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  1. @unlinkedstudent: Sorry about your nick. Not intended but when it comes to names and nicks my brain is like a swiss cheese. I'll try and remember in the future As for the rest I'm still lost. http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/smilie/konfus/a050.gif But nevermind I'm probably just a thick foreigner...
  2. Ah right thx. So if I get this right the "confrontational edge" in your opinion is: I only stayed in one place therefore I'm not really "allowed/able/wahtever" to recommend anything since I have no comparison? @unlikestudent: and your saying it was actually a serious question since you don't know in how many places I stayed? And the indulge was misinterpreted? Just asking since slight nuances in written English tend to get lost on me... @Bill r: good news! Lots of luck!
  3. Wow another relocater. I'm not from Shetland nor do I intend to relocate but a user here called Longdog just moved to Shetland, here is the link to his blog: http://moder-dye.blogspot.com/ Otherwise I would recommend going here and introducing yourself first. There is also another thread from someone who wishes to relocate. Otherwise I recommend a read through the forum as there are lots of useful advice and comments on housing and the issues of living in the remoter parts of the islands. Apart from that: Welcome and have fun!
  4. http://mystarbucks.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/the_cat_is_pushing_a_watermelon_out_of_a_lake.jpg
  5. Good. I recommend Crawton Cottage Go on then, indulge me - where else do you recommend to stay? http://www.pic4ever.com/images/www_MyEmoticons_com__fishing.gif ehm What does indulge mean? (and the smiley or the leo.org translation don't help) @Kavi: I don't see how anyone could complain about the travel link. I think they're great. Ok expensive but you have flights and ferrys everyday. Things other islands can only dream of!
  6. @Shetlandpeat: I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your updates. Never been particularly interested in the sky but since I started reading here I am more and more. And therefore I like your updates even if I don't understand everything.
  7. Good. I recommend Crawton Cottage
  8. I live in Huddersfield does that say enough? And I mean I can understand the thought behind it but I guess a lot of people here were lucky. But what about all those who moved to Shetland and realised it was NOT their dream come true? I'm sure there must be plenty who probably don't post here. I've lived in France, Germany, Austria and now England. And certainly everything turned out very different from what I imagined. Just because there are some things you don't realise. (Different isn't always bad btw.) So, as much as I am a friend of the "if I want to do something I just do" menta
  9. If you like hitting your head against the wall: http://forum.richarddawkins.net/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=108865
  10. Is it only me who thinks that wanting to move somewhere "'cause it's so nice" seems a bit odd when you have never been before?
  11. Geez! The prices! I guess I'm used to not having to pay much. I hop on the train regularly and got to Afflecks palace in Manchester. They have loads of Second Hand and REtro stores, also Indie, etc. That sells really nice stuff at low prices. And then obviously there is also TK Maxx where you can (with lots of patience) find ace stuff. I keep finding some of the criminal damage stuff at TK Maxx. Next time you want something ask me first. It's only a 2min detour to get into town from work and I'd probably be able to get a lot of nice things a lot cheaper (even including the packagin
  12. Welcome to the site Bill! I'm not a shetlander and I don't even live there and I've only been once. But I also recommend visiting it before. At least for me it was very different from the way I imagine dShetland to be. This has no negative connotation. It was just different. but I can very much understand why you would wand to move to Shetland as it is a magic place! And I also think that this forum is a good place for starting to have a little insight in Shetland mentality.
  13. @PH: OMG the pure little goats! Not an ideal evolutionary trait! Can't imagine they would have made it very far in ancient times. But I must admit that it's quite funny
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