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  1. I wonder what James Nicolson would think of the current editor's remarks on the problems with the current education scene in Shetland and other controversial comments about councillors by another contributor. Somehow these comments seem even more hard hitting on glossy pages. Does anyone else agree?
  2. The bit that irks me about their P.A. output, is bring wakened at 0630, to be told of the docking time at 0730. Doubtless this is to encourage us to go and have a Northlink breakfast. The only time I ever woke up in Lerwick and was amazed ti think that I'd slept thro' the 0630 wake up call, I went on to discover that we had docked at 0400, as he'd put the boot down and successfully raced the gale.
  3. Re Mhairi P's comment on local media's handling of "bad news," there certainly has been a modification in what comes out from one particular news outlet. I know, because, after hearing one shameful inaccuracy, (early June 2009) and then last year, the most sensitive and intimate details of medi-vacs, I contacted this source, and after a stuggle, I managed to persuade them that such information made the patients recognisable to half the population of Shetland. Happily, my point seems to have been taken on board, for more discretion seems to prevail now.
  4. Plenty if you belong to a group,eg, fitba dos, marchant navy association keen to sell tickets for dinner dance in the legion 26 Nov, music by focs'l five.
  5. So we should. More of us and more money.
  6. For the first time since i can mind, Orkney actually raised more money than Shetland. I wonder how. Shetland certainly had a very good programme on.
  7. Would there be any mileage, or should that be knottage, in having the ferries sail from Grutness. This would cut out one hour. I think this probably a no-no because the depth of the water there. Just an idle early morning thought.
  8. Purely as a matter of interest, Ghostrider in the slums, whit is dy idea o' a spree to attend or get involved in?
  9. Ah'm heard mony a criticism o' Lerwick Uphellya, bit yon's a first. I bet dere'll be lots o squads in 2011 wi' a theme o' female jarls......
  10. Gee whizzzz! whit is yon sooth end eens up tae noo? A wumman jarl? Sabotage, say the traditional toonies.......won't they?
  11. As I write, I have had a belly full of unscrupulous professionals in the recent and not so recent past, not ALL of dem in Shetland, I may add. People need to be aware of their existence. I think of medicine, where,as I understand that gp's are rewarded by drug companies for prescribing their products. You may find yourself swallowing pills you do not need, and even find that combinations of drugs you are on will be inadvisable. If you are in he business of house selling or buying, ask around assiduously for the best legal firm. I did not, and have paid and continue to pay dear. (NOT IN SHETLAND.) And finally, having mistakenly allowed one organisation to "take care" of my finances, an organisation that has ceased to function satisfactorily for me since being taken over, I find that having been with THEM for over 50 years, they have been unable and unwilling to help me on the first occasion when I required money instantly. It is extremely dificult to realise that an nstiution of the size of my bank can allow its entire financial transactions to cease to function because one particular individual is not at his desk, (and does not want to be contacted.) I have found one other customer with the same complaint as myself. Any other linkers have comments. I am disgusted. These matters have caused untold stress.
  12. frankies is best. Winning awards to prove it. Space is plentiful compared to the fort which is also excellent, especially at take aways.
  13. Absolutely! Spoken like a true Orcadian like i am!
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