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  1. Ok. So I tried adding a 'Location' field to the classifieds, but there's just no way of doing it. Sorry. The plugin doesn't support custom fields. People will just have to put it in the description. Or, if they don't and you PM them to ask, maybe they'll get the hint and add the location next time. Teach a man to fish... As for getting help modding the classifieds... I read the concern that mods are unable/unwilling, etc. But it's the smallest part of the work, to be totally honest. Yes, stuff gets missed; but the detractors probably don't realise how much effort does go in. There are waves
  2. Yeah. Don't sell/buy knuckle dusters through Shetlink. Thanks. Not sure whether it's illegal per-se, but it's not really the sort of thing we'd want to encourage.
  3. Goodness! Run by MI5, you say? Awesome. I'm going to insist they start paying me. At the very least I want a pen that shoots tranquilliser darts. Actually no... you know what. I'm going to sticky post it so folks can learn about this amazing truth.
  4. This is a thread about 'Excellent service' not charging for using cards. Might have a think about splitting this topic away into it's own.
  5. Sandwick shop charged me a fee for using my card at all, even though it was over £10! (O_O) Since this is an 'excellent service' thread, I should add that Bolts don't charge for using your card at all. Even for a few quid.
  6. Trip to see the lights at Herne Bay anyone? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-20467316
  7. Thanks for your help. I got the email notification, so all seems to be well. I've also backed up and optimised the database, checked for errors and repaired a number of issues. Hopefully things are fine now.
  8. Actually... can anyone tell me if they're getting email notifications from the server when they receive a PM?
  9. Yeah; seems there are two problems with similar effects. PMs should be working now too. Or not... let me know if you continue to get errors.
  10. Hrmm... got the error back again when sending a PM after switching SMTP on... coincidence? Retesting.
  11. Changed a setting on the mailserver side and this seems to have improved matters. (fingers crossed)
  12. I've backed up and reindexed the database. Hopefully things get a bit swifter and more reliable. (Edit - nope; still getting the DEBUG error)
  13. Yes, there are some issues. Yes, it's old software. Yes, an upgrade is long overdue. In fact an upgrade has been discussed. Finding time to do it is another matter entirely. We had a meeting scheduled to discuss it, but this fell through 'cause we're all so busy. Waah! etc Anyway - your concerns are noted. I'll see what can be done. (Edit - poop! I just got a DEBUG mode error trying to post this. Looks like the server is grumbling. Might have to find a pointy stick to poke it with)
  14. Ok; so I've seen it happening on someone else's machine running Chrome. Definitely something weird afoot.
  15. Actually, having said that ... I just got a bunch of JavaScript showing up in the box on the left. I use NoScript to prevent things from executing on my machine without my express permission. Note that this is different from an ad-blocker. I still get the adverts, but NoScript seems to be preventing that erroneous script from causing me any trouble. Will look into it a bit more. (Edit: changed right to left)
  16. Odd one. Haven't seen it happen myself, but sometimes adverts can be targeted. Not sue how I'd trace it down either. Maybe next time it happens you could take the page source of the blank page you end up on. This might have some info we can use to trace the specific advert down.
  17. Not so much. As you know, it's possible to make a link look like it takes you to www.bbc.co.uk and end up somewhere else instead...
  18. Saw Promethius 3D last night. It was brilliant! Easily the best cinema experience I've enjoyed. The seats were very comfortable; screen, image quality and sound were spot on. That the bass made the seats rumble is excellent. And far from being gimmicky, as I'd expected, the 3D really added to the experience. Looking forward to going back soon.
  19. Thanks for the offer, Mal. I'm not able to authorise you, I'm afraid, but I'm sure the appropriate people will see and appreciate. I'm trying me best, honest guv', but it's proving to be much more work than I've got time for. I know the same is true for the others too. More hands may well help, but I think prevention is going to be better than cure. This will require software updates to make signing up or posting more difficult. It's a balance. For what it's worth though: I completely agree that the spam situation is out of hand.
  20. Specifics please. Working.
  21. You'd probably better provide a source for that, or retract it.
  22. Fjool

    Shetland Sub-24

    They're doing well. On target (1st section complete in 2h24m) and after a 10 minute break are now en route to Quarff. It's dark now though, so head-torches are required.
  23. Fjool

    Shetland Sub-24

    Today's the day! Shetland's first end-to-end in under 24 hours. Listen on Radio Shetland this afternoon, with a longer piece in the evening. Regular updates via Twitter (@ShetlandHillRun) and the website.
  24. Fjool

    Da Quo.

    ^ Meta-moaning.
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