was on the ola who is capt on the hammavoe,theres a bit of difference between the pentland frith an north sea Westerly wind!!!!! never been heard off all this delays,so yes no doubt about it the older generation of mates/capts is certainly a better breed of seamen ship. I don't care what you write but we have a lifeline service that's not being fulfilled,its commom knowledge that people fall over on route or bang in to bulkheads but that's what you expect in winter in the north sea So scorrie you being a novice of the sea stop writing so much crap when some of us relay on getting our product to the mainland in time to our customers,TIME IS MONEY ask any businessman
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