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  1. While the barge is an eyesore and yes it is fairly large my personal opinion is that most people are forgetting many things. one being the money that the men in those places are spending in local shops! you just have to look at the money that goes over bars to see that it is benefiting shetlands economy. the reason they are here has allowed many people employment that otherwise would have been unemployed. and if they really want to put fairy lights on the barge then so what? the lads are away from home and a lot will be missing children and wives over the christmas period.... so just a thought but spare a moment to think about them while your tucking into your christmas dinner and opening presents with family. oh and stop your whinin! people complain that local shops are being closed because there is no money coming in and chain stores are taking their trade. well now all local shops and bars have the privilege of making the most of the gas plant men. Also i have sat and listened to people goin on about how dead the town is on a weekend but now that their are people going out then the complaint is that its too busy?!! i mean WHAT? make your minds up. or is it just that you need summat to whine about or your day is not complete?
  2. Hi all does anyone know if the Clydesdale Bank will be open on Wed? Many thanks in advance.
  3. I have to agree with most of what you said there gohstrider. There are those who have reformed and have been rehabilitated and well done to them. they have seen the error of thier ways and have changed and yes there are those who slip through the net and never get caught. As a parent i am very wary of those i let near my children but i also dont like havin to judge people and think that any one person could be "that way inclinded". I have met people that i simply did not think could have been that way and turned out to be just that. people who have/had quite respectable jobs. but then there are those who live on our doorstep who have bragged almost about thier dealings and have never even been questioned about thier activities. some of these people go under the cloak of religion, paganism and some even witchcraft.
  4. that is very true. or at least a family member.
  5. i think it would benefit those who wanted to know. if you didnt want to know then you wouldnt have to know. but this is a society that allows us all to make informed choices and it is not just very young children that are at risk.
  6. I was wondering as a mum of two and a step child should shetland have our own equivalent to the US Sarahs Law and what other parents/residents in Shetland thought about it. As parents i think we should be allowed to know where the "undesirable" people in Shetland live therefore being more able to protect our children. These people, unfortunately, don't come with a sign around thier necks but it would, in my opinion, make us aware of where they stay - obviously not exact address but areas at least. It will be interesting on what the rest of Shetland think about this.
  7. i was 3 weeks after i turned 18 when i had my first child. Young i know but i wouldnt change anything now!!
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