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  1. Yeh there's a 4x4 been on the verge on the Brig o Fitch/Black Gaet stretch since the weekend. I assume it must have broken down and be waiting to be recovered. If I'm parked up to go off camping or going to be back after dark I put a note in the window to alleviate any worrie, especially as my car could be mistaken for a dumped one LOL!
  2. We lived in Firth for around 1.5 years and had no problems what so ever with either the property or neighbours or anything else. The little'un went to the play group and nursery at the school and they were fantastic there.
  3. occasionally yes. I heard the one in voe a couple of weeks back as have others though I don't think anyone's seen it yet...
  4. Longdog


    Found this great site... http://projectpuffin.audubon.org/puffin-faqs
  5. Longdog


    Cheers Well there were loads there last night both sides of the headland
  6. Longdog


  7. Longdog


    Was down there this evening, good to see plenty of them about [/img]
  8. The Historic Scotland guys were out fixing it when I was out there a few weeks or so back. A number of stanchions had been totally knocked out and others bent. Some big boulders about on the causeway and the tops. Looks like they finished repairing it from your photos. The block house itself didn't seem any worse for wear. Great place out there...
  9. Fantastic... knew I should have gone out with my camera, may be tomorrow...
  10. Another middle aged male here would be interested...
  11. Cheers it's certainly no fun. Can last up to 3 months, I've had a week of the coughing fit phase so far and it's scary. Just hope our little un doesn't get it.
  12. Hi, just thought I'd share this advice re. whooping cough http://www.whoopingcough.net/treatment.htm as it's been very helpful for me reducing my coughing. I'm on Shetland and caught it despite me and my family being immunised. took 3 weeks to get to the whooping phase, dry horrible cough first, then hacking cough with phlegm and now whooping which is just awful, before that I just thought it was an annoying cough. Anyway if you get it try to hold you breath through the coughing, mouth closed, and then when you can hold no longer breath in through your nose. It seems to reduce the violence of it, is easier on the throat so it doesn't start off another attack and less likelyhood of the whopping and choking as the throat stays more relaxed. See your gp too for antibiotics to try and stop the spread.
  13. R&R motors... 10/10, 100%, fandabidozie, been keeping both me and my wife's car right for ages. Always helpful and great prices
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