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  1. 1 hour ago, XAM7102 said:

    The campaign on drugs in Scotland has failed miserably, time for a rethink and a new strategy , first step is to legalise some types of cannabis without the physcoactive THC in them.

    You can buy CBD flowers (and tinctures, vape carts, edibles, etc) online so long as the THC content is below... I can't remember 0.1% or something.

  2. Quote

    No one can voice there true personal points of view nowadays, such is the restrictions regarding almost if not all that one discuss, without being branded ,racist ,homophobic ,selfish ,greedy the list is endless .

    In my experience, one is perfectly able to express one's true personal points of view without being called these things. Might it have something to do with the opinions being expressed?

  3. Free speech does not mean "I can say whatever I like, wherever I like, and nobody can stop me". If you come into my house and start making racist or homophobic comments, I will ask you to leave. Same thing with Shetlink. This is a private space and offers no guarantee of "free speech", however you define that.

    We aim for it as far as possible, but there are many reasons why a comment may require moderation. Some decisions will be better than others (we're only human), but the argument of "free speech" is just not relevant. Any comment may be removed for any reason, without explanation, and that's just how it is. We'd prefer not to, but sometimes it's necessary.

    Anyway, this topic is about Vaccination cards and has long since drifted off. Feel free to start a topic on free speech though. We may well already have one.

  4. ** Moderator edit - this thread was split from the Vaccination Cards thread **

    On 02/04/2021 at 11:35, Muckle Oxters said:

    Bit o an Islamophobic cheapshot dare Ghostrider, and ironic considering dat aabody is expected tae wear facemasks noo-a-days!

    Agreed. It was reported earlier and after giving a chance for GR to self-moderate, I've removed the post.

  5. 24 minutes ago, Colin said:

    Any machine can be made to reveal it's logs, but it cannot tell you who was in control(?) when they were generated.  All it has is a user name and password, and they could both be 'generic' for use by all.

    Many devices these days are equipped with biometrics or, at the very least, a camera. But never mind all that... you can be identified by your typing and mouse use apparently:

    > Describing the patterns as “cognitive fingerprints”, the Iowa State team can identify users via their typing rhythms with very high accuracy – false acceptance and rejection rates of just 0.5%, Phys.org reports.


  6. 12 hours ago, Ghostrider said:

    Which burns most diesel per mile travelled, Gremista creating the electric that runs the electric car, or the car that runs on diesel itself.

    Electric cars are all very fine, I suppose, until there's a power cut. Something toonies don't get affected by much, but a regular and often lengthy event for the rest of us.

    I'm guessing the fuel → electricity efficiency of Gremista is better than moving small quantities of fuel around all over the place and burning it in poorly maintained engines.

    Perhaps small-scale, local power production and storage is an interesting solution to powercuts. Rather than a huge, centralised system, a more distributed approach might work. It's not without its pitfalls of course, but I think there's potential (ba dum) in this. Even if it's solar panels just for charging your car at home. I don't know.

    On a related but different note, I thought this was an interesting alternative to batteries: https://www.wired.com/2016/05/forget-elons-batteries-fix-grid-rock-filled-train-hill/

    It's pretty much what we do with hydro, but might be suitable for areas where huge reservoirs are not practical.

  7. Looks good. I had a notion to put something like this in a while back, but opted for the plug-in style instead, purely because I wasn't certain what was going to need moving. I think these are a seriously good option though. Getting a couple of wifi zones across the house makes a big odds.

  8. I personally feel that as we are led to believe they are an effective tool in the fight agains crime in Shetland then they should be funded solely with money from the police budget, we all pay taxes and a percentage of that money is put towards paying for the provision of our local police force, we shouldn't have to pay extra through charities and the like to provide extra tools to the police.


    I disagree. This way is more democratic. You don't have to pay unless you do consider it good value.

  9. BT are ridiculously expensive. I've just switched away from them this very evening. They want £79 a month for my current usage. I think not. Especially where their hardware is dodgy, has been reported as such and they've never replaced it. I've requested - and received - compensation for service outages from them twice in the last couple of years.


    Plusnet do a much better value package at around £30 a month, including all the same features (unlimited broadband, caller id, etc) but also including all calls, any time. Time will tell whether the service is any better, but it can't be much worse and at least it's cheaper.

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