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  1. Erik thompson's no even comin home this summer!! Neeep
  2. Baxter - if you have nothing productive to say, then say nothing atall. This feed is for grown ups chatting about football, people like you that bring it down
  3. Whalsay will again be outright favourites for the League this year. Not just down to there playing surface but the quality of players in their team. They won the league last year with bad injuries to Colin Anderson and Karl Williamson, both are back fit this campaign. Its going to be another close year with Spurs certainly hoping to bolster a strong challenge. You can never rule out Celtic with the young players coming home, Connor Reagan and James Aitken can still bring success to the club, but will the loss of Webb be too much for them? I dont care what anyone says on here, Celtic losing Webb is a massive blow for them. Webb is a quality player, you just have to look at last seasons Dream Team table to prove that. I think Celtic can cope without Webb, but to posess such a strong challenge towards the league without a player of Webbs ability?... I think they'll fall well short. Going to be an interesting season though, and after all these friendlies, will Thistle be a surprise package???
  4. I beleive that the clearance for non scottish players has come about because of that mess at Cosmos last year with that welsh player that gave false information. And no I have not been a bad boy
  5. ok, thanks for clearing that up. for amateur football its abit of a joke. but rules are rules so we'll have to deal with it
  6. Penfold, this one is kinda based for u. I know u are no longer in the committee but u might still know. Does suspensions carry over from season to season?? If so, that is 100% rediculous. The only league in the world that happens, surely it doesnt???
  7. any news on the Highland Fuels Draw? I believe it took place on thursday. Friendly Match tonight, Thistle 5 - 0 Celtic
  8. I can confirm that Paul Malloy has signed with Spurs. Having not been at the game on wednesday (Whalsay v Spurs) myself, I have a close friend who took a trip up to see it. He came back and said that Spurs looked like a realy good outfit. Players playing in different positions with alot of pace going forward. "Davy Mac will have a headache when it comes to team selection" was his very words. Everything was coming through Jordan Webb and Sam Ward in midfield and JJ wasnt even playing. He reckons Spurs will be serious challengers this year on all fronts but Whalsay will still be the team to beat. Karl Williamson was back in midfield along with Keith Pearson and Alistair Johnson amongst the other stand outs.
  9. Tractor - can you explain why you think Spurs have less potential as Celtic? Spurs have every potential if not more now as Celtic with the signings they've made. Oldest player in their team is James Johnston and he still has 3/4 years in him yet. It is a very youthful squad with alot of experience. Most of the players are between 22-28 along with a couple very gifted younger players coming through the ranks. Spurs also have the bonus of not many (one or two) players being away at university.
  10. I dont think thomspon has made up his mind yet as far as iv heard? Rumours flying about why Jordan Webb left Cletic, I personally spoke to him and the reasons he gave me were the same iv heard from a few people. I think the bottom line was that he simply wasn't happy, as far as i gather celtic training has been poorly attended with little effort through the players that are home was what sealed it for him. any other rumours about why he left he says are rubbish. Spurs came and what they said obviously appealed to him, if he is going to be happier training and playing there then thats his decision. In the end for all the boys playing in Shetland, if your not enjoying your hobby then your fighting a losing battle, Webb has taken a big step and from what i hear has recieved a lot of stick about it. I'm sure he will let his football do the talking on the pitch this coming season to try and silence that. Although I have heard that Webb's signature isn't actually on paper yet.. You have to feel for Celtic though, with lots of boys away at university and that problem only likely to get worse over the next couple of years, could things become worse? Any other signings??
  11. rumour has it, Celtic star Lowrie Simpson was seen leaving the AHS last night at around 2100 hours. For those of you who dont know, Lerwick Spurs train at the games hall every tuesday night. Any truth in this? also, Richard Manson signing for Delting? he is going out with a girl from ollaberry and has taken the decision to leave his native Thistle.
  12. any other transfer news? management news...? I understand that Scalloway are without a manager? Any truth in this? What is the situation at Ness? Lots of rumours flying around that they cant field a team, etc. Whitedale? Ali Scott (good young talent) off out to Australia for 6 months so he'll be a big miss, any other news? Take it Wilson is staying... Crisis at Celtic? nobody turning up to training, any truth? So far... Paul Molloy to Spurs, Nathan MacDonald to Spurs, Neil Fenwick to Celtic....any others?
  13. sounds good penfold, something different
  14. penfold, could u please describe the madrid cup format? just looked at the site and it doesnt realy make much sense. will every team play each other once? then the top 4 goes through or....?
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