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    Shetland Sub-24

    Shetland sub-24 hour attempt, AUGUST 24th 6PM @ SUMBURGH LIGHT HOUSE (The first ever Off Road End to End attempt of Britain’s most Northerly Islands) Please visit www.shetlandhillrunning.co.uk for more information, to leave encouraging messages and donate to a worthy cause. Follow progress by subscribing to the Twitter feed: @ShetlandHillRun
  2. Yeah; it's a thing that happens when there are lots of users accessing Shetlink. Apologies.
  3. Rather than investigate properly; I've just ditched the advert. Don't have time to look more closely. Apologies to jessicagray034 if this was genuine; please get in touch if so. Either way, it seems to be an abuse of the Shetlink classifieds as this is for Shetland, not Leeds.
  4. I am informed that the term is 'traceur' (masc.) or 'traceuse' (fem.)
  5. Thanks for that, Chris. Your answers are much appreciated. Both my son and daughter will be going and are really looking forward to it. My daughter has been a parakeet ( not sure what the name for the participants is) for quite a while now and I'm very impressed with the Lerwick group. An excellent sport, and very impressive to watch.
  6. This morning I was tail-gated by someone in a hire car. I eased my speed a bit and, eventually, they overtook and sped off down the road (bear in mind that the verges were full of Voar-Redd-Uppers, many of them children). 30 seconds later, a police car appears in my rear-view and overtakes me too. By the time I got into town, the blue lights were on and the police were asking the driver of the hire-car to experience the comforts of their car's back-seat.
  7. Fjool


    I didn't go, but I have heard it said that they 'kicked ass' and were 'awesome'. Looking forward to hearing them. A bit of Ska does wonders for the mood*. *but watch out for the spaegie next day... (._.)
  8. Just completed Deus Ex:HR. Looking forward to Diablo 3.
  9. I was in the US recently, and didn't see a single brown paper bag. WalMart sold me everything in ultra-thin plastic bags. /disappointed Maybe the American brown bag thing might be a bit like us having red phone boxes and chimney sweeps everywhere.
  10. And yet Bolts will let you pay £1.50 on your card without adding anything at all. Mind you, the embarrassment of having to pay £1.50 on a card is usually more than enough to put me off.
  11. Is it just me or do beremeal bannocks taste well rough? Yak!
  12. Well... that's true. Indeed we have someone. But PhpBB is waaaay too time consuming and creaky to risk mucking up with random strap-ons. No way I'm getting involved... (>_ The discussion prior was to replace PhpBB with something a bit more modern, but this is time consuming too. Perhaps risking an addon is the way to go in the short term. Ignore feature would probably be quite popular to some, I guess... (¬_¬)
  13. The section is this: Shetlink moderators reserve the right to remove any content (or hyperlinks) which Shetlink moderators, at their discretion, consider to be defamatory, objectionable, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate, and to do so without seeking the consent of, or giving notice to, the submitter of the content in question. Threads having run their 'term' and or deemed unsuitable for further hosting on Shetlink will be closed and/or removed as a matter of course. These decisions are final. Perhaps the closest is 'inappropriate' (depending on how loosely you define it). Maybe another
  14. I think the T&Cs already grant us the right to remove any post for whatever reason we please already. (Not certain, but I suspect that it is so)
  15. The Tiger's Wife by Téa Obreht. Unusual book. Very well written. Enjoying it a lot.
  16. I use a Humax Foxsat which was plugged into an old Sky dish for ages. I replaced the dish with a better one with quad-LNB and get all the features of Sky+ without the recurring costs. Total cost ~£200 for decoder, dish and installation.
  17. I think there's a good argument in favour of requiring folk to post with their real names. However, enforcing this is almost impossible without getting people to register by sending a utility bill or such. If there's a good way to achieve this, I'm interested to hear. The second problem is that some topics are best served by folk being allowed to post anonymously and we'd loose a particular insight. Difficult one.
  18. Oh err... is this a commercial advert?
  19. Been there. Was a good, friendly service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
  20. For this thread in general: Nice collection of tunes appearing. Keep it up, folks!
  21. You know that these were originally developed as a board game, relying on the Ideomotor Effect? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideomotor_effect There's nothing 'paranormal' about them.
  22. ^ It's a fair cop. The whole thing needs some TLC. The phpBB system it's based on is old-school and creaking at the seams. Unfortunately, it's a question of having the time and resources available to make any meaningful update.
  23. People filling up my privately hired skip while I'm not looking...
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